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    -Girls<br />-Girls<br />-Girls<br />-Women<br />-Women<br />-Women<br />-Chicks?<br />(Hawt chicks ? )<br /><br />Not related with women :P<br /><br />Runescape<br />Talking with good friends<br />Listen to a good music<br />Be diferent :P

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  1. Friky

    Chris' Log

    First: When I let ppl scrennie me it's always for a bad reason ^_^ Second: You made me log to sals Just to say that you Freaking rock for having 99 HP Gl on more goals newb (I appeared: as a rock / on the air guitar when u got the cape/ and in that bed situation :) ) ~Friky
  2. Friky

    The Skilling And Slaying Times Of Holl.

    After Killing you 3 times you finally kill me Big deal 0.0 (verac's owned your face) AND ROCKYCOMBO Didn't you quit :P ? And it wasn't his fault , I asked him to come to duel aren so I could try verac's , and bad thigns happened :P ~Friky
  3. Friky

    The Skilling And Slaying Times Of Holl.

    Deal. Dude, don't be so hard on yourself. It WASEN'T your fault. Lmao it was I'm not mad it was just an expression But I feel guilty :( ~Friky
  4. Friky

    The Skilling And Slaying Times Of Holl.

    I'm still mad at myself ~Friky
  5. Friky

    The Skilling And Slaying Times Of Holl.

    Terribly sorry Holland I was trying to kill you since you were owning me with range... Terribly sorry really.... I hope if I hang out with you on when you are near to other 99's I hope I don't ruin them ~Friky
  6. Friky

    The Skilling And Slaying Times Of Holl.

    DUUDDEEEEEE Sorry, most of it was my fault :( I wanted to try out verac's and pow this happened SOrry holland It was a nice party still....... ...... .... Gl on 99 def + 99 hp ... (P.S on your log , friends list, I'm not on it ? ) ~Friky
  7. Friky


    OMFG IMSTILL LAUGHING AT THAT yEAH i JUST WANTED to TRYYYYYY to connect sals again , but sals continues the same , spammers, flammers and all of that.... Lucky I made some good friends on sals that still have me on my friend list wich i talk alot :) But some things on forums never change And yes I agree with your comment, but I just wanted to choose between those 3 Note: only 2 posts were flaming my type of music ~Friky
  8. Friky

    Chris' Log

    My big boy is growing :) Gratz on 90 slayer chris :) You big noob, sorry I don't go much on your log :) Gratz on 96 hp and previously 90 slayer Gl ~Friky
  9. Friky


    I made another choise on the pool ~Friky
  10. CLOOOSSEEE thx for everyone who posted( check last post ifd u want ) ~Friky
  11. Friky

    The Journey Never Ends™

    My booby is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkk You know I won't post much still Well boooobyy is back to fletching , get that 99 quick :) I wanna see you with a decent cape Gl my friend :) ~Friky
  12. Friky

    Chris' Log

    I'm back chris But I've got some things to tell you on MSN So please log, I might not play in 1 more week or so :) ~Friky
  13. Friky

    Chris' Log

    Aahahah I loved that trip ( as much as I love you , ok I love you more :) ) And yes don't crash me and chris :) OR ELSEEE!!! Well I loved seeing the guy's getting hit 27's , 28's ,30's!!! , 20's from prime :/ Was so ftw And I wasn't getting hit! but then I got hit eat 2 brews and well, had to tele I hope the guys enjoyed the trip ruined :P nice job on ruiining chris And yes in 2 hours and 45 minues from this post I'm going on holiday 1 week, Chris, when I come back, I want another fun trip like this :) ~Friky
  14. Friky

    Runecrafting Guild For All Players

    Changed opinion :) Reaver told me some things... AND NOW I LOVE RCING GUILD!! ~Friky
  15. Friky

    Runecrafting Guild For All Players

    Well just came to sals to post this If you are not 50 rc = LUCKY AS HELL If you are 50 rc + wanna go to rc guild = UR NOT LUCKY Jagex made that game a rip off of harry poter lmao you're like: omg i'm harry potter I atract orbs to get rc xp *annoying laugh* I'm back to zmi , thx jagex for wasting around 15 mins of my rs carrer ~Friky

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