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  1. On 10/21/2019 at 4:27 AM, Egghebrecht said:

    double or triple your price, you are too cheap to be considered art by collectors


    also offer a custom print service where you will program their drawing



    some tips from an art collector ;)

    i never replied to this, but i really wanna thank you; i haven't pursued this realm for the time being,


    but your advice is invaluable and it's something i try to always keep in mind now

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  2. On 9/24/2019 at 2:16 AM, im gona mill burray ur mom said:

    thats dope! If the paper's not an issue it perhaps may be the way you have presented it in your photo

    i.e the clipboard. doesn't make it look special/like art, more just like some loose leaf you just decided to print onto and had a clipboard lying around to stick it up

    very good point, thanks for the advice. I'll retake them when I put my next round up


    yeah once i have some $ i'd like to get a custom domain, bigcartel is just nice for now cause it's free

  3. 10 hours ago, im gona mill burray ur mom said:

    boy u gonna need some nice paper or like a frame or canvas or some thing to even excuse that price point ya dummy

    i was kind of emulating one of my idols (these were around 300-600 when they were in stock) but yeah you're right about paper, I've been printing on 75g and should get some 300. I thought 150 was pretty fair for a piece, I was planning on engraving/marking the hanger too but yeah I've got some more complex ideas coming along versus the simple ones I've got up

  4. 8 hours ago, im gona mill burray ur mom said:

    also saw these on insta and my first thought was damn u could totally market these. Like those prints that are portraits made of words that are like inspirational and stuff. 

    great advice i think i have a few fun ones coming

    do u think the ironic market is out there too cuz sals raised me to b ironic like th edeep web one on instagram

  5. 17 hours ago, im gona mill burray ur mom said:

    i do now! but i floss every night (like the dance move)

    i hope you yell DAB and YEET while doing it

    while changing your sheets obviously it would be hard to yell while flossing

    15 hours ago, Sobend said:

    Changing your sheets is very unnatural and does not comport with my Paleo-lifestyle.

    Pescetarians don't even believe in beds, I hear

  6. 24

    24? That's 2*12! Or 4*6! or 6*4! or 12*2! Oh, wait you're telling me multiplication order doesn't matter?!?

    We gotta get Adam back for some crazy DSZ hijinks if we have members here reviving teenage angst :pirate:

  7. On 2/25/2019 at 8:05 PM, Master Neverdead said:

    Sal? Back? Where!?

    I too am sort of dipping my toes into Old School. There was something special about that game.

    If you say Sal in the mirror three times fast him or Cameron will poof into existence and start us all on another treasure hunt :aware:

  8. You'd make a main function that would accept a string and in that function you would go through each word and apply to it whatever function would be appropriate.


    You can get a list of a text string by using split(), so

    text = "Foo bar nux"
    > ['Foo', 'bar', 'nux']


    So you could use a for loop and go through each word.

    text = "Foo bar nux"
    for x in range (0, len(text.split())):
    print text.split()[x]

    And you'll get each individual word printed back. Applicable for everything, including your function.


    As a side note, sounds like you're way past needing this but I learned using this (I took Java and C++ and am moving onto Haskell, wasn't able to do Python in school) and I recommend it all the time.

  9. Oh wow Zooey! I'm glad you're OK! That looks like one hell of an ordeal! :hug:


    Do you remember any more of the day yet?

    Thanks! I'm actually remembering less and less of the surrounding period :( My neurologist said that was typical but I'm pretty disappointed

  10. jup, I think you'll need a new helmet...

    hah I emailed the company and they offered me a discount


    So, another picture, my face prior to facial reconstruction. Entire left side was drooping an inch. Thanks doctors for making me look less like Quasimodo. Slowly getting more movements on this side, small victories at this point :P






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