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  1. The Rune Droid

    So Yeah

    I've been playing a lot of Black Ops lately. I'm not as far as Machinima (they are playing Black Ops 24/7 on a live stream on a race to Prestige 15), but i'm lvl 49 at the moment (not Prestige yet, though). If anyone wants to play with me, invite me on XBL: MaxxdLawl I'm pretty sure i had posted it before (the gamertag). I even had a content block with it. Umm well whatever, what matters is that it's here Note that i wont be online on XBL for a few days (vacation) so i'll just add you afterwards.
  2. The Rune Droid

    Justin Bieber's Head Explodes.

    Gotta love South park: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHHEsMTeUYs Also i wish this would actually happen.
  3. The Rune Droid

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Believe me, you don't.
  4. The Rune Droid

    ...and I'm Done

    I hate how i have school tommorow :(
  5. The Rune Droid

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Anyone finished it yet? If so what are your thoughts (without spoilers)? I thought it was a pretty good game, sucks that it was so short though. But the crazy missions compensate that
  6. The Rune Droid

    ...and I'm Done

    And i just finished the campaign of Black Ops :D I started at about 17:30 and finished it at 23:50. So for me it took 6 hours and 20 minutes. If you wondered what the length of the campaign was...here you go. Anyways it was pretty fun and there will be a lot of stuff you wont have seen in other Call of Duty games. There's some stuff i still don't get about the plot, but to avoid spoiling the story to you people (the game isn't even officially out yet lol) i'm going to wait a little.
  7. The Rune Droid

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Yay i've got it early. It's awesome
  8. The Rune Droid

    Ive Got Black Ops

    @Gonza: Wat :| @Ambo: I don't know, i've only played the demo of MW2 :D The only other CoD game i've played is the first one.
  9. The Rune Droid

    Borderlands Is Awesome

    I chose the berserker because his skill is awesome + it heals you :D
  10. The Rune Droid

    Ive Got Black Ops

    Well it seems like GAME has a habit of sending me preordered games one day before the release date Thank you GAME :) Anyways, haven't touched the multiplayer yet (started with the campaign). I don't know how long the campaign is, but it sure is action packed. I'm at the 3rd mission at the moment, and it's pretty badass so far
  11. The Rune Droid

    Borderlands Is Awesome

    When i bought Borderlands GOTY i didn't plan to really get into it. I just bought it because it had 4 free DLCs and that Duke Nukem Forever Early Beta Access Pass (wow that's pretty long (that's what she said)). But i just finished the story side of it (there are still the 4 DLCs and a ton of side quests + i can just train my character for fun...so yeah there's a lot to do) and i can safely say that Borderlands is awesome. The story is awesome, the enemies are weird, crazy and awesome and the Claptraps are funny as hell. I wont be playing it the next few days (because of Black Ops), but after that i'll continue to have fun in it :) A big advantage for me was that my friend (level 64) joined my game and he fought this large boss that advanced me from lvl 16 to lvl 35, so the game on solo wasn't as hard
  12. The Rune Droid

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    With Jtag i meant flashed or chipped. Everything that allows you to play games that you downloaded for free.
  13. The Rune Droid

    I Need Help From A Php Guru

    It doesn't work because there isn't a thing called $title or $array. My post was just explaining how to do it, you weren't supposed to copy and paste it exactly like that :P Anyways here i made it for you :P $string1 = explode("*",$string); for ($n=1; $n<=count($string1); $n++){ $string2[$n] = substr($string1[$n], 1); $string3[$n] = ' " '.$string2[$n].' ", '; } $big_string = ''; for ($i=0; $i<count($string3); $i++) { $big_string .= $string3[$i] . "\n"; } $real_string = substr($big_string, 0, -3); echo $real_string; //The resulting string Make sure that before this code you make a variable called $string and store the whole list of titles inside it. Like so: $string = "* A Soul's Bane * A Void Dance * A Tail of Two Cats * All Fired Up";
  14. The Rune Droid


    Also this blog post is what i would call "trying too hard".
  15. The Rune Droid

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    Not a good idea, everyone will just run around trying to beat people with the Flags/Bombs in stead of scoring them.

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