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  1. kuemper

    Bonus Xp Weekend

    I would've kicked Darkmage for doing that. Anyway, you should stock up on cow hides and get unihorns from Creature Creation instead of running into the Wildy. I remind myself of Simple now. :P
  2. kuemper

    Preparing For Bxpw/e

    Why are you trying to buy shards on the GE? By Guthix, woman, there's more than enough in stock at any shop.
  3. kuemper


    Another convert. Just keep up your blog┬╣. I enjoy reading it even though I rarely comment. ┬╣ Because most Slammers think if you ignore the forums, you shouldn't be using the site period.
  4. kuemper

    Another Bonus Xp Weekend.

    I'll pop into Canting tomorrow (Wed) and we can meet. <3 And I don't want outrageous money either. 250k is fine.
  5. kuemper

    Another Bonus Xp Weekend.

    I checked my kingdom today and have 5 palm and a magic seed if you still need them.
  6. kuemper

    As Supply Prices Rise; Manners Go Down

    If I were you, I'd try alternate crimson pouches and save the hassle that is Other People for other skills. I never made swamp titans because the hunting *was* like this. I stuck with granite lobsters (325.6 exp, 1 crimson, 166 shards) until level 92 and never regretted it. Mining granite isn't horrible with tripping over people since the LRC were implemented. Stock up on camel poop to recharge your camulet and do camulet>CW>bank>repeat. Praying mantis pouches (329.6 exp, 1 crimson, 168 shards) are also pretty good now that any flowers will do. Legends guild sells 300 mithril seed packets every day for about 150k. I go out of my way to avoid these people. Well, not so much with agility and the Guthix damned rope swings, but I world hop if a skilling place is (to me) too full.
  7. kuemper

    Another Bonus Xp Weekend.

    Agility, runecrafting and maybe mining. Slayer will be pointless since places will be mostly filled (except the strykewyrms since those can only be killed on task). Dungeoneering ...I just can't stand it. I can't improve anymore and the monsters just get more difficult. I'd go with you, but I know you have more than enough people willing to party with you. I got an email about this yesterday and thought it was one of those scams. You might be able to get agility potions cheap, rather than make/buy summer pies. If you want/need any herbs or seeds (I think I have 3 palm seeds), let me know. They're just sitting in the bank because I don't have anything better for Miscellania/Eceteria to do than maples and herbs. :P
  8. kuemper

    It's Offensive

    Incorrectly matching singular nouns and plural verbs offends me.
  9. kuemper


    If there's no flag burning, I'm not coming.
  10. kuemper

    Poll: Construction Or Fletching?

    Fletching, because once you've built in Minecraft, construction in RuneScape is damn well LAME.
  11. kuemper


    When I took a closer look, I was disappointed to discover it's "pantry/buttery" instead of "peanut buttery". :glasses:
  12. kuemper

    Prisoner Of Glouphrie

    Oh Guthix. I thought there would be a new spirit tree patch in/near Lletya, but it's just the ability to plant a second tree in one of the regular spots. :mad:
  13. kuemper

    Prisoner Of Glouphrie

    Fixed. :P I haven't looked at it in game, but I'm glad gnome looks are updated and we can get a second spirit tree.
  14. kuemper

    Runecrafting Against The Xp Counter

    I can has dungeon lvl? I also chuckle seeing rows of 99s. One reason I'm attempting to mine so the left side will be all 99s. :P
  15. kuemper

    Party Tomorrow

    W00tage and grats!

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