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  1. kalipop

    Dimension of Disaster

    I think one thing that might need to be fixed is in the last mini-quest, it's written in the guide when you are about to get Arrav's heart. That code is different for everyone, based on what they find at Z's desk, and from when they did the quest in regular Runescape. the guide should reflect that. Otherwise, nice job on the guide. I was pleasantly surprised to see one up on Sal's so fast.
  2. kalipop

    Skillnst00f, a clan experience like no other

    It's been a long time since I've posted here, but we've gained about 50 members since I posted last year, and this month, we are taking on breast cancer awareness for October, with our clan colors going pink to support the cause. We will be doing a walk later on in the month, if anyone here is interested in coming out for a little bit to walk around RS for a good cause =)
  3. kalipop

    Help Can't find an Item

    As you do more of the circus each week, and get different scores, you will also get different rewards based on that score. Check here: http://runescape.sal...op-bonanza.html to see what scores get which outfits.
  4. kalipop

    A new era of RWT

    I think the great majority of long time players don't like the trending of SOF/Treasure Hunter. But variations of it are in almost online game you can think of, and Jagex does need to make money somehow, since their membership has dwindled so much, with all the bots they put out of commission, as well as all the people that have retired from the game, whatever the reason. If anything, they held out longer than any other game I have played, which they should get some credit for. I remember saying to myself a while back that I would not spend any money ingame except for membership. But with that temptation there, I've bought bank spaces, which is really needed if you are a quester/long-time player and just have tons of untradeable items, or things that are just a pain to reget if you drop them. The music boxes make things like star mining a lot more fun for friends, and I can't see anything really wrong with them except for the actual paying of cash for them. But while there are some really rare things on treasure hunter i still want, like the divination uniform, I won't buy spins. In regards to certain rewards on the spinnys, I do remember Mod Mark saying he was not happy with the silverhawk boots, which were an obvious ingame advantage. Who wouldnt want to get boring agility exp just by walking around? Hopefully, they will try to stay somewhat true to the spirit of the game, and not release more of those types of things. I saw someone before mention how they are a completionist, and that joy of that part of the game is gone now, since there's almost no way for you to get everything they release unless you are putting money into spins, and/or are uber-loaded in game, and can buy bonds in game for spins or w/e, or you are just incredilbly lucky spinning. It's unfortunate for us that it's pretty much impossible to do nowadays, especially with rares being so astronomically high-priced. The only thing people can do is keep voicing their opinions, and maybe jagex will find some alternative way to get these neat ideas out into the game without having to spend countless dollars on it.
  5. kalipop

    Getting 99 Crafting After 99 Smithing

    Save your gold for near the end, i endded up making a lot gold bracelets during 98-99 just because I didn't want to waste money on supplies. Other things that definitely help: 1. If you are in a clan, then use the crafting plot every week, free exp and its very good, though you do need to click a lot. 2. Making air bstaffs is pretty profitable, if you are gathering your own supplies, from staffs to making and charging your own orbs. From 96-99 i ended up making 30m worth of those from gathered supplies, was very profitable. If you have friends/clanmates willing to buy staffs and sell for u at cost in varrock, that helps a lot too. sal's has a decent guide up for that. 3. Assist daily if you can 4. Red sandstone from ooglog is a must. do a star first, then go mine wearing the lava flow armore or varrock armor, so you can get 10-20 extra sandstone. If you need the flasks for herby, then use, otherwise, you can sell them for decent cash. atm about 1.4k each though it ranges from 1.2-1.9 depending on merchers.
  6. kalipop

    Player Owned Ports

    working on finishing up all these scrolls i don't need, all armor is unlocked, still need goods to make range bottom, and the helms for all 3
  7. kalipop

    Skillnst00f, a clan experience like no other

    This month, our clan did a walk with a number of other friend chats on world 39 to promote fibromylagia awareness. We also have our usualydaily, weekly, and monthly events as well. Even if you are in another clan already, but just want to hang out, please feel free. We get guests from many other ccs who come to visit and do events. We've also moved up to #123 in the RS rankings, and gotten some new members as well, so the chat stays fresh and active. You can also visit our facebook page if you want to see updates on what the clan is doing. Hope to see some of you sometime =)
  8. kalipop

    Skillnst00f, a clan experience like no other

    As of this post, we have moved up to 137 in the clan rankings, and our upgrades on our Tier 7 citadel are almost done, with just 1 statue and our keep doors to be upgraded. If you visit our clan citadel, you can see our frost dragon flying all around. =) Please feel free to pop in to our clan chat to say hello. =) Atm we are ranked 122 in RS, our citadel has been fully maxed out for almost 10 months, and we are still running strong, wiht daily, weekly and monthly events for our clan members and friends. This weekend we are doing Boss massing at GWD and other areas in RS.
  9. kalipop


    with the teak magic wardrobes, he means make flatpacks, not take the wardrobe in and out It's easy to do if u bring a BOB to store them in , and just bank when full or ask your butler to bring the items to bank, and then you can use the flatpacks to help pay for your kingdom.
  10. kalipop

    burn logs or add logs?

