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    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    Haha, the image of explaining the hours spent, both playing Runescape and posting here is pretty funny to me. It's insane to think of the content we've all amassed here, I've considered making some kind of web trawler to put together a .zip file to save everything possible. I dunno what Sal would think about that, though; for all I know he's paying by-request or something insane. Anyhow, we didn't *really* know each other since you were so cool but seeing your influence on everyone was really neat. I know you were looked up to highly by a lot of my friends. side-note: you've still got that 2014 animated sig! my only claim to fame! Thoughts about Sal's and its place in our lives: I really miss GFX and the community here. Instagram pales in comparison to having hundreds of people viewing and criticizing your content. I think that's really what I miss most about Sal's - not just likes, but counterpoints and arguments against what you say, it was a real conversation.
  2. Zooey

    Ultra Tracing

    so the stuff i've posted, i've figured out how to translate images onto paper. so the outline is done robotically the fun part is shading them and giving them personality post images i will totally draw them
  3. Zooey

    The last person to post here wins

    im n0valyfe
  4. Zooey

    Ultra Tracing

    k i still haven't done u guys yet because learning process but ye. figuring out combinations of colors and how to do things properly is hard (but fun) side note: i miss this forum and getting cc, i have no idea where to go for actual discussion of things. likes are lame text cuz it made me think of Caribou
  5. Zooey

    Searching for a birthday present

    i thought you said he not it
  6. Zooey

    Ultra Tracing

    ok i'm learning slowly but you guys will be my next prints thanks!! it's a matter of edge tracing and picking out single colors to know where/what to trace here's what i just did
  7. Zooey

    more prints

    trying to do prints that people would buy
  8. Zooey


    being a new member now means you're so rare you don't even get an image was it hot
  9. Zooey

    more prints

    i never replied to this, but i really wanna thank you; i haven't pursued this realm for the time being, but your advice is invaluable and it's something i try to always keep in mind now
  10. Zooey


    is water wet
  11. Zooey

    fortmonthly topic

    lonely gave me a virus
  12. Zooey

    the kit that isn't a kit

    he got them hips
  13. Hi all, welcome to my skill log! Hopefully I'll document my journey on 2007scape and bring you along with me. It's 2019-08-02 and my account is over 13 years old. That's kind of weird. Current Levels Updated semi-daily Goals and Recent Achievements I'm currently going for: 80 Wooductting 65 Crafting 75 Slayer 85 Fishing Probably gonna quest too. Quests Completed (not sure why I was tracking this but ok) Waterfall Quest Doric's Quest The Knight's Sword Merlin's Crystal The Holy Grail Clue Scrolls Beginner: [1] 2019-08-01, Bank Pic August 1st 2019 February 24th 2013 February 24th 2013 Supporters Bump if you'd like to support me! Cheese Myth, Kyogre589, iLonelyWolf, Trey Strukel, Guitarguy, Wartoc, Barr n00b, Ice, N3wb, Common Sense, Jure, Shadowkid, Totodile, Micael Fatia, Da Shark Age, Swagga, Sk8skull
  14. Zooey

    anyone Read?

    I've gone in-and-out of reading phases but am back in it with some David Foster Wallace, I read Murakami's 1Q84 last year and really liked it alongside some nondescript psych books. Anyone else been reading anything good in their free time lately?
  15. Zooey

    anyone Read?

    Hey I loved The Sirens of Titan, I've been meaning to reread it along with Jailbird. What'd you think of Mother Night? I really like how Vonnegut isn't so verbose and lengthy that it becomes a chore to finish. (here I am, sitting at page ~650 of Infinite Jest) You guys all have just lengthed my to-read list raaaaaaah Isaac Asimov sounds like a blast though. Hey!! Long time no see!! Admittedly non-fiction is not something I ever pick up, what'd you think of it? is that primarily the content you read? is picking subjects you're naturally interested in the best way to get started there?
  16. Zooey

    anyone Read?

    Oh man, a re-read of The Count of Monte Cristo is very high-up on to-do list; I gotta say all the classics I read for school then come back to? I appreciate them so much more. It's a funny phenomena, I disliked being asked questions about them then and basically just read looking for answers, but I'd really like that kind of thing now. I guess that's what growing up is I know very little of YA fiction, Eragon is basically my only "ha-ha what a fun read" there, but no mild sexuality in that no sir SIDE NOTE: being able to react to posts with custom emojis like in Slack would be hilarious
  17. Zooey


    Yeah, I can't change mine either; seems like you're stuck with whatever you had
  18. Zooey

    A Joke Topic

  19. Zooey

    I didn't make that topic.

    I'm the detective, you should change your vote Vote: Sobend
  20. Zooey

    Welcome to the new sal's realm

    looks good, reminds me kind of what tip.it used to be like depressing that the wikipedia and subreddit removes any traffic; I'd be shocked if there's over a hundred real visitors a month. positing ideas, there could be content like Sal's old screenshots and notes from people who donated - i.e. content not reproducible or relevant anywhere else that gave the site personality. a dynamic background would be kinda cool, imagining something like this ((((((never finished it i suck)))))
  21. I did this for minecraft and got like 4 responses from 20,000 messages sent you're only saying this to fool us into thinking you haven't already done this and lead the most successful pyramid scheme in the world
  22. Zooey

    Best Edition of RuneScape?

    I keep intending to play an OSRS ironman but am too chicken
  23. Zooey

    Death Dose 110+ Most Active

    can i join without roving elves
  24. Zooey


  25. Zooey

    Why was I IP banned?

    it has something to do with the cloudfront load balancer/threat management; I was banned too but it never went away. I just got a new IP :-) in reality it's probably for the better, we're all doomed here without Mr. Fang

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