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  1. Zooey
    HEY GUYS! I'm back. Zazzy gave me an oldschool bond for a week; anyone else playing oldschool still?? #SALS_CC #SALMONEUS_LIVES
    I made a Patreon and am slating myself as producing Generative Art & Critical Thinking-based posts, but I've got 3D printing ideas and a lot of other stuff going around; if y'all have any thoughts (critical!! I wanna hear them!!) about my first post I'd love to hear them. Link is here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/24773177
    Anyways, enough about me, what's everyone been up to lately? I miss Runescape and the community here; crazy how it's been over a decade for (almost? I'm guessing EVERYONE) the typical user here! Weird growing up around a video game as our common interest. Talking about playing Castle Wars is way more fun than talking about beer, drugs and the weather   
  2. Zooey
    I wrote up some code for a post (further explanation there) and thought it was too interesting to not use for a Sal's-based post. Querying the word "Salmoneus" against my code resulted in the above image, where the green items are "closer" in meaning/presence to Salmoneus, while the blue are furthest; although I think it's interesting to consider the central axis more of a mirror than anything. The items in the middle are closest to 90 degrees with Salmoneus - interestingly enough words like "sensibility" and "micromollusk"
    I want to know if "hotness" is in fact close to Salmoneus, where are our old members like Vera (oh wait that was Co-Z) or Miss Death (oh wait she might be dead) or KITTENBLOB

  3. Zooey

    Our family was in his program and both my older siblings spent some time alone at their headquarters working for him. My sister and I were both in the youth choir whenever we attended their conferences that happened every other month or so where we also interacted with this man. I'm sure this isn't relevant to any of you, I just wanted to share. My brother and I have been following this for a while, and there was some uncertainty of whether or not anything would be done. Here's to hoping he will receive a jail sentence somehow.
    On a lighter note, the RuneScape fanclub is like, accepting members again, dude.

  4. Zooey
    As an older player, it really saddens me to see other players turning to botting. I spent some time this afternoon watching a popular bot website's forum go crazy after the nuke, and it was pretty fun to watch. The majority of the posts were asking on how to fix their bot or if they were at risk of getting banned, but among it all I saw a couple of posts by a member "FlamingIce1". I recognized the name from Sal's and looked at the member's posts. There were about 15 posts, mostly in the support section of the forum. FlamingIce had asked about a dungeoneering bot and whether or not it was a viable way of getting 99 quickly, along with getting tokens for the chaotic rapier and a bonecrusher. After investigating further I found that on October 12th FlamingIce had bought the dungeoneering bot, and said he would report back on his progress. On the 18th, he reported back with this:
    I knew FlamingIce was from somewhere on Sal's, and with a little investigation I found out it was Mr Fang's AIM name. I'm not pointing any fingers, I just found this interesting. Anyhow, wanting to double check that this was in fact not Mr Fang, I went to check his adventurer's log. Oddly, it was private, so I went to his hiscore page and saw that he had 81 dungeoneering. This was the around 12PM on the 25th, so I knew if he was in fact booting, he could well have gained 11 more levels in 13 days. I went to my favorite skill-tracking website, Runetracker, to see when Mr Fang had got 81 dungeoneering. This is what I saw. As you can see, he gained about 2.2m experience (as of today) starting on the 12th of October. The same with his strength experience, going from 3.7m on the 12th to 5.6m on the 25th. I'm a part of the Salmoneus clan, and for the past month, I haven't really seen Mr Fang in the chat at all. Although I'm not on as often as I used to be, I do know that it does take a considerable amount of playing time to achieve 2.2m Dungeoneering experience in thirteen days, and if he is botting, I can only assume he has his clan and private chat set to off. I really hope this isn't Mr Fang, but if it is, hopefully it can serve as an example to those who are considering botting. It really is noticeable, and people do know. I'm sorry if this came across as harsh, but I'm tired of seeing botting so widely accepted now. This is what is killing Runescape.
    If needed, I can send mods the links to the posts, but I don't feel comfortable advertising these websites.
    also sorry sofee, I promise this was written before your last blog post!!
  5. Zooey
    Last day of FPSF, was a bunch of fun. It was a big festival in downtown Houston, Texas with a fair amount of artists that I knew of and wanted to see. Postal Service, Matt & Kim, and Macklemore were probably the best show-wise.
    My brother got our general admissions wristbands bumped to "artist" wristbands (for free!) so we got to go everywhere and eat lots of free food. We sat next to Passion Pit in the air conditioned artist tent waiting around for the next show. The three large stages all had "high-roller" entrances ($1900 for 2 tickets, bundled) that led up to platforms about 15ft away from the artists that we could access and it was a bunch of fun. Bassnectar ended with fireworks and I could hear the music from the other end of the park - it was a blast.

  6. Zooey
    So I had my last piano lesson ever (or for quite some time) last week and I'm looking around for a piece I can work on a for a while. Of the four in the poll which sounds the coolest to you guys? I have books for all of them except the Liszt piece which I can find easily enough. :P If all of them sound terrible suggest away!
  7. Zooey
    We're hosting a free-for-all Minecraft server on Salscraft and essentially - the more people the better it is. Everything except cheating and multi-logging goes - you can hunt down players, grief their bases and steal their stuff. The map is skylands and there's a 30 minute death ban in place (if you die you can't come back for 30 minutes.) The server is open to people who don't own an account so even if you're not a huge fan of Minecraft you can come kill someone.
    Current Leaderboards
    Address: mc.salscraft.com:25567
  8. Zooey
    1 BTC = $135 currently. Kinda kicking myself for not picking a hundred last year - anyone else following this? It's pretty interesting to watch an entirely new currency take off like this.
    Quote to clear up confusion for those who aren't following bitcoins:
  9. Zooey
    Kyo told me to put this here (Keyoger: put picturs on the sal). After a few months of deliberation, new used car! Goodbye many summer's worth of money. :P
    While being a BMW and slightly impractical, it's still better than Kyo's ferrari -.- Pulled pictures from the craigslist ad. I found a really, really good deal for being a relatively new BMW. Guy needed to sell the car and I was able to get it down even further!

  10. Zooey
    All those old names
    Zazzy said my title wasn't good enough for him

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