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    Could I Do Desert Treasure With A Bgs?

    I'm sure you COULD, but magic is very, very effective against the demons... wind for the Blood, fire for the Ice, earth for the Shadow, and water for the Smoke. They're specifically weak to them. If you choose to do it for Shadow, be sure to use a Snare as well as Earth Blast.
  2. Enoch Root

    Odd Internet Problem

    Yeah, I've tried using Firefox. Same deal.
  3. Whenever I try to access secure sites, my computer gives me this error... Any idea how to fix it/what's wrong? I've heard that Leopard's firewall is a little hyperactive and am wondering if that has to do with it.
  4. Enoch Root

    Odd Internet Problem

    All of them that I've tried to go to.
  5. Enoch Root

    A Soul's Bane

    Fight hard. Apparently, you don't feature in the High Scores, which means you may really struggle with this. It isn't impossible -unless you're REALLY low in combat stats- but it will be hard. You don't even have 43 prayer to fall back on, so the only advice I can give is to bring lots of food, the best equipment you have, and some way of teleporting out if things go wrong.
  6. Enoch Root

    End Of The Human Race?

    I'm not taking a particular stand here, but I thought anyone involved in this debate might be interested in this site: Exit Mundi: Actual possible ends of the world.
  7. I've been saving for about a year and I have about $1600 to buy a laptop with. Recommendations?
  8. Enoch Root

    My Construction Lvl 25

    Whatever you want. Keep in mind that you get the same experience per material no matter what you make: Making two items with three planks each gives you as much experience as making one item with six planks. I used cheap oak planks to get myself to 50 without spending TOO much.
  9. Enoch Root

    Getting A Laptop.

    Excellent. Will Open Office?
  10. I like quests, myself. But I don't suppose anyone asked me... that's the funny thing about starting a poll.
  11. Enoch Root

    Helpies Me

    I can really only answer your first question... best F2P mage gear is the ordinary, blue Wizard Robes, unless they've added more for freeplayers since I was last logged in (around three months ago). What I did to train magic as F2P was shot Curses at Hobgoblins, logging out when I got the message that they couldn't be cursed any more and logging back in. It isn't fast, but it is very inexpensive.
  12. Enoch Root

    Volmorous Vs. Gavin Voting.

    Gavin's is a little trippy for me, though I'm no art critic. Maybe if I were on acid I would like it more.
  13. Enoch Root

    Mage Vs. Range

    I love magic, not a big fan of range, though I have gotten it to 61 for a variety of reasons. Use radio buttons for polls in which you want someone to be able to choose only one answer per question.
  14. Enoch Root

    The 2nd Chechen War

    Not in my opinion. There are people in a lot of states that favor secession, New Hampshire in particular. I think that as long as it doesn't involve violence, secession is perfectly acceptable if the majority of citizens want their state to be independent.
  15. Enoch Root

    I Gotta Make Money

    I'd like to warn you, I didn't mean to eavesdrop but about the private conversation on your screenshot... Magic spells always have the same maximum damage, but the armor you wear DOES affect your chance to hit. You're MUCH less likely to hit someone with a spell wearing full rune than you are wearing full mystic.
  16. Enoch Root

    The 2nd Chechen War

    Russia wants to hold on to Chechnya because Chechnya is oil-rich. This is also why the Chechens want independence- if they become independent from Russia, they can make a ton of money off the oil. I think the Chechens have a valid claim to their independence based on their different culture and heritage, just as the Basques do, and the Kurds in Iraq. But I don't approve of the way that many of them are going about getting their independence- i.e., terrorism. Remember when that school in Russia was attacked?
  17. Enoch Root

    I Gotta Make Money

    Easy. Work hard and you'll find a way. I have around 5m total in items and cash, and I got it in an ENORMOUS number of ways. I don't lose money, generally, so no matter what I keep getting richer. I've made maybe 500k total from treasure trails, at least 2m from running law runes, around 1.5m making cannonballs a LONG time ago. At least another 600k from mining iron... I don't have great WC, so I just do whatever it takes. I'd recommend WC, though, if you want to gain a way to make SERIOUS money, eventually. Just get really good at that or fishing and you can make lots of dough.
  18. Enoch Root

    I Kissed A Girl (and Liked It)

    Gay, straight, what does it matter to me? If someone is a generally decent person (i.e., not a mass murderer, rapist, or IRS agent), what does it matter, really? I'm straight. But that's just me. There are advantages to homosexuality, I'm sure, like not being scared out of your mind that you got your girlfriend pregnant (or being scared out of your mind that YOU are pregnant, if you're a girl). Live and let live.
  19. Enoch Root

    Getting A Laptop.

