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  1. Mic has been banned again, taking bets on 3rd ban

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    2. King Mic

      King Mic

      I’m not saying you’re wrong Yuan, it’s very likely a combination of some impatience while pressing buttons, and bad timing when it happens; but it can’t be dismissed as just that.

      I’ve never been banned anywhere else for having an “impatient” style of interaction with websites or forums. I’ve used Sal’s for considerably over a decade before I began getting IP banned.

      I know after my previous experience I should have been more careful too, so part of it is on me, but I still remain tremendously confused about what is it I did this time.

      The previous occurrence was very clear and straightforward: I was trying to post a status and the forums froze. So I made the mistake of pressing the post button a dozen times. Fair enough, lesson learned.

      This time however I made no such mistake again. I struggled a bit with image uploads, but the entry saved, and I was able to begin writing another different entry. Then it froze, and when I refreshed the page I was banned again (which explains why it froze).

      This is most definitely not normal, and I accept fully the responsibility for triggering the auto-ban as maybe being more “impatient” than most while interacting with the forums (even though it’s the first time I’ve ever had issues with such thing), but hopefully there’s something that can be done with the forums / website to relax the sensitivity of the detection system.

    3. gazisere


      I can only see things getting worse from now without Sal stepping in and putting in some measures to bring security standards and patches back up to date. :crying:

    4. Yuanrang


      Micael, the thing is that, if it was not you execution several requests to the forum in a short span, it means an entirely new issue has popped up after years with this issue, and that is... odd.

      If you have any more information to give me what it could have been this time, then that would be incredibly useful, because as far as I know, there is only one (known) explanation for this. :tongue: 

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