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  1. Zooey

    The last person to post here wins

    stop bullying Sobend, he's innocent
  2. Zooey

    Does anyone still play?

    Tileman? (Oh, or was it the one-episode fog one?) If you haven't seen the Swampletics series, that's almost as enjoyable if a little bit more drawn out and episodic - I was encouraged to finish it by a barista wearing a Swampletics hat. Ha I'm the same, I'd far rather watch someone play the game and give their (humorous) thoughts, but I did spent a month or two last year (two years ago?) doing farm runs on oldschool and trying to quest without guides. I think if I didn't have the initial friend group playing oldschool I probably wouldn't have started all over again, but it is a good bit of fun knowing I could go AFK monkfish if I wanted to scratch that itch again I definitely had the "but, I did that already, why would I do it again?" mentality going in but I enjoyed leveling up way more the second time around. I dunno, 12 year old me may have gotten 1900 total but 28 year old me found it just as/maybe more edifying (or fun/interesting, whatever's appropriate for video games now)
  3. Zooey

    The last person to post here wins

    i missed a sunny reference
  4. Zooey


    Curious how y'all handle your money. I was lucky and had a job with matching 401k benefits that automatically invested in various funds for me, but I no longer do. As a result I'm trying to figure out what kind of spread (e.g. 25% large cap funds, 25% ____ etc, 10% intl etf, ...) to set up for my portfolio going forward and would love to hear y'all's mid-20s-to-adulthood thoughts and experiences on this topic (Does this break any rules? I don't know which it would, I guess I just never saw trading discussions back in the day since mostly everyone was <18. I am not a licensed broker and this is not financial advice? By the power of greyskull?)
  5. Zooey

    The last person to post here wins

    I 100% binged it and will definitely be rewatching it. Super show, I can't wait to see what they do with it this is dedication to the show cause i forgot he watches golf (does he watch golf or did you make that up) i went to the range yesterday and life sucks what golf bag brand do you love unconditionally
  6. Zooey

    Space Butterfly

    I really like this - the sunglasses pop and draw the eyes and it's super satisfying to follow your idea surrounding that initial pull my thoughts (I always did busy spacespam/cluttered stuff, you'd know..) pulling the focal lower (or really, "centering" it, I guess?) on the canvas would be nice imo? like your signature 100px lower at a larger pt and see if the cube lines might look better lower? idk. you do this way more than me. it depends what this is for though, demo this to a client as-is? immediate sell. to win a 2009 sotw i'd lower/largen your name, then you'd get a win automatically. I really love all the small details and butterflies ironically I just realized writing this it's square for social media. I, uh, damn. good work. I just wish we had better composition options to post as cause everything has to be square >_> I'd love to hear if you have any inspirations I really only stuck here and watched the local greats (like you, @Cookthechef and @Youhei) I've fallen off of gfx artists, I only have a number of pen/paper artists I admire now edit: ok I looked at my last post on your last piece. I'm just arbitrarily critical now with nothing to show for it -_- todo(@zooey): justify critiques
  7. Zooey

    The last person to post here wins

    poll based on the latest .gif I had saved on my desktop: if you have watched It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: * what character are you (in college I got assigned mac which is pretty funny) * (OR) if you haven't seen a single episode, try out S01E01 - I'm a christian homeschooler but I think it's hilarious (and so do my parents, now) @Leo what do you think of The Bear? @Haru recommended it to me and it looks really good. I haven't personally subscribed to a service like hulu but it really looks worth it for a month (or however long it takes, it looks like it might take a bit to digest)
  8. Zooey

    Mark Your Calendars

    I did some searching (aka I duckduckgo'd one query and I'm confused) but I'm tempted to go back and play oldschool some more, thanks @Sobend, did we get Sailing? (haha I figured out how to nested-quote-reply)
  9. Zooey

