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  1. Zooey

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Every time I take the time to sit down and do something creative, I realize how much time and effort all the gfx stuff we did here took. Kind of crazy. I really want to sit down and make a tag (or an equivalent creative venture in something I'm more familiar with now) but it just takes so much time to be happy with something! (grumble grumble) it's always fun putting a face to someone who posted a lot I personally think webcam photos are actually cooler than they used to be, since now everyone and their dog has a high res perfectly-lit scene I like the suitcoat, all the dress clothes I can ever find here are burgundy red need to see new fits biked through some backwoods last month, got rained on and the only place to sleep at in this tiny town was also a casino and we had to """sneak in""""
  2. Zooey


    Curious how y'all handle your money. I was lucky and had a job with matching 401k benefits that automatically invested in various funds for me, but I no longer do. As a result I'm trying to figure out what kind of spread (e.g. 25% large cap funds, 25% ____ etc, 10% intl etf, ...) to set up for my portfolio going forward and would love to hear y'all's mid-20s-to-adulthood thoughts and experiences on this topic (Does this break any rules? I don't know which it would, I guess I just never saw trading discussions back in the day since mostly everyone was <18. I am not a licensed broker and this is not financial advice? By the power of greyskull?)
  3. Zooey

    How to eat cheaply

    That type of idea is probably the prevailing one in terms of good logic and savings. However I often make do with canned meals that are slightly more expensive per gram than a meal such as the one suggested above. Where I live there are canned meals that come complete and only require a microwave in order to prepare, and they are usually nutritionally balanced if you know what to shop for. They are suitable if you live alone. Sometimes if you wish to save money you can simply drink extra water with a slightly smaller portion. I think a balance of the two is a happy medium. If I've had a long work day or am otherwise occupied I find myself saying "I can't spend my remaining day cooking, I'll have tuna and x" , or if I've planned properly, portioning out rice/veg cooked earlier in the week. I seldom see athletics mentioned in these contexts outside of fitness forums, but as someone who still bikes a lot and tries to get to the gym 2/3 times a week, getting everything necessary can be hard. I find myself just eating low-fat cottage cheese, eggs, cheap deli cuts throughout the day - whey is just a pretty expensive supplement, but I do budget for it. I'd love to hear what y'all do if exercise is a personal staple of your life, making burgers on my cast iron has become a personal treat lately (side note: Is it just me or does clicking 'Quote' not result in a nested quote? I had to multi-quote these two posts and drag Yankee's post into Sajoh's quote.. Is that a user-specific or forum setting maybe, nested-quotes turned off? I don't mean to backseat setting-change but I'd totally turn that on if possible, single quote chains are impossible to follow) It seems like quoting a post with other individual quotes removes those quotes too.. how odd
  4. Zooey

    hi everyone

    or if you adopted them both and are single go u
  5. Zooey

    hi everyone

    are they named patou and dani and if not how did your spouse win that debate
  6. Zooey

    Music Recommendations Thread

    Gin Wigmore is fun, I like this song! I'll check out more of her stuff. (I'm more familiar with Tom and David, love me some Talking Heads. What's your favorite album of his?) I like her voice a lot and it's got a nice modern-country-swing vibe to it. I'm not very familiar with Suffa or Logic but still, enjoyed this! I dunno if these threads are less relevant specifically from Spotify or moreso that people don't come here to Sal's for music recs anymore (I PUT THE MOON EMOJI HERE AND I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO POST??) If you're also including music rec threads on reddit/4chan/other sites? I dunno, I've found some stuff there in the past few years. Probably similar hit rate from what I get from Discovery Weekly/Daily Mixes. Hmm, I don't know if I ever posted in this topic Chain - School of Seven Bells (youtube) (Synths that remind me of oldschool runescape, my unknown rec) Amaranth - Nightwish (youtube) (Song that really brings back oldschool for me. Durial123?) Disco Infiltrator - LCD Soundsystem (youtube) (because he is amazing) Y'all going to concerts again? I bought tickets for some upcoming ones. I'm vaccinated and shrug, kinda looking forward to normalcy
  7. Zooey


