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  1. woot woot <33 sd ftw :) gf tc!! LOL lp ur so mean :) <3
  2. Wooot, great job guys <33 sd ftw gf rohawks!
  3. hehe bcloutier lol, got 82 fm adn 82 str today...2 lvls up! wooh? lol ^_^ come on i can do it! im lsoing by a lot thgouh =[
  4. Sals Name:pet_lover72 RuneScape Name:pet_lover72 Desired Team:red Class (Warrior, Ranger, or Mage):warrior
  5. aww hehe thanks guys next goal=beat bcloutie to 1200 total :s! lmao i think i'll wc for a bit :)...and haha yeah 99 cooking = awesomely fun! :) hehe but now im sick of cooknig :) F2P FTW!
  6. Forums: http://z8.invisionfree.com/Rebel_Alliance_...dex.php?act=idx Member list: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=psychotic _________________________________________________ Table of Contents 1) Introduction 2) Information 3) Requirements and Application Process 4) Pictures and Videos _________________________________________________ Introduction Rebel Alliance is a clan that has lasted almost 2 years. We have stationed ourselves in the hob mines on world 37. Now we have a few official PK trips every week along with other fun events. As of the new year, we have moved our forums. We are more than just a clan, we are a welcoming and spirited community. Information Total Members 64 Combat Average 106.47 Hitpoints Average 86.98 Home world 37 Cape Color Yellow IRC Server irc.nitrousirc.net IRC Channel #rebels Time zone America and Europe based Requirements and Application Process Regular Member 100 Combat + 2 referrals Or 95+ Combat with 90+ Magic/Range +2 referrals Junior Member 90 Combat + 2 referrals If you need any help in finding referrals you should try our IRC channel or even public forums. Application Process 1) Fill out at application, try to put some time into it. 2) Have your referrals confirm and have them post their opinion on you. 3) Have a staff member approve it and put it into voting. 4) You must have a 70% majority 'yes' votes for it to be accepted. We decide if you are in or not depending on how good your application is. 5) Now you are accepted, if you fail to attend two pk trips within your first two weeks as a member, you'll be kicked. If you are going to be inactive within your first two weeks, then please state so in your application. Pictures and Videos Run Ins KBD Trip Mini Wars My inventory after a RA pk trip ;) Join RA Today!
  7. heyy im in yeah u should psot a pic of the items
  8. i was there at the 3 year aniversary! it was a blst, i'llcome again
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