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  1. cosmicdude2

    Gimp Stuff...

  2. cosmicdude2

    Alien Guy

    I don't really think the render needs to much more contrast... But yeah, work on some other effects then just c4ds. There is also to much stuff going on, it's to busy for my tastes. Oh, and add a border.
  3. cosmicdude2

    Gimp Stuff...

    These have been either made from tuts or my own creativity... Or I didn't use grunge on that one, it just turned out looking like I did. Blog designs: No where near as good as some of you geniuses, but better then last time..
  4. cosmicdude2

    Count Down From 1,000,000

    992 987
  5. cosmicdude2

    Just Some Sigs :)

    Been using gimp for little over a month now << lol.. CC and rate... And yes, I know its nooby.
  6. cosmicdude2

    No Bad Atituds

    Dude tats kewl.dats so dam creativ. :)
  7. cosmicdude2

    I'm Bored

    Enlighten my day please.
  8. cosmicdude2


    Post an edit in my world affairs article...
  9. cosmicdude2


  10. cosmicdude2

    Small Community. Needs Support.

    This is a community run by one of our forumers, seemliss: http://www.elitezero.tk/ It needs suppport and feel free to join up.
  11. cosmicdude2

    Here Ye Spam

    O rly?I think you will!
  12. cosmicdude2

    Here Ye Spam

    :o You heard me punks, spam!
  13. cosmicdude2

    Mirc... Whudafxup?

    Yay! It worked!
  14. cosmicdude2

    Mirc... Whudafxup?

    http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=whudafxupThanks for the advice, I'll try it.
  15. cosmicdude2

    Today Is Plagiarism Day

    I wrote dis song: BUT THEY STOLE IT FROM ME AND IT MADE ME CRY!!!!!!!!

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