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  1. Enoch Root

    Could I Do Desert Treasure With A Bgs?

    I'm sure you COULD, but magic is very, very effective against the demons... wind for the Blood, fire for the Ice, earth for the Shadow, and water for the Smoke. They're specifically weak to them. If you choose to do it for Shadow, be sure to use a Snare as well as Earth Blast.
  2. Enoch Root

    Odd Internet Problem

    Yeah, I've tried using Firefox. Same deal.
  3. Enoch Root

    Odd Internet Problem

    All of them that I've tried to go to.
  4. Whenever I try to access secure sites, my computer gives me this error... Any idea how to fix it/what's wrong? I've heard that Leopard's firewall is a little hyperactive and am wondering if that has to do with it.
  5. Enoch Root

    A Soul's Bane

    Fight hard. Apparently, you don't feature in the High Scores, which means you may really struggle with this. It isn't impossible -unless you're REALLY low in combat stats- but it will be hard. You don't even have 43 prayer to fall back on, so the only advice I can give is to bring lots of food, the best equipment you have, and some way of teleporting out if things go wrong.
  6. Enoch Root

    End Of The Human Race?

    I'm not taking a particular stand here, but I thought anyone involved in this debate might be interested in this site: Exit Mundi: Actual possible ends of the world.
  7. Enoch Root

    My Construction Lvl 25

    Whatever you want. Keep in mind that you get the same experience per material no matter what you make: Making two items with three planks each gives you as much experience as making one item with six planks. I used cheap oak planks to get myself to 50 without spending TOO much.
  8. Enoch Root

    Getting A Laptop.

    Excellent. Will Open Office?
  9. Enoch Root

    Helpies Me

    I can really only answer your first question... best F2P mage gear is the ordinary, blue Wizard Robes, unless they've added more for freeplayers since I was last logged in (around three months ago). What I did to train magic as F2P was shot Curses at Hobgoblins, logging out when I got the message that they couldn't be cursed any more and logging back in. It isn't fast, but it is very inexpensive.
  10. Enoch Root

    Volmorous Vs. Gavin Voting.

    Gavin's is a little trippy for me, though I'm no art critic. Maybe if I were on acid I would like it more.
  11. Enoch Root

    Mage Vs. Range

    I love magic, not a big fan of range, though I have gotten it to 61 for a variety of reasons. Use radio buttons for polls in which you want someone to be able to choose only one answer per question.
  12. Enoch Root

    The 2nd Chechen War

    Not in my opinion. There are people in a lot of states that favor secession, New Hampshire in particular. I think that as long as it doesn't involve violence, secession is perfectly acceptable if the majority of citizens want their state to be independent.
  13. Enoch Root

    I Gotta Make Money

    I'd like to warn you, I didn't mean to eavesdrop but about the private conversation on your screenshot... Magic spells always have the same maximum damage, but the armor you wear DOES affect your chance to hit. You're MUCH less likely to hit someone with a spell wearing full rune than you are wearing full mystic.
  14. Enoch Root

    The 2nd Chechen War

    Russia wants to hold on to Chechnya because Chechnya is oil-rich. This is also why the Chechens want independence- if they become independent from Russia, they can make a ton of money off the oil. I think the Chechens have a valid claim to their independence based on their different culture and heritage, just as the Basques do, and the Kurds in Iraq. But I don't approve of the way that many of them are going about getting their independence- i.e., terrorism. Remember when that school in Russia was attacked?
  15. Enoch Root

    I Gotta Make Money

    Easy. Work hard and you'll find a way. I have around 5m total in items and cash, and I got it in an ENORMOUS number of ways. I don't lose money, generally, so no matter what I keep getting richer. I've made maybe 500k total from treasure trails, at least 2m from running law runes, around 1.5m making cannonballs a LONG time ago. At least another 600k from mining iron... I don't have great WC, so I just do whatever it takes. I'd recommend WC, though, if you want to gain a way to make SERIOUS money, eventually. Just get really good at that or fishing and you can make lots of dough.

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