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  1. Chaptic

    Gravite 2h

    I saw that the Gravite 2H is way stronger than the Rune 2H, but it requires attack 45 instead of 40. So, my question is, i'm a range 2h, would training 5 more ATK points and getting the Gravite 2H be a good choice?
  2. Chaptic

    Antique Lamp

    I did 'Myths of the White Land', which gave me a Antique Lamp. I have a pure range, which will be a range/2H, my question is, should i use the lamp for constitution or ranged? My ranged level is 30, my constitution is 18, i'm not training further skills yet. Which skill would be better for a pure range to choose for the antique lamp, ranged or constitution?
  3. Would a F2P pure strength (a real pure strength, no attack skill leveling) using a Fractite maul be a good type of pure? And, is it good enough to replace the Fractite 2h for a range 2H? EDIT: Nevermind, i found out that Fractite items can only be used in Daemonheim '._.
  4. Since pure range's below CB 40 are better, does it matter that i train my range to 65 before training my attack and strength? I'm using the pure guide in the PvP section, but does it matter that i train my ranged to 65 before training my attack and strength? (PS: I know, i'm posting a lot of questions, but live curious, eh? )
  5. Chaptic

    Two Cb Questions

    Thanks, this thread can be locked now.
  6. Chaptic

    Two Cb Questions

    I have been asking these in my previous thread, but i don't think that i should use one thread for multiple questions. So, i have two questions, Will your armor affect your hitpoints/CB? And, will getting hit raise your CB/hitpoints? These are my last questions.
  7. Chaptic

    Pure Range/2h's Vs. Pure Ranges

    Will pure range/2H's have the advantage at higher levels? EDIT: Typo fixed.
  8. Chaptic

    One More Exp/cb Related Question

    Thanks a lot, that was helpful. One last, last question, will the amount of damage done affect my Combat Level/hit point level? I mean, if i miss a one hit kill and the enemy hits me, will getting hit raise the Hit point/combat level? The thread can be locked when that is answered.
  9. Chaptic

    One More Exp/cb Related Question

    Aha, one more (dumb '._.) question, so, 2 players that are using the accurate/rapid stances (which both only give ranged XP) will get the same experience? Thanks for the reply.
  10. I'd like to know the pro's and con's of both types of pures, can someone list them and tell me which pure would be better for F2P PvP?
  11. Chaptic

    One More Exp/cb Related Question

    So, i can basicly fight every monster i want while keeping the same Combat Level/Ranged level as someone who follows a good guide?
  12. Will the kind of monster you're fighting affect my Combat Level/EXP? A lot of pure guides contain certain monsters to fight, are these for quicker ways, or to have the lowest CB with the highest pure skill possible?
  13. I have a question about the Range/2H pure guide part, is it outdated, and is there anything that can be improved? I'm just curious, because it has been a while ago that i've played Runescape. Thanks for the guide, i was searching for one like this for a while.
  14. Chaptic

    Arrows And Armor

    Thanks a lot for the answer, so the melee/range weapons and the arrows you use wouldn't affect your EXP? I guess that armors won't affect your CB and EXP as well, right?

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