    Bonfires are nice to do before u go dging or bossing, since u get a nice hp boost. Also, you can get strange rocks from it, and i like that the fire spirits give me charms to train summoning. Even if you're already 99 fm, they are a nice clan activity as well, since you can just talk to ppl as u do it, where with the lines of fires, you can't really have a decent conversation while clicking.
  11. If you're using SK, unless you actually went to their site and clicked on anything there in the few hrs that some1 hijacked their domain, then you should have nothing to worry about. Using the SK app by itself shouldn't have been an issue at all for most people. Just run a scan, and change pass after if you're that worried.
  12. kalipop

    Skillnst00f, a clan experience like no other

    Thank you, feel free to come visit, even if you are in another cc. We're friends with about 10-11 other clans, who we often do events with on world 39, and we often have guests from all over, whether its during an event, or just to say hi and chat. We tend to appeal more to the adult crowd anyways, so the conversation isn't always around Runescape, but things like music, real life, st00f like that.
  13. kalipop

    62-70 Crafting

    if you are 60+ craft or over, you should try making battlestaffs, earth, fire, water, or air. Sal's has a good guide on it in the tips section. If you are on lunars and have the magic level, superheating glass is great to make molten glass, since you get bonus glass to make for orbs. Lastly, if you are in a clan that has a crafting plot, it is some of the best crafting exp in the game.
  14. Clan Vitals: 310 members at present, 165+ with RS membership Tier 7 Citadel - completely maxed Current RS Clan Rank: 161 Homeworld: 39 Clan banks: Catherby, Edgeville Member list: http://www.runehead....lan=skillnst00f Clan Forums: http://w11.zetaboard...llnSt00f/index/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook...215140171928266 I would like to invite any of Sal's forum members to join this cc which is in the top 200 clans of RS, even after starting 3 months later than everyone else. I had been a co-owner in another clan, and had grown unhappy with the efforts (or lack thereof) of other leaders, and decided to leave, When I did, a number of people from my old cc let me know that if I would start a new cc, they would follow. With this encouragement, I did, and as of this writing, our clan is ranked 161 in Runescape, with a membership of 310 members at present. Our community started with just the people on my friends list, and in 8 months had grown to be one of the biggest clans on world 39. While other clan chats on our world may have more numbers, the sense of community we have is unmatched in any cc I have seen. The great majority of our cc is made up of adults, 18+, though our average age probably leans into the late 20's-early 30's in terms of age. While we prefer mature, adult people as members of our cc, several of the members have invited their children to be invited, because they know we run a safe, friendly cc for people. We are international, running 24/7, with usually 20+ members on at any given time. We started as an all levels welcome cc, but have since amended that to be 130+ combat, or 800 total levels. This allows serious skillers to join, as well as mid-level to advanced players. Even with our modest requirements, many of our active players are 200 combat, and have several 99's to their credit. With the nucleus of our cc coming from a soul wars cc, it ensures that the leadership is seasoned enough to tackle all issues that may arise within the cc, which are actually far and few-between. The only people who are NOT welcome are trolls, flamers, people who use foul language, ppl who are intolerant of other people's differences, and immature people who feel the need to announce every time they get 5k in experience, or have to tell others they have 30,268 lobsters to catch, or 307 goblins to kill. While we celebrate ppl's achievements, such as 99's, we don't allow random spamming of our clan chat with inane comments or foolishness. In 7 months together, we had already achieved a tier 7 citadel, and celebrated over 50 99 skills that have been gained while in our cc, with usually 5-6 a month on average. We celebrate at either a clan member's house, such as mine, or at our citadel on the dance floor, Our attendance at the citadel in comparison to most other clan chats is amazing, usually averaging around 90% attendance by our active members every week. Our clan is rapidly approaching our 2 year mark, and already this year have celebrated 2 Completist capes and 3 max capes. We scope shooting stars on our world every 2 hours, as well as evil trees, Big Chinchompa and Sinkholes. Many of our members hunt penguins together, along with a plethora of other events, such as Wednesday Night Pest Control, Friday night Stealing Creation, weekly pvm events such as Bandos GWD, or Corp. The bulk of our cc also mass at the citadel on Sundays, to gather resources and skill to gain our clan rings and fealty rewards. We've also done other events such as Soul Wars, Pest Control, Trouble Brewing, Castle wars, Barbarian Assault and Fight Pits We also have our own IRC channels, which can be accessed starting with our entry channel #st00f, and our main clan channel #skillnst00f. We also maintain our own exclusive zetaboard forums, open to all our members and our allied clans and friends, whose address is listed above. Several members have posted introductions to themselves so others can get to know them better, and it is a great way to inform the cc of upcoming events, or vote on improvements to our citadel, or just to have some fun. We are allies and friends with so many clans that we do not not have space to put them all up on our clan relationship board at our citadel. At this moment, we are friends with about 13 other ccs, who we do events with to add more numbers to the fun. If what Skillnst00f has to offer interests you, please feel free to just pop in to our clan chat as a guest. Unless a new prospective member has a family member or friend in the clan already, we ask all new people to try guesting with us for a few days, to make sure that the cc is a good fit fot them, and that the new person also meshes with the clan. If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me in game, or on Sal's forums, or just enter our cc as a guest. Hope to see you soon =)
  15. hi Biggus, if you would like, you can try my cc, Skillnst00f. It's based on world 39, and we do stars, pengs, events, and citadel, along with dg teams pretty much every night. Its mostly adults and older teens, so there is no drama and the atmosphere is friendly. On top of that, the majority of members is made up of friends, or friends of friends. While all levels are welcome, the great majority of the cc is 120+, since a bunch of us were in a SW cc before, and wanted to get away from what else , but drama. =p Rank for our newer members is based on being nice and friendly in the cc, helping at citadel, and coming to events, and helping with events/organizing. Feel free to guest in our cc and if you like it, jsut ask for an invite. Wé jsut started week 6 of our cc, but were already up to 98 members, and it's been a lot of fun for me to run the cc with no headaches. Hope you will try us out. Here's the link to our clan page on RS: Skillnst00f clan page on RS Kalipop

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