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  1. Inca

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    Is there nobody who plays Salscraft any more or am I exiled to solitude ?
  2. Inca

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    Salscraft is down, Now I've got nothing to do except being bullied on League of Legends
  3. Inca

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    Walk as far away as possible and build a house in solitude. EDIT: Nvm Zooey got me started
  4. Inca

    Hi everyone

    The new look of the forums is really..... too white. this ND4 Fenix thingy is perfect.
  5. Inca

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    And so a wild Inca appears in Salscraft I need a tiny plain to colonize, any idea? 2 Days and no mods :o
  6. Inca

    Hi everyone

    You see, I'm here for the ip Edit: Nvm I got it, see you in there
  7. Inca

    Hi everyone

    Hello, I'm Inca and I'm back from a tiny little break. I left Runescape and Sals for the public exam but now I'm back! I don't think I would be using this forum anymore though, I really don't like the new look.... and it's hard to use! Anyway, Just saying hi, I miss you all Inca EDIT: Oh yeah I got a new computer and it kicks ass, So I'd be playing minecraft too.
  8. Inca

    New Rick Roll

    I don't understand why people puts the troll face on him His own face is way more troll.
  9. Inca

    It's Time To Move On Sals.

    A break is fine. Quitting is no good. Come back. Now.
  10. Inca

    Let's Hug!

    I wanted a hug but Im totally ignored. Imma go hang myself now.
  11. Inca

    Let's Hug!

    Hug me
  12. Inca

    I'm *not* I Sketching Right Now!

    For three days I can't connect to Tabt. Giving up.
  13. Inca

    I'm *not* I Sketching Right Now!

    I am new, explain the rules please? What do I do in those rooms

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