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    my lonely tree :- [
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    being with other people :(

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    bill murray
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    is sad
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    Im lonely
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    OldSchool '07
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    someone visit me
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    so alone

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  1. Lonelywolf

    The last person to post here wins

    I'm sal
  2. Lonelywolf

    I would like a New Signature Please

    I made u a signature in the style of email
  3. Lonelywolf

    Global Epidemic and Your Growing Body

    Not rly a thing in Australia to wear mask anywhere. Not mandatory, no signs, not part of any policies been put out. If I get Corona virus I have to shut my cafe down which will suck majorly
  4. Lonelywolf


    Hey! I get porn anime ads on this forum now so look forward to that!
  5. Lonelywolf

    Zooey's Old School Log - 2019 (how long?) Comeback

    Hey Zooey idk this is weird or not but you dont sound like girl in the video? Unless you got someone to do the voice over 4 you
  6. Lonelywolf


    no im still lookign 4 it
  7. Lonelywolf

    anyone have any knowledge of old jeeps

    hey i went looking for old jeeps last year! YJ jeeps have sqwuare headlights instead of round so thats random! Cj5 and cj7 just like any other jeep/car look out for rust because theyre also super old and obviously if its like a more moist area near the beach or something then rust is more prone. if it's somewhere like arizona then rust is like non existant because sio dry. i wanted a jeep too because it looks cool to have no doors and put ur life at risk! im pretty sure the cj5 is smaller, also engiens are super old and a lot of people swap them to chevy engines. here in aus they're both super expensive and i guess the older the rarer and more rare that they're in good condition. cj7 being somewhat newer will be less rare and less pricey. id say the cj7 being newer model also has upgrades in terms of functionality and stuff............................................ also i dont know anythin
  8. Lonelywolf

    a fun thought experiment

    thats the stupidet thing i ever heard
  9. Lonelywolf

    Let me post pls

    sal is back! Its me this whole time
  10. Lonelywolf

    it's been a while

    we're not stale, we're fresh! we're fresh hip fellow youngsters who enjoy all the internet and its me-me's!
  11. Lonelywolf


    When I was emotionally scrolling through archive.org of this website to find my very first avatar (still haven't, if anyone has seen it its a picture of a white wolf and a pinkish background), I came across a post of mine from circa. 2011-2012. In this post I was like hey look here for more info and linked to the runescape wiki. Now point fingers all you like and I may have inadvertently sent every sal's member to the wiki, and i know this sentence is setup to have a but; it doesn't. my b p.s. did i use a semi colon corectly y/n?
  12. hello im trying to find my old profile picture from when i first joined sal's to be super nostalgic could someone help? I can only find the 2nd earliest one

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lonelywolf


      im one step ahead of you (notice the picture has changed)

    3. Guitarguy


      I don't know why I've taken this long to respond to this, but: if you remember your display name from back then, put the link into the Wayback Machine: https://archive.org/

    4. Lonelywolf


      It didnt work potato boy

  13. hello im trying to find my old profile picture from when i first joined sal's to be super nostalgic could someone help? I can only find the 2nd earliest one

  14. Lonelywolf

    The last person to post here wins

    whats ur ign? are u in the sals clan
  15. Lonelywolf

    Searching for a birthday present

    ahahah fudge thats so funny

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