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  1. can I buy a custom pip like adam did

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    2. zooey
    3. zooey


      (I have reason to believe Heb0 is in danger by the hand of Adam?)

    4. Fatalysm


      I have a reason to believe..#gnostichristianbishop

  2. why can't i comment on me changing my avatar

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    2. zooey


      (this is not a dig at sal or administration i am just amused changing my avatar profile is now on the effective `View New Content` view)

    3. zooey


      imagine the havoc in a 2006 era feed (sorry i joined late i had to wait for the 12 year old rule)

    4. Adam?
  3. Mic has been banned again, taking bets on 3rd ban

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    2. zooey


      @Yuanrang The scenario you describe - clicking a button too quickly - is the first item I linked to, "Rate Limiting".

      I am a software engineer and we use Amazon Web Services for our load balancing, so I can only give you 90% of the solution. If you look at what "Rate Limiting Rules" are, they handle users pressing buttons too quickly.

      Here is an example:

      Rate limiting rule #1
      If incoming requests match:
      http.request.uri.path eq "*"

      Choose action: Block
      Duration (mitigation timeout): 10 minutes
      Requests: 1
      Period: 10 seconds+
      With the same value of (characteristics):

      • Data center ID (included by default when creating the rule in the dashboard)
      • IP
      • Headers > User-agent

      If you read the above example, and look into the Rate Limiting Rules set in the Cloudflare configuration, I imagine you will find the root cause of the issue. I am guessing the ACTION is set to a CHALLENGE or MANAGED_CHALLENGE when it should just be BLOCK.

      Sal was correct in configuring the Rate Limiting Rule as it does handle the scenario you describe, I think the ACTION is the only issue. If there are scenarios of bots or otherwise bad actors that he needs to ban, that would be with a separate, more complex Rate Limiting Rule.


      1. “Rate Limiting Parameters · Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) Docs.” Developers.cloudflare.com, 29 June 2023, developers.cloudflare.com/waf/rate-limiting-rules/parameters/. Accessed 7 July 2023.
      2. “Determining the Rate · Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) Docs.” Developers.cloudflare.com, 22 May 2023, developers.cloudflare.com/waf/rate-limiting-rules/request-rate/#example-a. Accessed 7 July 2023.
      3. “Cloudflare Challenges · Cloudflare Fundamentals Docs.” Developers.cloudflare.com, 30 June 2023, developers.cloudflare.com/fundamentals/get-started/concepts/cloudflare-challenges/#managed-challenge-recommended. Accessed 7 July 2023.
    3. Yuanrang


      @Zooey I actually must have missed your entire first comment, and even Adam?'s first comment. I cannot recall seeing or reading those two at all. Sorry! :facepalm:

      For the record, I assume your assessment is (mostly) right and I would have incorporated a fix if I could, but as far as I know, only Sal has that kind of access, so I am powerless to go in and fix things, even if I knew how to fix it. I am unsure if LIlshu has that kind of access, but I suspect he might not either. :sad: 

    4. zooey


      I thought that'd be the likely scenario. Oh well, thanks for reading!

  4. Check out my new head #swag #dankmemes http://puu.sh/gb0gb/db4a7b93e1.png

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    2. Sobend
    3. Egghebrecht
    4. Arianna


      You can legitimately make the joke "I'm so metal I set metal detectors off", and impress ladies and dudes alike, all over the world

  5. Donut milkshake has been made: http://puu.sh/eohYz/6a68dfba4d.png

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    2. Egghebrecht


      We have been trying different kinds already and pear (more specific doyenne pear) are an absolute hit. Apple sucks unless you heat it first. Pear just goes peeled and with the core removed into the blender with a cookie and out comes great taste.

    3. zooey


      Tried it out this afternoon, was a pretty delicious drink, thanks! Had to go with store-bought cookies but it was still great.


      Also, my love for tomato basil soup is exponentially increasing

    4. Egghebrecht


      for some reason I suddenly had to think of Cohen the Barbarian and his Schoup

  6. got ran over by a train before christmas would not recommend

    1. Arianna


      I hope you did give that train a 1-star review on yelp

    2. Mohorak


      Yelp is the noise Zooey made.

    3. Arianna


      I feel like a horrible person for chuckling

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    2. Arianna


      Again, no, it's not a good idea to resist arrest; but the police's reaction was (literally) overkill. If he had taken out a weapon, what would have they done? Exterminate his family up to the tenth cousins thrice removed? :P

    3. Sobend


      Yeah I agree I'm not defending the actions.

    4. Sobend


      And leaving your house is mandatory while resisting arrest is not. Besides, to assume racism is involved here because the victim was black and the officer was white is a possibly incorrect assumption.

  7. Star Wars woo

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    2. King Mic

      King Mic

      Star Wars VII - FIFA Strikes Back

    3. Guitarguy


      Black stormtrooper? But we already had Lando! What more do you ask of us!?

    4. Mohorak


      And Mace Windu.

  8. delirious after a team ride i think my heart rate was at 200 at one point

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    2. Nagger


      did you win


    3. zooey


      it wasn't a race but yes i did

    4. Nagger


      good job I'm proud of you


  9. zooey

    I deem this profile Automatically Terrible!

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