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  1. The whole of the British Empire, North Pole.
  2. Luckyx

    7-year Old Driving

    He's quite adorable, actually.
  3. Luckyx

    Texas Secession: An Appeal To Reason

    How are you going to get recognition by the UN?
  4. Luckyx

    Those Brits Did It Again

    Even if its name is changed in all the street signs and maps, they'll still call it the Sears Tower. They're so used to it.
  5. Luckyx

    Kim Jong Diagnosed With Pancreatic Cancer

    North Korea would split in a power struggle between his three sons?
  6. Luckyx

    Kim Jong Diagnosed With Pancreatic Cancer

    Save the prisoners there first.
  7. My computer suddenly crashes with a BSOD. Took me a few reboots to get it working again. Windows XP takes an unusually long time to load. After a crash, it prompts me to send an error report, I do so, then IE pops up telling me that the error report was corrupted, with a load of instructions telling to check any newly installed hardware or software. I never installed anything new on my computer recently. Virus scans with NOD32 turn up nothing, scans with Ad-Aware are completely clean. There is a noticeable slowdown in everything I do now, YouTube videos seem to stutter and web pages take longer to load.
  8. Luckyx

    Aperently Micheal Jackson Is Dead

    People are now claiming he was on drugs, which led to his recent problems and ultimately to his death. They're rushing an autopsy, so any comments like that should be resolved soon enough. I heard they were conditioning drugs, to help him prepare for his tour. Weren't they pain-killing injections? Drug addict? No. Child molester? No. People dieing every day who have done greater things? People who have become music icons, promoted AIDS research and donated multi-millions to charity? Every day? No. You know nothing about the man. Making the situation better by laughing at a recently deceased legend? We're getting worked up that clueless people can show such disrespect and then try to justify themselves. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfkDxF2kn1I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JF03i7NfIU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okhiJjuefPw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9mjEF_lEDE OMG IM SORY :lol: :P Because we are all supporting those videos and saying the people who laughed at them are righteous. ;) +1'd everything up here.
  9. Luckyx

    Aperently Micheal Jackson Is Dead

    Frightening how a heart can just stop working, without warning. R.I.P. Michael Jackson
  10. I have a Kingston 2GB SD card. When I was putting files into my card today, my computer's USB ports suddenly couldn't read it. Took me a few tries to get it to read. I opened up my files again and found them to be corrupted, with gibberish and stuff. I tried using Windows' Diskmanager and Panasonic SDformatter to reformat the card (after backing up the non-corrupted files of course) and tried to format them multiple times, with no success. Now I can't even open the folder with all the corrupted files in it. I have a 4 port USB hub which connects to the back and two USB ports which are on the front of my computer. The hub suddenly couldn't read any USB-based appliance weeks ago and my two front USB ports are all covered with rust and ultra-sensitive; you have bend down and hold the USB in place for it to read, a slight wiggle would disconnect it.
  11. Luckyx

    The New Rickroll

    Yes, make it so.
  12. Luckyx

    Hard Drive Almost Full!

    I went and emptied the whole Local Settings\Temp folder, and instantly freed up around 7GB. ;) Then I did a defrag and ran CCleaner, everything seems to be fine now. It seems my virtual memory has already been set, 1344 minimum, 2688 maximum.
  13. Luckyx

    Hard Drive Almost Full!

    How do I set it exactly? Like.....what numbers should I type in?
  14. Luckyx

    Hard Drive Almost Full!

    Ran Disk Cleanup like, 3 times already. Deleted everything to the last KB. I have uninstalled all unnesessary software, nothing to do there. I set my Firefox to have downloads show up on my desktop, so I'm pretty sure it's empty. Is it safe to delete everything in the Local Settings\Temp folder?
  15. Only a few weeks ago, I had around 4GB on my C: drive. As a few more days passed, something was gobbling up all the space in my drive, now I'm down to my last gig. I've been using CCleaner to clear up more space, and did a defrag. I downloaded SequoiaView to take a look into my hard drive: The larger rectangle to the upper right corner is called pagefile.sys, it looks important, so I didn't dare touch it. Inside the yellow square, taking up a large chunk of space, are .tmp files. I don't know how to deal with them though; they looked important or something. Do I just empty the whole "Temp" file into the Recycle Bin or something?

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