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  1. Xx3070

    Mod Poppy Leaving Jagex

    Yeah I hope to go back to Britain, was the favorite among the places I visited. I got to watch the euro 2012 cup in a London pub ftw :D. I also had some lovely fish and chips and erm.. Jaffa cakes... Anyway I really enjoyed London and hope to go there again. It's a real shame about mod poppy, she was probably my favorite J mod.
  2. Xx3070

    Relationship Advice

    Hi merch! Was in London last week and thought it was amazing! :D
  3. Xx3070

    No More Radio Silence: My Jagex Trip

    I think I'll probably end my subscription. Wanna "hold onto" part of my bank for me as well merch? Your blog was something that long ago raised my spirits over rs, and made me have alot more fun with the game. In fact there is one, most precious item in my bank that I would be extremely happy for you to hold onto for me... it's a pointy hat of a funny color recieved from a truly inspiring member of the rs community. In truth there are only three things that I would really miss leaving rs at the moment. The first would be having not finished all the quests in the game and not having an eternal quest cape (lol). The second would be the nostalgic items that I really have rather few of since the majority of the items I worked for were taken awhile ago by an anonymous hacker (<_< wonder if i'll ever get over that) The third would be the most missed, and that would be Canting. Canting is probably the funnest things for me in the game, with its variety of people and has been a blast. If anything makes me think about even possibly playing rs again it would be canting and the people surrounding it. (wow I'm making this alot longer that I intended, kinda just keep typing) I think I'll have a hard time finding any player as nice as those I've met in canting. Oooh I gotta go, A bell rang! I must move!
  4. Xx3070

    Trevorghost's Trip to Insight Venture Partners

    For awhile playing rs I really liked Jagex, Jagex didn't seem like one of those companies that would pull some stupid crap that would make me burn with fury and curse the ideals of those who run the company. It has come to pass that Jagex has become one of these such companies, that are becoming ever more common. Jagex took a long downward slope for me and I will most likely end up quiting runescape entirely not becouse I hate the game, but becouse I hate the company. What is this corporate disease that destroys companies that I had some hope in. How is it that a company that once held my esteem so high can drop so low. Nearly every good quality that I used to be able to say about Jagex has been turned upside down by there actions. In truth I have come to fear, and to be angry at companies. The consumers are left to dry for that ever growing greed, that seemingly consumes the companies themselfs and makes them into a tattered flag of what they used to stand for. -rant over for awhile I suppose... sad face-
  5. Xx3070

    I've Written my Article (Based on Yesterday's Blog Here)

    Merch, I probably should have mentioned this when I was talking to you about the ages being asked, but there has also been some arguments in Canting involving insults towards gay's. The last one that I saw nearly resulted in several people being kicked from the chat. (this was not old like the ages it was just maybe a week ago)
  6. Xx3070

    6.08pm Tick 11 on the Spirit Tree

    I haven't started yet, btw do different countries celebrate mothers day on different dates? -_-
  7. Xx3070

    Bonus XP Weekend Clashes with Mother's Day AGAIN!

    If only my mom played runescape... then I could just give her 100's of chocolate bars... and crunchies <_<
  8. Xx3070

    Spate Of Levels

    Not all people under 30 wouldn't have the foggiest idea :D Anyways just felt like mentioning that alot of the time when I view your knew blogs I'm not on my normal comp and this comp blocks lots of sites so I can't even see the majoriy of the pictures on your blogs <_< Lol today zybez got blocked on this comp... Nearly anything game related is blocked at this point, possibly sal's will be blocked to, then I won't be able to view your blogs here anymore ;/ Just mentioning it incase I make any wierd comments that don't match up with the pictures in your blog at any time :P
  9. Xx3070

    Spate Of Levels

    sounds interesting, Seems I am a little bored with rs skills still, it kinda saddens me actually, Just don't feel like doing the repetitive click leveling atm, and beyond that i'm not sure what I would really do in rs atm.. Will be on vacation soon so will prob get back into it hopefully. hm... I oddly want to suddenly go on minecraft and expand my castle... well guess i'll do that later. Sounds like some interesting canting conversations :3 canting is one of he things that really makes me want to get back into playing rs more.
  10. Xx3070

    737-200 For Sale

    lol love that it is from "aero toy store"
  11. Xx3070


    <3 bit late but GJ :D oh and did you recieve your's from merch?
  12. Xx3070


    Just finished some huge stuff irl so I'll prob come back on more again ^_^ I actually haven't really realized how rarely i've been on lately ;/. I'll get on and look at my rs toolbar and go "oh how did I get down to 90 percent in misc kingdom o.O" honestly I was also getting a little bored with rs so was kinda playing some other stuff to change it up a bit. Oh gotta go, cutting the comment short :3
  13. Xx3070

    Jad 3 - Merch 0

    I'm prob at... Jad: 4 Xx: 3 Most of the deaths are becouse I get rusty at doing fight caves then I go back and get owned lol If your having trouble with it alot merch this is a big tip I can give you, If you fail... Don't just shrug it of for another time another try, You have to keep going at it while you have experience on trying to kill him. I'm not saying you have to do it right after <_< just don't wait like more than a week before you do it again. Could you also post exactly what you had in your invent (fine if you don't). I'm kinda curious what you took. When your at jad and need to eat food I think the best way is to probably have quick keys and just when you switch a prayer you hit the key for invent, take a drink, and then key back to prayers. Gl on your next attempt
  14. Xx3070

    A Clockwork Syringe

    I think that it was kinda a joke within a joke within a joke with the make up stuff... btw there are some guys that prob would die before being seen with a wig and make up in front of there friends <_< The seagull part was ftw :D Favorite part of entire quest (btw i lol'd when it started destroying my house)

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