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  1. TmBrown

    - Lego's Skill Log -

    haha yesssirrr. member # 2000 something lol
  2. TmBrown

    - Lego's Skill Log -

    This guy's a beast!
  3. TmBrown

    Streak And Itouchu's Underbanner Shop

    Two Colours: Green and Gold Text: Resurrection's Tournament Champion Scanlines? Y/N: Yes Shine? Y/N: Yes Drop Shadow to Text? Y/N: Yes RuneScape Item(s) (Optional): On the right Runecape GP. A lot of it. C4D (Abstract Background) Y/N: Yes PM when complete? Y/N: Yes Thank you.
  4. TmBrown

    Res Vs Red Blade Hunters

    Good win. Gf RBH.
  5. Well today I went on Runescape and used the new "Full Screen" option. I'm assuming I used the wrong resolution at first when I full screened it and because of that any other videos I see full screened on other websites such as YouTube have a messed up resolutions. For Example: As you can see the bottom toolbar in the image that uses pause, shows the time 00:07/06:00, and shows the sound volume, is enlarged. The quality of the video is also messed up. I tried readjusting the resolution from my computer and runescape back to the original, but the videos in full screen just stay the same. It's not the normal resolution I have a problem with, it's just that anytime I try to full screen the resolution becomes messed up. Any ideas?
  6. TmBrown

    A Short Guide To Clan Bhing

    Hmm. Now there's something to think about.
  7. TmBrown

    Your Sals List!

    Heh, a year ago today this list was made. So much has changed since then. Heh, it's kinda amusing seeing all these flame-infested topics still going on. Might as well put my list in before I get quoted and flamed. >.< 1) FT - Did uh every other clan liek go into FT? 2) Mod 3) Exer 4) 3xt Pshh..
  8. TmBrown

    The Truth

    Where have I seen this before...
  9. Oh if I was there we so would have won. Na jk, gf SM you guys are good. :P
  10. TmBrown

    99 Defense

    Grats Lakerkobeee. Hurry up and get that 99 prayer. :lol:
  11. TmBrown


    Thanks, appreciate it.
  12. TmBrown

    Your Sals List!

    Yaya three cheers for slaughter. 1)Ft 2)3x 3)Lop 4)Blasphemey 5)Sm 6)Dg 7)Sd 8)Tbw 9)TR 10)Tf
  13. TmBrown


    C'mon it's not *stretches the next word* thaaat bad. Main text is "Resurrection" - Located near the top leftish Subtext is "Now it's your turn, fall in." with the font bit_out/visitor. - Located near the middle-ish down. render faded on the right side. OH AND BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING. Can I change my size to 410x97? Thanks
  14. TmBrown


    Fast service. :closedeyes: *Borat*.. VERY NICCEEEE! Appreciate it.
  15. TmBrown


    Ey, nice sig shop guys. :closedeyes: Size (WxH)(410 by 110 is default): 410*97 Color(s): Blue/white/silver/black - suprise me with any combo but make sure there's blue. Render: Style:whatever dark kuryi's is. Text: Main text is is at the top left not touching the borders though. - Font for this hmm.. anything that's good I suppose. Now it's your turn, fall in. - Make this bit_out/visitor - the ones with a black outline on the white letters. Type (font): stated Other: Make the render on the right side faded in. Thanks a bunch guys.

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