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  1. Zooey

    My Fakes

    sorry dude, copy and pasting. 0/10
  2. Zooey

    First Fake Ever

    6/10 for the blurred cow
  3. Zooey

    My Latest Fakes

    For all those who cannot see it, here it is Wrong font, no zezima fakes aloud. since the zezima thing i rate 1/10. Keep working at it! And your 2nd fake lol uhmmm.. not gonna rate.. Dont know the purpose of this one
  4. Zooey

    An Afro!

    Ok, ok its not that great but.. :P Please rate!! EDIT: New picture down a bit(without as many black dots)
  5. Zooey

    Metal Cactus' Flash Shop!

    ^^^ Order up there :/ thanx^^^If you could pm me when you're done that would be GREAT
  6. Zooey

    Main Page News Kit

    just edit the html on a new file. ANYWAYS: wrong forum.
  7. Zooey

    Metal Cactus' Flash Shop!

    well okay :s but can my order please go first? if not tahts fine but id like to get mine as quick as posiable :o. thanks a bunch!
  8. Zooey

    Metal Cactus' Flash Shop!

    ^^^^ no more flash?? but i ordered such a NICE order :D
  9. Zooey

    Get 70 Wc

    awesome do you wc yews? if you do ill wc with you :P
  10. Zooey

    Metal Cactus' Flash Shop!

    Background color: white Fluid Motion (yes or no): yes Size: normal FPS: 16 Contents (nothing hard): Some guy in some armor (nothing fancy), with a whip, with a head like this: =P Do i have to pay? thanks
  11. Zooey

    An Afro!

    Thanks... Where can i request a picture??(of rs stuff)
  12. Zooey

    An Afro!

    like 5 minutes :( if anyone will post a picture with infinity robes and flowers i will gladly make an afro for him :/
  13. Zooey

    An Afro!

    .:Theo:., any suggestions?? I might just get a weird costume and just put "PEACE!"
  14. Zooey

    An Afro!

    Ok, I cleared up the dots! :P
  15. Zooey

    An Afro!

    Wow.. Lol i spent like 5 minutes on this. Thanks for the great rates!
  16. Zooey

    Wish Granted...but!

    GRANTED but you lose I wish i had 913802893123bill
  17. Zooey

    Wish Granted...but!

    Granted! But i make it again!!! I wish that i had a rubber chicken!
  18. Zooey

    Wish Granted...but!

    GRANTED But you have insufficeient credit!! I wish i had a fire cape and no one could take it and i wouldnt die. ever
  19. Zooey

    Wish Granted...but!

    GRANTED! but youd get in an accident and break your neck I wish i could hit how many that person HP max was :( so theyd die when i hit them with a bronze dagger!
  20. Zooey

    Good Trade Topic

    http://img66.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sigwe8.png :mad: ^_^ Nice trade, eh? Didn't even know him :P
  21. Zooey

    Elemental Workshop 2 Quest Guide

    Lol so confusing o.O. Do ya think well be able to wear the helmet?
  22. Im on right now and i noticed something... The skill text is now whitish/yellowish :( yay! And they changed the run button!
  23. They're pretty cool, but i dislike the "picture" things, a bit to much. If there were just a little pictures, that would be cool.
  24. Zooey

    Your Formal Wear

    :) I know I can post a picture, nor a link :D so... ill just let you copy and paste it itnto your browser :D http://img111.imageshack.us/img111/5482/untitledzq7.png

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