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    If you see me, good 4 u. 7331
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    I like to play Runescape, WoW, draw, and make movies.<br /><br />In Runescape I am currently working on 99 wc. If the yews in Edgeville are occupied I train Hunter, play minigames, and make Runescape movies.<br /><br />I'm trying to work on my site, PRSS. I need to update it and get some more admins for the forum. Pm if your interested.

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    Pker Pupdawg
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    The Green Dawn
  1. Pupdawg

    Actors Needed

    I can arrange it that way. I rarely film in member areas, anyways.
  2. Pupdawg

    Actors Needed

    I need actors for my upcoming RS video: Mad Corruption part 2. If you'd like to join pm me or post in this thread. I'll pm u a list of available roles. As soon as u choose 1 Ill send a list of things you'll need to wear or use for the movie. I reccomend you watch all 3 of The Wave movies I made and Mad Corruption part 1 on youtube so u know about the story.
  3. Great guy. One of my non Gd friends.
  4. Pupdawg

    Happy Birthday To...

    Troll? Where?
  5. way to go Dizzy! 3 more lvls till 60 def!!!
  6. Pupdawg

    Define The Previous Poster's Name

    Fire. Nuttin' but fire.
  7. Pupdawg

    Pker Movies

    Note- Mad Corruption is a 2 part movie and the last one of the Hack Jack series. Stay tuned for a surprise in Part 2. New Series Coming: Jagster I'll be happy to answer any questions as well. :)
  8. Pupdawg

    Grand Exchange Guide

    I'll just have to hope for the best.
  9. Pupdawg

    Grand Exchange Guide

    The guide is finished and ready to be accepted. Thanx for the support
  10. Pupdawg

    Grand Exchange Guide

    There, I think I added everything possible.
  11. Pupdawg

    Grand Exchange Guide

    Don't worry, I fixed it.
  12. Pupdawg

    Grand Exchange Guide

    Ty. and thanks to everyone else who's helping out. Thumbs up
  13. Pupdawg

    Grand Exchange Guide

    Ok. I'll do that tomorrow. I g2g 2 bed. Cya.

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