    Cool idea to share your sources, woulda been neat to see what the stars back in the day used (I assume Youhei is actually like, banksy or something) Sigs were such a cool way to put together a piece of art. I like this a lot, especially when you're coming from a break. If I'm being truly objective I think V's a little flat and could use a little pop to differentiate him from the background; the V works really well following his form but I think it could be better. Maybe some moreshining on the left (his right?) side? I dunno. I would just spam space stocks. I miss this stuff.
  8. Zooey


    If this is inappropriate - apologies, I just find comfort in identifying and relating, perhaps contributing to Druin/Elit's legacy. I definitely remember seeing him around as a <15 year old. Looking at his lastfm profile, his last song on this day was from Snow Patrol. I love that album - I would hope that his last moments were peaceful. Well wishes to his family and friends. Echoing Yuan's above post, especially `do not be a bloody fool, and get someone to talk to. The voices, the guilt and the issues will not go away`, coming from someone who was in quite a similar situation. Life can be so great, and trying to spend it alone is not worth it. It can be so much better - even if it means a lifetime of work. I think my post here is falling upon the ears of quite level-headed folks, but yeah. The topic of "how do you help out your friends?" is something I'd love to talk about, casually asking about the well-being of people can be seen as quite weird, I think (and perhaps not helpful at all asked in the wrong way?)
  9. Zooey

    Do we need Antivirus for Mac

    my anti virus told me your link is bad what do you think that means?? did you use your real email to verify here?? otherwise, very impressive forum crawling bot to verify by itself
  10. Zooey

    Pics Of Yourself!

    where are the [obscure, expensive shoes] then?? merry late christmas from Texas
  11. Zooey

    Anyone still here?

    Man, I miss Sal's too - I'm sure there's some rose-tinted glasses going on there but still, there really isn't a community like this on the internet that I can find anymore. The internet is continuously changing but part of me is unabashedly going to use IRC talk and steal the old emoticons to use. I was texting an image to a friend the other day trying to figure out the allowed size over SMS and it brought me back to 500kb sigs and skirting the rules. Heh. @Speedwagon I saw your post and appreciated your insight; I'm not sure if I can formulate a response to contribute but you asked about a discord and it seems appropriate to drop here too. I don't think I've ever posted and the last chat was two weeks ago (is discord dying too? dust to dust I suppose) but here's an invite URL: https://discord.gg/D2xq3GJEwM I ground out some OSRS and got ~150 levels in my log here a few months back edit: I am totally a broken record at this point
  12. Coming back to Runescape in my mid-20s has made me think more about "free time" or what I spend my time on outside of work. Prior to coming back, I hadn't really invested any significant amount of time into a game since Minecraft back in 2011 or 2012. Most of my time in the past years have been spent with other hobbies like biking, reading, drawing or coding. Maybe piano once in a blue moon. There's the argument that if you're enjoying doing something, it isn't a waste of time. I'm not sure I entirely agree with that anymore though - there's clearly a difference in the results of spending 100 hours learning a practicable skill versus watching 100 hours of TV.. or Runescape. I guess I'm not really arguing a point here, but I'm interested to know what y'all's personal thoughts on it and your own "free time" are. I guess it's just a matter of how you live your life. Maybe some of your own tricks you use? I personally find it a lot easier to sit down and play a video game instead of putting in effort on a hobby, but I know personally I get a lot more out of the latter. I've been trying to stick to a schedule (very much like a "one hour games, one hour reading, etc." kind of thing) but it's so hard to follow with no outside accountability.
  13. I really, really am behind on RS3 updates - are these elite dungeons kind of like the raids in OSRS? I hear they can be pretty click-intensive, or at least you gotta be able to not-stand-in-the-fire Oh, that's a great idea; when I get back from vacation I've got the quest line on my docket. Quests are a lot more fun to record when leveling is just 10 clips in a row. Just been fishing Sacred Eels while I'm on hotel network (my curve is flattening, oh no!) However, I see late 2020 was the Age of Sobend Being Serious
  14. Zooey

    The last person to post here wins

    this makes me want to keep the 100-hour pixel sig i am making for Make Max GP for myself
  15. I am astonished at the level of information you can pick up from a chat box on the screen for half a second, but you know, fertilizer comments are extremely important I think I'm up to three "nice bondscape" comments now I did Regicide and lost half of the footage (my shell scripts for converting/resizing mov files just deleted half of them without converting. I am devastate.) so I'll be doing Roving Elves, MEP, MEP2 in a week or two hopefully how's the max life treating you

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