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    Yeah, I can't change mine either; seems like you're stuck with whatever you had
  2. Zooey

    I didn't make that topic.

    I'm the detective, you should change your vote Vote: Sobend
  3. Zooey

    Welcome to the new sal's realm

    looks good, reminds me kind of what tip.it used to be like depressing that the wikipedia and subreddit removes any traffic; I'd be shocked if there's over a hundred real visitors a month. positing ideas, there could be content like Sal's old screenshots and notes from people who donated - i.e. content not reproducible or relevant anywhere else that gave the site personality. a dynamic background would be kinda cool, imagining something like this ((((((never finished it i suck)))))
  4. I did this for minecraft and got like 4 responses from 20,000 messages sent you're only saying this to fool us into thinking you haven't already done this and lead the most successful pyramid scheme in the world
  5. Zooey

    Best Edition of RuneScape?

    I keep intending to play an OSRS ironman but am too chicken
  6. Zooey

    Death Dose 110+ Most Active

    can i join without roving elves
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  8. Zooey

    Why was I IP banned?

    it has something to do with the cloudfront load balancer/threat management; I was banned too but it never went away. I just got a new IP :-) in reality it's probably for the better, we're all doomed here without Mr. Fang
  9. Abstract The study of user activity here at Salmoneus' Realm of Runescape (henceforth referred to as The Realm in this study.) has been a major point of focus for the previous decade - at the time of this writing, since 2009 forwards. Many theories and solutions have been presented but there has been no solid scientific studies performed to precisely explain why and how the decline of The Realm occurred. This paper will strive to identify and blame a single user. Figure 0.1: Sal's Realm of Runescape Official Google Analytics Data The Rest of The Post I believe my scientific study speaks entirely for itself, but I would accept any thoughts and criticisms towards my analysis. I spent quite some time collecting data points (1: Guitarguy joining, and 2: Guitarguy using a pony avatar.) and fitting it to the trends of activity here at the realm. Conclusion I am not putting this forward with any suggestions or thoughts, merely a completely objective point of view. I would appreciate any solutions or actions to be taken following this study. Hugs and Kisses, Zooey
  10. Zooey

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    yeah, sure, here it is: IP: mc.salscraft.com Map: mc.salscraft.com:8123 Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/bx54EXA
  11. A Much More Scientific Look into A More Scientific Look into A Scientific Look Into... [ Click here to read more.. ] Abstract A number of highly impressive social scientists were consulted with the focus on two studies conducted in the fall of 2019[1]. The goal of these scientists was set into motion after both studies were scrutinized over many nights. This study will delve to the true answer of the real question: The second study in question sidestepped the original issue entirely[2] and failed in numerous aspects of the scientific method, as well as utilizing a common method: intentional ignorance[3]. As our first study proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Guitarguy did in fact kill the realm, we focus on the why in this white paper. Key words: Adoption probability, Guitarguy, Salmoneus, The Realm, Sal's TMZ, Yelo did nothing wrong, Adoption probability 1. Introduction and Getting Up To Speed Following the original study[1], we can see with empirical data that Fiddleman's presence was in fact the sole contributor and cause of the downfall of The Realm. The bias found in the second study, conducted by the perpetrator in question himself. It is a foundation of modern society that unfair biases are never allowed, ever. Therefore, the study conducted by Fiddleman himself has been thrown out. At this point, we can conduct the real meaningful studies. 2. Key Factors Underlying Adoption Decision: Theoretical Foundations and Operationalization We review relevant social network theories that point to several key factors underlying a social entity’s adoption decision, and then propose ways to operationalize these factors with social network data. 3. Why Did he Do It? Analysing why exactly Guitarman ruthlessly slaughtered The Realm took many hours of intensive research and inner questioning by the scientists conducting the study. This methodology was forced to stay in the realm of science, as often the question of 'why' leads to the introduction of both morality and judgment of character. We ensured this did not happen, because Guitarman is a smooth criminal. This gave our team enough information to confirm that his motivations lay behind the TV show My Little Pony[3]. There are a number of episodes that specifically give instructions to kill institutions of friendly conversation and happiness. We conclude that Guitarman's association with ponies[5] in fact precipitated and motivated his merciless slaughter of The Realm. [1] https://runescape .salmoneus.net/forums/topic/368443-a-scientific-look-into-click-here-to-read-more/?tab=comments#comment-4168758 [2] Begging the Question [3] Ad Hominem [4] See [5] [5] See [4]
  12. Zooey

    more prints

    trying to do prints that people would buy
  13. Zooey


    HEY GUYS! I'm back. Zazzy gave me an oldschool bond for a week; anyone else playing oldschool still?? #SALS_CC #SALMONEUS_LIVES I made a Patreon and am slating myself as producing Generative Art & Critical Thinking-based posts, but I've got 3D printing ideas and a lot of other stuff going around; if y'all have any thoughts (critical!! I wanna hear them!!) about my first post I'd love to hear them. Link is here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/24773177 Anyways, enough about me, what's everyone been up to lately? I miss Runescape and the community here; crazy how it's been over a decade for (almost? I'm guessing EVERYONE) the typical user here! Weird growing up around a video game as our common interest. Talking about playing Castle Wars is way more fun than talking about beer, drugs and the weather
  14. Zooey

    The last person to post here wins

    I could believe filthy frank was ezra
  15. Zooey

    more prints

    very good point, thanks for the advice. I'll retake them when I put my next round up yeah once i have some $ i'd like to get a custom domain, bigcartel is just nice for now cause it's free
  16. Zooey

    The last person to post here wins

    To quote Adam?
  17. Zooey

    more prints

    http://superficie.ink/plausible-spaces/plausible-spaces-1 like this one, I sort of view the price point as what the print means to me
  18. Zooey

    more prints

    i was kind of emulating one of my idols (these were around 300-600 when they were in stock) but yeah you're right about paper, I've been printing on 75g and should get some 300. I thought 150 was pretty fair for a piece, I was planning on engraving/marking the hanger too but yeah I've got some more complex ideas coming along versus the simple ones I've got up
  19. Zooey

    more prints

    this blog post is now where i just post prints because the graphics forum serves no purpose without @Fatalysm
  20. Zooey

    The last person to post here wins

    run-on sentences clearly don't count as valid posts
  21. Zooey

    lonely has some explaining to do

    i always knew you were a ponylover lonely

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