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  1. Zooey

    The last person to post here wins

    that wouldn't be a problem if you would stop posting nudes and pro-botting propaganda egghe GOSH
  2. Zooey


    24? That's 2*12! Or 4*6! or 6*4! or 12*2! Oh, wait you're telling me multiplication order doesn't matter?!? We gotta get Adam back for some crazy DSZ hijinks if we have members here reviving teenage angst
  3. Zooey


    what ever happened to steve and man and whiskas and vausey and and and and and it's not screaming it's LOUDER AND WITH YOUR MOUTH OPEN omg it's As the next thing you'll say is Sal himself is back
  4. Zooey


  5. Zooey

    Dark Souls 2

    Anyone else been playing? The PC version is coming out today and I'm pretty excited. I've been trying to figure out what build I want to run with my xbox characters, but I'm torn between just straight up int/faith or throwing in str as well.
  6. What do you guys think of Jagex's latest customer poll for RS3?
  7. Zooey

    vicious trains

    guys i got ran over by a train the 17th and i'm just now beginning to function as a human being here i am looking very happy
  8. You'd make a main function that would accept a string and in that function you would go through each word and apply to it whatever function would be appropriate. You can get a list of a text string by using split(), so text = "Foo bar nux" text.split() > ['Foo', 'bar', 'nux'] So you could use a for loop and go through each word. text = "Foo bar nux" for x in range (0, len(text.split())): print text.split()[x] And you'll get each individual word printed back. Applicable for everything, including your function. As a side note, sounds like you're way past needing this but I learned using this (I took Java and C++ and am moving onto Haskell, wasn't able to do Python in school) and I recommend it all the time.
  9. gotta sell off servers for IVP profits man
  10. Zooey

    Skill Competition 89 - Mining

    It'd be fun but I think there are about 3.5 active forum users here that play (you, Trey, me, sometimes Mic?)
  11. Zooey

    Trey's F2P Old School Iron Man Log

    Would you have sold them at the store in Varrock? Otherwise very nice work, keep going :P
  12. Oldschool accounts start on tutorial island as new characters so your bank would be empty You can buy membership for about 7m on RS3 which is what I've done
  13. Zooey

    Coffee or Tea?

    what in the nine thousand hounds of hell's bottoms is that, espresso is easy as one two three assuming you have either an espresso machine or a neapolitan moka Tea: prepare hot water + steeping = 5/10 minutes Coffee: turn on espresso machine + wait for optimal pressure + brewing = two minutes, tops Anyway, tea is acceptable, coffee is life I've got an electric kettle that can boil water faster than I can heat up my espresso machine and then usually I just steep a bag while I'm doing something else, so it's generally less effort on my part :P I still like to make myself a latte or just have a shot sometimes though
  14. Zooey

    Coffee or Tea?

    I drink both just because I like pulling my own espresso, but for ease of making tea is pretty nice
  15. Zooey

    Would You Rather

    sad sniped swim in shark territory you didn't say what kind would you rather switch from whatever version of the game you're playing (RS3 -> OSRS, vice versa) or quit the game entirely
  16. Thanks! If you keep at the pace you're going you'll be past me in no time :P I superheated up to high-alching then did 55-70 alching bows I fletched from 60-75 fletching! I bought some runes to splash with but never got around to it hah 60 hunter, 6 more levels to spottier cape!
  17. Eh, I dunno - I look at the rewards kinda like I do quest rewards, but I do agree there are a lot of them. I don't like how the elite set looks at all though
  18. people have been stating that the (short term) money gain objective became the biggest objective of the jagex company after the takeover guess we'll soon see how deep the rabbit hole goes... It wouldn't go this far because there would be no way they'd make money off of this move. Yeah they would. People buy bonds/gp plenty. Sure people'll say "omg I'll quit" but it'll be like every last update with the same response. Some very small percentage will leave but there are too many people that just wouldn't care or even know This is the same company that removed free trade and have proven countless times how imbecilic they are
  19. Zooey

    Jure's Old School

    Crazy. How'd you do 59-80? I'm about to hit that after desert salamanders. Congrats on 99 Agility a while ago, but good luck with everything else. Going for 99? :P
  20. We all know Mic's a shifty character Thanks Sobend :^) It was a while ago! Thanks! Thanks! I'm 66 atm, should be training melee after I get my dscim. Just got 1300 total and 70 mage this morning!
  21. Congrats on the level and killing Elvarg. Sounds like it was a fun fight :P Good luck with levels!
  22. Yeah, max leveling in WoW is much much faster and almost all the content is at max level, like Egghe said. Apples to oranges. You can also have an almost unlimited number of total characters on one WoW account, but I won't get into how it's better than RS because it would take me too long :P
  23. Good reason to move to oldschool ;) (although I'm sure this would eventually get added as well) Here's what a jmod had to say on the thread:

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