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    my lonely tree :- [
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    being with other people :(

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    bill murray
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    is sad
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    Im lonely
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    OldSchool '07
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    someone visit me
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    so alone

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  1. Lonelywolf

    it's been a while

    we're not stale, we're fresh! we're fresh hip fellow youngsters who enjoy all the internet and its me-me's!
  2. hello im trying to find my old profile picture from when i first joined sal's to be super nostalgic could someone help? I can only find the 2nd earliest one

  3. Lonelywolf

    The last person to post here wins

    whats ur ign? are u in the sals clan
  4. Lonelywolf

    Searching for a birthday present

    ahahah fudge thats so funny
  5. Lonelywolf

    Ultra Tracing

    that looks tight Zoo!
  6. Lonelywolf

    Searching for a birthday present

    hey kemosabe hopefully brianrobert isnt too late was it ur dads birthday yet or has it passed
  7. Lonelywolf

    business is booming

    my one chance to go down in sals history and i foiled it, its my biggest regret to this day, no cap i think about it constantly
  8. Lonelywolf

    business is booming

    where did u go? dont leave us 4 that long ever again
  9. Lonelywolf

    a fun thought experiment

    im just thinking like even with so much pressure on it (like a hydraulic press) is there some sort of molecular nonsense going on that would not allow to completely dry?
  10. Lonelywolf

    a fun thought experiment

    ive been thinking about this a lot recently: you know when you wring out a wet cloth and liquid comes out? theoreticcaly could you wring out something completely dry? discuss.
  11. Lonelywolf

    business is booming

    WhAt in tHE GODS edit: i never thought my thread would summon tabt edit2: you last posted 4 years ago!! march 8 2016! DUDe
  12. Lonelywolf

    Ultra Tracing

    heres a photo of me
  13. Lonelywolf

    more prints

    u should persue it!
  14. Lonelywolf

    business is booming

    called it @Salmoneus @Sobend @Guitarguy @Chaoss @Zooey @Aabid @lilshu @heb0
  15. Lonelywolf

    New RS3 Skill--Archaeology

    Is that a good thing or bad thing?

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