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  1. Sprtfox11

    Last One To Post Wins

    Is this thing still going on?
  2. Sprtfox11

    Gang Rivalries

    Sorry for those who didn't make it because of lack of communication but i was swamed with rl things but i might reorganise a new war and repost i just hope it is not considered an illegal bump, maybe i should post a new thread, well if a mod of dist. comes please warn me i didn't know. BTW. MY PHEONIX CREW DOMINATED!! Even though it was like 50 to 20 lol, we need more black arms
  3. Sprtfox11

    Ksa Mining And Smithing Shop

    Is my clay done yet?
  4. rs name: Sprtfox11 wat ores or bars u want u want: clay how many of each: 37500 if u want to work for me: nty rate the prices from 1-10: 10 best i've seen ever I would appreciate it if you colud dilliver them to me in bursts, so i don't have to wait for the all to be done
  5. Sprtfox11

    Ksa Mining And Smithing Shop

    April 18 - Sprtfox11/Sprtfox11 - 17,000 clay
  6. Sprtfox11

    Mithril Miners

    Your In Game Name: Sprtfox11 Your Mining Level: (Must Be Above 35 To Join): 64 Your smithing level: 52 Amount of time spent on runescape a week (roughly): 4-5 hours
  7. Buying either 223 Emeralds or 301 Saphs Maximum price plus 5k in 10min
  8. Sprtfox11

    Zezima Sighting

    Zezima wasn't found playing in the game but i found him outside at the chest.
  9. Sprtfox11

    First Word That Comes To Mind!

    rotflapmp saturday
  10. Sprtfox11

    Count Down From 1,000,000

    996,180 :/ : :closedeyes: :D 996,180
  11. 1/10 never seen you b4
  12. Sprtfox11

    Gang Rivalries

    We've all done the quest, where we pare up with either the Black Arms or the Pheonix gang and complete the sheild of Arrav, but after the quest is over, what happens next, sure you can go to your own gangs secret hideouts but what do you do, collect grapes? Not anymore! The gang rivalry is at an alltime high and Stevan is calling all the Pheonix members to his hideout underground. And Katrine is calling on her Black Arms brethern to help her with... THE GREAT FIGHT!!! It will determine who is the strongest gang of Varrok, who earns the turf, the right to call themselves the best! The Great Fight will take place at exactly 4:30 PM EST. World 11 On June 30, 2007, and if it goes well, the losers may end up wanting a rematch! The Pheonix Gang will be the Red Capes The Black Arms will be the Black Capes Both Gangs Will Meet In Their Respective Gang's Hideouts. And Group and chat and trade from 6 - 7 Before the war starts. When everyone is ready, the two group leaders, Sprtfox11 (Pheonix) and TBD (Black Arms Gang) will be followed by all the rest of the clan. We'll all go to the wilderness lvl 40. The exact places will be determined at teh clan hqs as to prevent crashers. Then everyone will line up and the leaders will begin the War on the command of ___________ (insert Gang Name here) FIGHT!!! People when they die must remain in lumbridge untill the fight is over, we'll meet at teh abandonded shack in the lumbridge swamp. Also, don't kill Aa Will Own, he should be either taking pics of the war, or videotaping the thing, so we can see who wins!! Hope To See You There! Sprtfox11
  13. sprtfox11, lights woods on fire, and kills smokey the bar by using him as a sheild for the phat, and the places it on his head and skipps merrily into tutorial island where no1 can go to or kill him because they're all lvl 3 noobs, and get's vannekka to gaurdthe island for him.
  14. Sprtfox11

    Count Down From 1,000,000

    996,265 w00t w00t, almost there
  15. Sprtfox11

    As Close To Heck As You Can Get

    I'd like to apply for the roll of Hero! lvl 67 melee 54 atk 58 str 51 def Rune pl8, rune scimmy OR battle axe, zammy legs, adament kite i could also buy any other armour you want me to have

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