    Try and have a look at refurbed macbooks they'll have the price cut down at the cost of a few minor scratchs - if that. http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...?nplm=FB402LL/A $949 for a decent spec macbook. If you want to bump the ram (even though you won't need to with OSX/XP) 4GB RAM - $75 I don't see the need for buying a copy of windows XP though... i'm guessing you don't plan on gaming. I do plan on gaming, though not much, which is the only reason I would add XP... That and I already have Microsoft Office for PC and so wouldn't have to buy an office suite for Leopard. My friend has a friend who thinks he can get me XP SP2 for free.
  20. Enoch Root

    Alignment To The Gods And Minigame

    Hmm... maybe, but then again, let me tally up some gods here... -Saradomin -Zamorak -Guthix -Tumeken -Icthlarin -Bandos -Armadyl -Zaros -Elidinis -Amascut -That monkey god, the name of which I can never remember I'm sure there are more, too, that I've forgotten. What you COULD do is make the worship of gods OTHER THAN Saradomin based on what other gods you've "discovered". For example, after doing Desert Treasure, you could choose to worship Zaros for a magic bonus, or after Icthlarin's Little Helper, worship HIM for some other bonus. But then again, shouldn't your choice have to be somewhat permanent? Just seems like a way to complicate things. If this were to fly, I would make it as a much higher-level sort of quest- a Master level quest- and make the quest available only after you've done plenty of quests that tell you ALL about ALL OF the gods. Then, at the end of the quest, you could choose a god to give your allegiance to- earning exp in certain skills, a special item, and a prayer for that god specifically. Then again, I'm not you. That's just my take on it. Sorry to get mad, but people just don't know enough about RuneScape's history and lore to post this sort of thing, most of the time. EDIT: Wow, Cxk is still around! And I though EVERYONE I knew was gone.
  21. Enoch Root

    Getting A Laptop.

    Thanks for all the info. Right now I'm thinking of getting a MacBook and using Boot Camp just to dual boot Leopard and XP- best of both worlds and the MacBook has pretty decent hardware specs.
  22. Enoch Root

    Range Or Melee?

    You've put a lot of work into your current account. Why start over? You can simply train range with your current character. Things you may want to do: -Animal Magnetism (Quest)- Gets you the "backpack" you mentioned. -Pest Control- Use your already good melee to fight and use points to train ranged. Check the Quest Experience guide here on Sal's to find out which quests give good ranged experience. Once you're good enough, you'll probably want to do the Ardougne Plague quests to get a Crystal Bow eventually. You can train range on anything you feel like shooting, but Giants make good targets because they have high HP. The Hill Giants in the Edgeville Dungeon make good beginning targets (after you get a good enough level to kill them), and there's plenty of cover in the east part of the cave. Additionally, at higher levels the Moss Giants near Ardougne are popular, and at even higher levels, the Fire Giants under Baxtorian Waterfall. Good Luck!
  23. Enoch Root

    Good Monsters To Kill?

    If you're P2P, use the armor animator in the Warrior's Guild to make Adamant, or if money isn't a problem, Rune, suits of armor to fight. These in themselves aren't great training but they drop lots of tokens, and lots of tokens means fighting Cyclopes on the top floor. They have high health and low defense and are great for training; they also happen to drop defenders which are nice if you're a more offensive fighter. Crush is good against the suits but slash is best against the Cyclopes (or at least that's what I've found). Cyclopes have decent drops that you can sell at the armory in the guild and use to buy food to train with. It's very convenient.
  24. Enoch Root

    What Should I Do Over The Summer?

    You already made a mistake; you asked us. RuneScape is a game. Games are about having fun. Therefore, RuneScape is about having fun. Furthermore, the way in which one has fun in RuneScape varies. I have fun completing quests; you may have fun slaughtering gnomes on the battlefield. Look at yourself: what about RuneScape do you enjoy? Now do it.
  25. Enoch Root

    About How Long

    Well... unfortunately, as you may know, when you're level 92, you're only halfway to having level 99 in a skill. So, it should take you around as much time to get it to 99 as it did to get it to 92 from level 1. Sorry if this is discouraging. You still have like 6 million exp. to go.

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