    New DSZ Released

    hey this forum is only for respected members how did u post this very good fake though i can see pixels on the rune pl8 tho. i would recommend our fake kits for help. kingsy and fatalysm and best 4 ur needs. best wishes https://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/forum/25-screenshot-fakes/?sortby=views&amp;sortdirection=desc
  10. From : @Zooey (Shocked, not electrocuted) To : @Adam? CC : @Zazzy, @Bagel, @Kyo, @mal BCC : Subject: Message for Screen Readers, or "Lame People Who Can't Read 19 Emojis In A Row": Wow! Yet Again, Adam? pulls out all the stops and shows us he's got the needle on the dial. Time and Time we tune to Dragon Sal Z and it's like looking at a mirror, especially Goliath - what a gorgeous specimen. I hope a number of our members see this (@venom, @Xaria especially, I know Venom is probably on a yacht somewhere without internet though) Personally I'd rate it a 10/10, I can't wait to see Episode 43 and am ordering my Dragon Sal Z Episode 42 Shirts A. S. A. P. M. O. U. N. G. U. rick astley Post Script. @Adam? I really really really want need a Gob NFT, do I need to get a letter notarized to your creative commons lawyer? Can I pay you with twizzlers? Can I pay you with an NFT for an NFT for another NFT of an NFT? I have a receipt of a bagel I bought last week.
  11. Zooey

    Sal's Guestbook v2.0

    Figure 1.1: Sal's Shoddy Guestbook v1 Trying this out, but larger and better this time. I have some 11x14" 90gram paper I've been practicing on. I would love to (somehow) scan in a large version if it turns out and anyone is interested. (I have not done that before yet, no promises) I have fond memories of looking at mine and saying "oh, wh-, @20000_Posts, @Beret?" at 6 in the morning Post what you want added! Font, style, color, size, angle, anything. You can clearly see the last effort was pretty off-the-cuff, so any of the following would be valid: put my name in green font on the top left with a picture of a rune med I want "Infinite Jest was actually written by @Kyo" in "Comic Sans" font somewhere I want "Fred" in 48 cm font written with a blue glitter pen. Preferably with a 3D effect Here is a 100x400 image I want on it somewhere :-) @Doom @Fatalysm @Youhei @Zazzy @Egghebrecht
  12. Zooey

    Sal's Guestbook v2.0

    Yes. However, what does this mean?
  13. Zooey


    what a cutie
  14. Zooey

    Sal's Guestbook v2.0

    awesome, currently sketching out your name in this style I have an amazing sparkly gold pen for this, currently figuring out using different pens and how to plot everything out correctly. I'll add you in, thanks!! thansk for the submision sobned. i I got back to town and spent some time trying to move stuff around, I clearly have a lot of fixing-up to do of my SVG creation and pen coordinates/spacing, but rough status (Morte intersection/difference needs fixing, I don't have good micron pens for Sofee, ugh, so many problems) After I get everything fixed up I'll start reaching out / and/or adding in re-done entries from the first guestbook, cuz I did an awful job
  15. Zooey

    Sal's Guestbook v2.0

    Should have posted a "objects on screenshot appear differently than go onto paper" disclaimer, promise I will make it as close to DSZ canon as possible!! Here's an example of what I do, separating out colors to plot out, very exciting stuff. It's very different than making sigs and it is actually a fun challenge https://i.imgur.com/U6BP4RJ.mp4 I like how I can't embed mp4s
  16. Zooey


    Honestly, this was me reading posts about it, but hearing y'alls reactions has me bummed I'm missing release! I'm out of town for a week similarly. I'll check out your vods @Adam? while I'm working remote on my laptop. Anyone following any good youtube channels playing it? I subscribed to LobosJr for DS1/DS2 absurd/randomized playthroughs but haven't logged into my youtube account in a few months in meaningless protest to FAANG
  17. Zooey


