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  1. Jeremy

    PC Gaming Club

    fudge yeah, Bastion. I'd have voted for TF2, but that was several years ago. It's all I've really played this year. And half of last year...
  2. Jeremy

    PC Gaming Club

    What was that? Was it the pyro update? Jesus, that was like three years ago now. First, and the most important: Hats. Second: There are way more weapons now. The fun part is that most of them aren't direct upgrades. The Direct Hit for the soldier is a nice exaple. +80% Rocket Speed, +25% Damage, Guaranteed minicrits on airborne targets, -70% splash damage radius. Although some may be a bit better than they should be. e.g. Enforcer, Tomislav Third: Bosses. There are only two, and they only appear on certain maps. These maps are holiday maps and aren't normally in a server rotation. And even then, the bosses aren't a 100% priority. They are just super powerful guys with a lot of health. Fourth: The Wiki is always a nice resource.
  3. Jeremy

    PC Gaming Club

    We showin' off system specs? I need a better CPU. But it can run Skyrim on High so I guess it gets the job done.
  4. Jeremy

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    I tested it, and nether portals don't work in 1.9 pre 5. Still, it's an interesting challenge. Although I think it would be harder to survive in the nether.
  5. Jeremy

    Back From Cuba And Artwork

    There was a big bot nuke thingy. Most if not all of them are gone now. You didn't miss too much aside from triple slayer exp and bonuses with penguins. Okay, maybe you missed a bit. :/ But Cuba is worth it.
  6. Jeremy

    Steve Jobs Is Dead

    Apple's stock is going to drop like a rock. Now would be the time to sell. I don't think I've ever owned an apple product, but I can see the impact he has had on the industry. Farewell Mr. Turtleneck.
  7. Jeremy

    Official Wow Thread

    It's...beautiful. I wanna roll a mage too. A gnome mage. YES.
  8. Jeremy

    PC Gaming Club

    TF2 if you want a FPS. It's free and fun as hell. If you have some money to spare, Steam runs sales quite often. Check the specials page on http://store.steampowered.com/ to find something. I think Civ 5 is $12.50 right now.
  9. Jeremy

    PC Gaming Club

    I haven't seen much of the gameplay, but If the gameplay is as good as the music then 20 dollars is a steal.
  10. Jeremy

    Games That Make You Rage

    TF2. To no end. The fact that all weapons have clear cut damage they deal adds to the rage since I know exactly how they killed me. And how I might have stopped it. I assure you, the hardest you will ever rage is when you try to play Spy and fail. Again. And again. And again. Forever. I'm surprised I haven't punched a hole in anything.
  11. Jeremy

    Fallout New Vegas Exploit

    I'd use words, but I don't think they'd work. Alternatively you can get infinite (with time) caps from places like the Gun Runners. All you need is a gun they have in stock, in poor condition. What you do is sell it to the Gun Runners. Then buy it back. They will instead give you a gun with full condition. The crappy gun you sold to them will still be in stock. Sell the gun you bought, buy old gun, repeat. The only limit to this is how many caps they have. They reset every three days. A couple of limitations though. They don't stock energy weapons. There is also a bug (surprise) that can kick in if you buy too much at once without backing out. I try to limit myself to 50 items before I back out or else my Xbox tends to crash. This can be done with any vendor. It's just really easy with the Gun Runners because they have a decent amount of caps and guns with full condition.
  12. Jeremy

    Official Wow Thread

    True but it's quite a pain to get a hold of the whole set so how many people will bother it debatable. Yeah Tier 6 looks pretty nice too. Honestly the only hard part is getting past the first two bosses in BWL. The first one I still don't think is soloable. The second might, but it's a stretch. After that though, you are pretty much golden. Of course, you still need the items to drop, so if you are really unlucky you could go several weeks before you get the full set. I've been there about six times now and I still can't get that damn belt. Oh well. Before they announced that not everything was going to work, I was looking forward to T8.0 with Verigan's Fist. It worked pretty well. Now I'm thinking T10.5 with Ironsoul. I like it. That or the original Ashkandi.
  13. Jeremy

    Official Wow Thread

    Well, it's not on the PTR yet. And remember that it was almost a year after 3.3 that Cata came out. Honestly, I'm kinda glad. I was less than impressed with this expansion. Maybe I just burned myself out really fast. Zoomed to 85 in a day and a half. That was a hell of a slog, but I had fun. Too bad there wasn't more of it.
  14. Jeremy

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    As well as every game type tbh. Also, I've always wanted to do this in COD I think it'd be fun if we had a 6 person party from sals and tried it for fun haha. I remember those guys. I thought they stopped doing this. It was hilarious.
  15. Jeremy

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    Erm, no, it's not. :( ITS ALL LIES everyting is a lie!!!! but srs this is insanity :P No, this is MADNESS MADNESS? This isn't madness! THIS IS SPARTA! oh and the cake is a lie No, this is Patrick! My name is not Sparta. :D

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