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  1. The Visage

    Annoying Demon Ep2

    A bit immature, but still funny Keep up the good work!
  2. The Visage

    I Will Now Take Over Runescape

    Wow, nice I'm working on getting one of those myself. Enjoy pwning
  3. The Visage

    Has Training Been Made Easier?

    Yes, it has been made easier, but i'm not really complaining. The people with 99 already in those skills might be though.
  4. The Visage

    About The Quiting

    They were more important and well known than almost everyone in this topic put together, excluding Emanick. I don't know half of you people and if you quit nothing would happen. Dwar and Xrvn are inspiring a mass exodus from sals that will leave it without anyone who has a sense of humor. I know at handful of people are gonna quit soon and after this year's up a few more people like me might be leaving for good. I don't know you either This forum is still fun of funny people. Dwar and XRVN will be missed, but it's not the end of the world. I thought they were on IRC more often, anyways? Name three that arent about to quit. Twist, Adam, and Airianna, to the best of my knowledge. I don't know who's quitting and who isn't. Twist is some guy who wants to be cool and accepted by everyone. Adam? is only good for his anime. Arianna is overrated.
  5. The Visage

    Like, Dislike, First Impression

    Like: Has a Gorillaz avatar. Dislike: Name is Adam First Impression: He likes Gorillaz, he's probably cool
  6. The Visage

    2 99s In 2 Months

    both great 99s, grats man. i hope to get those 99s as well someday
  7. The Visage

    What An Idiot...

    I'd do it just before quitting rs if i could afford it. just to be a muppet to the other players
  8. The Visage

    Say Something Negative About The Above Poster

    i hate trees. i like to chop them down for firewood.
  9. nobody wants lovin' from a decaying zombie hand that plays guitar with a silly hat
  10. wow, this stuff is fudgeing funny. Wish I was around earlier to see the other episodes. Gonna have to spend my night reading all the others
  11. The Visage

    Old Tutorial Island Screenies

    dang, that's awesome. reminds me of the good old days
  12. The Visage

    Red Chincompas

    I'm also requesting a pic or something. Too lazy to check myself
  13. The Visage

    How Famous Are You On Sal's Runescape Forums?

    1 But i'm a 1 too, probably lower since i'm new
  14. The Visage

    Hey Folks I'm New

    hey everyone. i use this site a lot for the quest guides and thought i'd join. hope you guys welcome me with open arms

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