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    I'm Kyle, And I'm 17

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    Don't care for clans.
  1. kyleedwards2

    Botting Problem?

    That's insane, the botting has become pathetic.
  2. kyleedwards2

    Voice Chat Is Coming

    It would create lag from hell, besides that image is for the cryptic clue fest, she is a new npc that is trying to get the clan portal to work.
  3. kyleedwards2


    Glad you got your account back. If you sre not actually macroing, You're safe.
  4. kyleedwards2

    F2p Skillcapes

    I'm glad of this to be honest . Plus, as the post above the post above me said, Most of the skill masters are in P2P locations.
  5. kyleedwards2

    If You Found An Ags...

    I would sell it. Then use the money on a skill, like cooking, or ranged .
  6. kyleedwards2

    Best Clue Ever!

    OMG gib mi phr33 runes pl0x i need them so awsome reward Hehe i hate rewards like that anyways.. ~Kyle
  7. kyleedwards2

    2,000 People On Sals At The Same Time!?!

    Why don't you belive this? sal's is just probaly popular theese days XD
  8. kyleedwards2

    How Do U Think This Is Best Bank Ever!

    His friend didnt make this, its been on for years. Its a cool fake, lol
  9. kyleedwards2

    Congratulations To...

    Gratz guys!
  10. kyleedwards2

    Interesting Screenshot I Took..

    Sounds strange :)
  11. kyleedwards2

    Goal For 99 Hunter!

    Falcons get boring, red sallys all the way to 80 then red chimps, youll be 99 in no time :)
  12. kyleedwards2


    Hehe Gratz On 90 Cooking :P
  13. kyleedwards2

    Barbarian Assault & Musa Point Guides

    Good job on the guides :P
  14. kyleedwards2


    Pmg gratz on teh glory ^_^
  15. kyleedwards2

    The Road To 85 Mining And 300 Total!

    Oo. good luck, shoulden't take that long ^_^

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