    When do you guys listen? I find podcasts require a fair amount of attention compared to just turning on a playlist and (doing whatever) But if you're driving or something, makes sense. @Fatalysm Do you have any favorite Radiolabs you remember? I've got a flight tomorrow
  18. Zooey

    Sal's Guestbook v2.0

    I have put a placeholder in the next plot, and I think it's perfect if you don't want to say something like... "CANTING FOR LIFE"? I'd do that if I was cool enough to ever have been in Canting ;-p I am searching high and low for a perfect font and render for you, I'll be spending some time on this. I was thinking about some type of metal font (fshi got Nine Inch Nails) but I'm trying to think of a EU/Belgian-appropriate design for you.. maybe in style of a font from a Heffeweisen/Kolsch beer? have a favorite brew maybe? Thanks y'all for entertaining me, @heb0 I'll be sketching out what you describe with exact precision this coming week while I'm in CO snowboarding this week. If I can't get you picture-perfect, every new version I'll just color in your tree differently (the woodcutting rework will eventually be implemented, I'm sure of it) V2 pre-print as I move stuff around and learn how to bulk-print with my robot
  19. Zooey

    Dear Heb0

    a time in life when the internet was so fun death threats were hilarious
  20. I expect you to find all the alive cast and find out what they do and depict it completely accurately (partially to update us on @Gillis and @Niger)
  21. Zooey

    Sal's Guestbook v2.0

    Dude, this is awesome, can't wait to plot it, lime green center with a dark stroke or drop shadow? - any chance you have a higher res? If not, I can use it somewhat decently, I'm just translating image->path that a machine does XY coordinates for. So it's like a pretty bad selection-to-path from photoshop, pretty much. I'm trying to actually learn illustrator, I'm hoping its path export is better (Photoshop's SVG export turns out to be awful?) @Inquisitribble Breaking out my ruler and going "why do I need to translate all my generative stuff to imperial???" ^ why does this not attach? ^^ okay, I had to "edit" the post, now it embeds??
  22. Zooey

    Sal's Guestbook v2.0

    I appreciate you contributing and tried to give you some 3D depth and a very classy newspaper font this was fun but it made me think how do you classify emoticon yellow?? where can I purchase pens in `bbforum emoticon yellow` in current year?? I need to think about this, I have some ideas, but it needs to be very algorithm-y, tech-y like you to everyone else posting here (yes you Yuan and Vog, truly incorrigible) I'm totally going to put your name somewhere creatively, unless you don't want me to :-) @yErrRokK There's no chance you still have that avatar of the boxing kangaroo do you? (I want to say that was you, but I was 12??) I'm saving all the drawing operations and positions, so if I screw something up (majorly) or finally buy decent paper, it's reproducible as a side note here, I'll try and size everything down as small as possible, I'd hate to be costing Sal any additional hosting fees (but can't seem to embed external images very well?)
  23. Zooey

    Hi it’s Adam?

    Imma let you finnish this rolepplay rhetoric Adam? but Adam? had the greatest comic of all time! OF ALL TIME!!
  24. Zooey

    Drug Questionnaire

    In light of this thread I was kinda curious what the general stance from Sal's on drugs was. Apologies if the choices or poll aren't very good, I'm not super knowledgeable about this subject. I'm sure I excluded a lot of things, so speak up if I missed something drastic. For reference
  25. Zooey

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Every time I take the time to sit down and do something creative, I realize how much time and effort all the gfx stuff we did here took. Kind of crazy. I really want to sit down and make a tag (or an equivalent creative venture in something I'm more familiar with now) but it just takes so much time to be happy with something! (grumble grumble) it's always fun putting a face to someone who posted a lot I personally think webcam photos are actually cooler than they used to be, since now everyone and their dog has a high res perfectly-lit scene I like the suitcoat, all the dress clothes I can ever find here are burgundy red need to see new fits biked through some backwoods last month, got rained on and the only place to sleep at in this tiny town was also a casino and we had to """sneak in""""

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