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  1. hello, there havent been many promotion recently and i think if you promote me to extinguished member it could bring back some activity in the forum. lmk thanks EDIT: WHY I SHOULD BE EXTINGUISHED - I have over 7,000 posts - i am the only one here - i will put my foot forward when it comes to decision making!! -if you promote me, i will be comitted to the forum -my reptuation is over 600 which is the rule for extinguished
  2. hello, lets remember some names that have been and gone from the forum we know and love, and if you have any positive memories you'd like to share lets do so to celebrate! maybe some people will benefit by seeing names they totally forgot about and will be filled with all sorts of chemicals Bwauder W1LS0N WIZARD_KILLING guitarguy KEMOSABE desireful adam? texas lots of posts guy Aabid andyana conspicuous im gonna mill burray ur mom HARDRUNE admiral tabt nitua skateskull! kyo O HAI IM KAMIL mikey gonzyy morte! FAKE beret jethraw i am trying to think of another guy thats not kemosabe but may have started with a K too and i always got them confused EDIT: it was kesthetic Heres some more pureosaur helm lardar lord earth 13
  3. Jesus this is fudgeed up and impossible to browse on me phone.
  4. Lonelywolf


    Damn this is a certified classic sal meme how do u even remember this
  5. Hello would anyone like to trade NFT? dm me also shout out to Adam? For even editing the original thread , dedication
  6. Lonelywolf

    Rap Battles

    Ayo check this out im a rapper Cus I like to rap But I ain’t a hat Cus I never cap if u look at me u will see a guy u might even say oh my my what a good lookin fella u also might express And that’s fax, like I’m da printing press so my story here bout to come to an end i got a few girlies waiting around the bend so glad to meet u nice to see ya hope u get well in the near fewcha
  7. Lonelywolf

    hey guys

  8. Lonelywolf

    Post your old fakes here

    he was a madman. those faking kits too
  9. Lonelywolf

    Rap Battles

    ayo adam is old but he write damn good i been puttin on weight cus i be eatin food DSZ episode 42 was cool, and that is a fact i waited 10 god damn years fudge u adam u couldnt even wrap it all up in this episode now i have to wait years for u to make 43 seriously
  10. Lonelywolf

    Inside the Episode - DSZ #42

    this is great! I didnt understand any of these on my first read thru especially the name one at the start
  11. wtf this is just matrix 4 on a more srs note: wow what a great episode and the funny nft thing was really funny! Glad I got to cameo in this episode (the "You" character). Finally some representation for my people (me). can i have a NFT pleas
  12. Lonelywolf

    Hi it’s Adam?

  13. Lonelywolf


    i nominate myself as the number #1 most important member in sals right now NOBODY can create a thread as active as me. Here's just a taste of my credentials: Sofee came back to reply to a thread TABT came back to reply to a thread Beret came back to reply to a thread
  14. u can cameo in my bedroom if u want
  15. Lonelywolf

    How to eat cheaply

    try water fasting tat can u save money then.
  16. Lonelywolf


    Well I could’ve if u asked sooner I lost it all already
  17. Lonelywolf

    Dragon Sal Z

    Haha same
  18. Lonelywolf

    can i be extinguished member?

    24 replies… all I’m gonna say is yet another certified banger thread by lonely
  19. Lonelywolf

    can i be extinguished member?

    but ive been on fire recently! With my great topics
  20. Lonelywolf

    can i be extinguished member?

    @Yuanrang3 votes. it is done.
  21. not rating until i get episode 43
  22. Lonelywolf

    best chocolate

    i was talking about this tonight my favourite chocolate is snickers. The quality tolerance is so tight u will never have a bad snickers.
  23. Lonelywolf

    The Call

    hello i have returned
  24. Lonelywolf

    Hi it’s Adam?

    i get to see gorillaz live for the first time ever soon. cant wait.

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