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    my lonely tree :- [
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    being with other people :(

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    bill murray
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    is sad
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    Im lonely
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    OldSchool '07
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    someone visit me
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    so alone

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  1. Lonelywolf


    Damn this is a certified classic sal meme how do u even remember this
  2. Hello would anyone like to trade NFT? dm me also shout out to Adam? For even editing the original thread , dedication
  3. Lonelywolf

    Rap Battles

    Ayo check this out im a rapper Cus I like to rap But I ain’t a hat Cus I never cap if u look at me u will see a guy u might even say oh my my what a good lookin fella u also might express And that’s fax, like I’m da printing press so my story here bout to come to an end i got a few girlies waiting around the bend so glad to meet u nice to see ya hope u get well in the near fewcha
  4. fudge you 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Synapsi


      Reported, say hi to gcb for us

    3. bros before hoes

      bros before hoes

      see u in gnostic hell

    4. Adam?


      dang brutal 

  5. Lonelywolf

    hey guys

  6. Lonelywolf

    Post your old fakes here

    he was a madman. those faking kits too
  7. Lonelywolf

    Rap Battles

    ayo adam is old but he write damn good i been puttin on weight cus i be eatin food DSZ episode 42 was cool, and that is a fact i waited 10 god damn years fudge u adam u couldnt even wrap it all up in this episode now i have to wait years for u to make 43 seriously
  8. Lonelywolf

    Inside the Episode - DSZ #42

    this is great! I didnt understand any of these on my first read thru especially the name one at the start
  9. wtf this is just matrix 4 on a more srs note: wow what a great episode and the funny nft thing was really funny! Glad I got to cameo in this episode (the "You" character). Finally some representation for my people (me). can i have a NFT pleas
  10. Lonelywolf

    Hi it’s Adam?

  11. u can cameo in my bedroom if u want
  12. Lonelywolf

    How to eat cheaply

    try water fasting tat can u save money then.
  13. Lonelywolf


    Well I could’ve if u asked sooner I lost it all already
  14. Lonelywolf

    Dragon Sal Z

    Haha same

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