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  1. Haleth

    Itunes 10

    They changed the icon. It's some flashy "CLICK ME PLEASE" colour now, I can't keep my eyes off it.
  2. Haleth

    Official Wow Thread

    Cataclysm music is amazing.
  3. Haleth

    Official Wow Thread

    Try turning particle density to the minimum, it's the main 'killer' in ICC.
  4. Been a while since I posted here. Overall: 4 Originality: 2 - It's Vista. Style: 4 - Lot of icons with those dreadful shortcut arrows on them. Neatness: 5 Overall: My msn suits the desktop perfectly, but I couldn't be bothered to blur out contact names so here's an empty desktop instead. :> http://a.imageshack.us/img203/4854/screens...100802at122.png
  5. Haleth

    Official Wow Thread

    It's easy enough as it is, no need to make it even easier tbh.
  6. Haleth

    Official Wow Thread

    Please don't encourage anyone to roll Paladin. We need more balance in numbers.
  7. Haleth

    Official Wow Thread

    Bargh, MMO-Champion taken over by Curse. Boub's promises that nothing will drastically change sound nice, but Curse has the worst website ever. They better not change the layout to their preferences.
  8. Haleth

    Official Wow Thread

    And still can't be justified. You could pay 500g to every raid member who contributed in exchange for you taking the mount.
  9. Haleth

    Official Wow Thread

    Got a Cataclysm beta key. Thanks to the people at WoWInterface. :> It downloads and installs at the same time, that's kinda neat.
  10. Haleth

    Official Wow Thread

    Real names on forums cancelled.
  11. Stupid change, I really hope they won't go through with this cause of the massive protest against it. It's just one step away from implementing it into the actual game itself.
  12. Haleth

    Aion From Ncsoft

    Are there RP realms/servers/... on Aion? Might be looking for something else to play if Blizz goes crazy.
  13. Haleth

    Official Wow Thread

    Right. Full real names on the forums. Blizz has gone mad. The day they force this into the actual game will be the day I quit wow and find something else.
  14. Haleth

    Official Wow Thread

    Alright let's see now. I'm not a rogue expert but I'll point out some general things Helm: It's a PvP helm and it isn't enchanted. Get the emblem of triumph level 245 helm and get it properly gemmed and enchanted. Shoulders: Not enchanted. Chest: Not enchanted. Not sure about weapon enchants so I'll skip that. Waist: Not gemmed, besides you should get an Eternal Belt Buckle so you can put an extra gem in it as well. It's also fairly low ilevel (200) Boots: They're blue pvp gear! Upgrade asap and get it gemmed and enchanted. Ring 1: Fairly low ilevel Trinket 2: It's a green. -- Probably you knew most of this as well but stuff like this is vital to getting the most out of your gear.
  15. Haleth

    Official Wow Thread

    This needs to go on wowbash. Oh and sort out your UI mate. 20+ errors per second.

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