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  1. I got the FBI Moneypak virus, and so I did a full scan on my computer, and i found a trojan, which was deleted. But after some time things began to crash, my internet got slower, and ventually an hour ago it popped back up im running another virus scan, but i heard you should just send it into a computer professional. What should i do? P.S. i dont need help with viruses in general, but with this virus specifically. What should i do, or what is safe to download, in order to get rid of this.
  2. LoneWanderer

    It Popped up Again

    I don't know whats happening now, i need some serious help.
  3. LoneWanderer

    Problem Solved?

    change passwords for everything?
  4. LoneWanderer

    Problem Solved?

    I scanned my computer and found a severe trojan which i deleted ASAP, so i think the problem is solved. Anything else i should do?
  5. LoneWanderer

    I'm back for Help

    I know that, the scam is that it looks like an official government message asking for money, while it is just a scam for hundreds of dollars. Besides my antivirus found a really bad trojan and quarentined/deleted it, so i think the case is resolved.
  6. LoneWanderer

    I'm back for Help

    If your not kidding, look up FBI MoneyPak virus
  7. LoneWanderer

    I'm back for Help

    will a full scan from my antivirus get rid of it?
  8. LoneWanderer

    I'm back for Help

    Well, today i was listening to some music and stuff(from a website, not itunes) when some screen came up saying it was from the FBI and that I owed 300$ or a case would spring up accusing me off "copyright crimes". i paniced, shut dpwn the computer, and found it was still their. Then when shuting down and restaring again, i pulled the computer cord and it shut down while rebooting the computer. So i restarted again, and it made me do repairs to damaged files from the failed restart. I logged back in to find the FBI warning gone. Im now running a full scan, but when i looked up about the virus, it said that their was a lot of stuff you needed to do to get rid of it, but it was implying that they were for if the virus was popping up at the time. So what should i do. Also, Christman Soon.
  9. LoneWanderer

    Formal Goodbye

    Well, i know i became pretty much a nuisance with all the stuff in the past monthes, which didn't really change the fact that i didn't have any friends on the forum, i guess this is my technical goodbye, as i only really lurk the league of legends thread(which is just aabid and Linux taling about how cool some champ is) so now anyone who liked me (which I can abmit is probably few if not any) can know im gone, other than maybe a few comments on League thread.
  10. LoneWanderer

    League Of Legends

    Do any of you know about any tournements for the amatuers of league of legends players. Like someone told me about a small tournement that TSM holds, or there is one fror dominion that you recieve RP for winning. Its just me and my friends are gettting decent, so it would good to get something back for all the effort we have put in the game.
  11. LoneWanderer

    HeadSet wont work

    where is that?
  12. LoneWanderer

    HeadSet wont work

    I got an old turlebeach earforcex 11 headset, and it works in my computer fine. But, when i plug it in, my builtin laptop mic and speakers keep going, so i hear double. i just wanna use a headset so poeple don't get echo while talking to me but nothing works.
  13. LoneWanderer

    Angry Dad

    I don't know what the heck is up with my dad but he is pissed off no matter what i do. I mean, he was talking to me today, and a fly landed on me, so i shooed it away, then he started yelling at saying that all i care about is video games and i don't care about anything else, whih doesn't even make sense. Then, i was channel surfing, and Cheech and Chong popped up (old movie) and he got mad because he thought it was a stupid move, and i told him that i was switching the channel, he said how was he supposed to know. So i told him maybe to ask me instead of yelling at me off an assumption, and again, he yelled at me. Then, he saw that my bed wasn't made, and made me clean it up. That when i asked him if their is something else bothering him, and he yelled at me again. I seriously can't figure out his problem, and if he flipps out on me for a stupid reason again, I think I'm going to lose it, which isnt going to be fun for anyone, especially since my mom is gone for the weekend, so their is nobody to calm him down.
  14. LoneWanderer

    Why am I still here?

    I feel that way too, no one really likes me too much on this forum, and I only stuck around for the blogs,(like Merchs, which is dead) and for Runescape Help, but thats gone. Really i just stay because if i didnt i would have a lot of free time.
  15. LoneWanderer

    This Is Not Funny Anymore

    Simple. Make friends, go to their house, then play computer there!

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