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    YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE... <br /><br />When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.<br /><br />I PK with honor! RPKers are my enemies. I am a Sabre!<br />-Crosses Sabre-<br /><br />Range/2h 4 [email protected]@@

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  1. Seems a little too lenient haha.
  2. Ganja Sabre

    The Sabre Clan ~ 100+ ~ Oldest Active Rs Clan

    We are enjoying a period of high activity. Join today!
  3. VS Team TPR came to one of our warlords two weeks ago for a long prepped fight. This was actually last Sunday but I forgot to post it on Sals, and I want to help Sals be active SALS FTW Video: - http://www.filefront.com/14841801/TSvsTPRturrets.wmv/ Memberlists: TS - http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=the_sabres TPR - http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=tprwar Rules: Melee Binds + Ranged Turrets 1 Hour Cap Run-In Higher pull attacks Rings Allowed No Corrupt We were expecting to be outpulled and outleveled, so we really pumped each other up for this fight and got ready to stay on point. TS starting members - 15 TPR starting members - 19 Throughout the fight we had many nice piles and KOs. We got 2 kills before they got 1, and kept increasing that lead the entire fight, being up by 20 at one point. TS ending kills - 53 TPR ending kills - 39 Well done [email protected]!!!!!! TSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Good fight Team Power Rangers, thanks for the fight and good luck in the future.
  4. VS Dangerous Business DB approached us last week looking for a fight and we set it up for today. Rules: F2P CWA Classic Middle Full Out Returning Allowed (Run-In) 30 Minute Cap Most Kills At End Wins Higher Pull Attacks Melee Binds + Ranged No Corrupt Rings Allowed Memberlists The Sabre Clan - (Avg: Cmb: F2P: 111.37) - http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=the_sabres Dangerous Business - (Avg: Cmb: F2P: 116.07) - http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=danger TS starting - 19 DB starting - 19 The fight started off pretty even but as it went on we took control. Check out the video at the top! TS ending kills - 27 DB ending kills - 16 Well done [email protected]@ Good fight DB, thanks for the fight, it was a pleasure.
  5. Glad those fools over at the new "SalsCD" finally changed the name. Sickening that they leeched from the original SALS REALM OF RUNESCAPE and couldn't even get an original name and original members. Keep Sals alive by posting victory topics here!
  6. Ganja Sabre

    Display Names

    I'm excited that RuneScape finally advanced to this. Enjoy it everyone!
  7. Ganja Sabre

    Fire Cape Vs Skill Cape

    Fire cape ftw unless you are camping somewhere where you need a lot of pray bonus. Could be god wars or a slayer task etc.
  8. Ganja Sabre

    This Has Gone Too Far

    Merchant clans are annoying gotta deal with it though. I kinda wish Jagex would ban the merchant clan leaders. Price manipulation *is* against the rules and it messes up the trade experience for the laid back players/buyers.
  9. Ganja Sabre

    For All Afk Trainers Out There...

    They can do nothing about it as long as you don't use extra software/macros/auto clickers w/e to help you. Stay in combat and you won't be logged out! You can juts say that you are watching a movie. AFK training 4 lyfe!!
  10. VS RED BLADE HUNTERS RBH came to us asking for a short prep mini-war during our fight pits event this past weekend. I asked for 45 min prep so we could do another round of fight pits and they refused to do anything but 30 mins. I guess they really wanted to outpull us. So I agreed to 30 mins and then they told me they had to decide... lol..? After all the rough negotiations I just said screw it and decided to do all of their rules and agreed on a full out in the end. Rules: Full Out War Clan Wars Arena Classic Arena/Middle Boundaries Melee Binds Only No Corrupt Rings Allowed TS starting - 16 RBH starting - 22 We knew we would have to be on top of our game as they had 6 people and some levels on us. They piled me first so the other callers stepped up and did their amazing work while our binders and snipers put in 420% effort. KOing loads of them we managed to make a tie and out-tank them for the win! Unfortunately Galaga665 d/ced in robes =s Ending: TS - 7 RBH - 0 Well done guys! GF RBH!! I hope to fight you guys again sometime.
  11. Ganja Sabre

    Public Castle Wars Event!

    The Sabre Clan PUBLIC CASTLE WARS EVENT!!! The Sabre Clan is hosting a public Castle Wars event on Sunday! You are all invited to come join us and have a laugh, and get to know our community better. ^_^ The Sabre Clan's requirements are 95+ and more info can be found in our recruitment topic here on Sals forums: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=234448 Date: Sunday, August 16th Times: 7 pm UK 2 pm Eastern World: 24 Clan Chat: Ganja Sabre Meeting Place: Castle Wars Lobby Items: P2P Combat gear, it'd be nice if everyone could have more than one attack style (melee/range/mage). We will try to all get on the same team but if the teams are full there isn't much harm in playing against each other. -- Link to the Event topic on The Sabre Clan's forums: http://www.thesabreclan.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=8638
  12. Ganja Sabre

    This Item Cannot Be Lent

    Dude... just right click haha!
  13. Ganja Sabre

    The Sabres Vs Team Esk

    VS Team Eternal Soul Keeprs ESK approached our leader 2 weeks ago looking for a 1 hour PKRI. Our weekends were booked so he accepted it for today, and we began sharpening our Sabres for the upcoming battle. TS starting - 19 ESK starting - 22 We had a great start with several KOs and tight binds. We held our lead most of the time, but in the last 20 mins or so a bunch of our members had to leave and went afk, and our level 88 who needs to be educated in warring got k0ed a couple times. ESK started to catch up a bit at that point but we soon brought it together and dominated. Ending Kills: The Sabres - 46 Team ESK - 38 Well done Sabres you performed well and kept the spirit up all the way through!! :thumbsup: Good fight ESK it was a pleasure.
  14. Our leader was looking for a war yesterday, but by the time he found this it was getting late so we set it for today. Was going to be matched, but we pulled 14 to their 15, we let them keep the extra person. TS starting opts: (+124, 125, 126) POR starting opts: (+122) Ending: Was a very close war, they managed to down their pile first, then we dropped ours, and tied it up with a ko. Then it was back and forth till we got a few more koes. Both sides had pretty good tanks and POR snipers were doing a very good job on our binders, sniping some completely out. One of our guys computer shut down from heat (LOL). Stayed in a 1 point lead right until the end, was a very close war. Thanks for the clean war POR, sorry bout the one guy stepping out of bounds for a bit. Was a very fun war. Looking forward to doing it again.
  15. Ganja Sabre

    The Sabres Vs Blasphemy

    The Sabres VS Blasphemy Blasphemy approached our leader earlier this morning asking for a matched f2p clan war. We glady accepted and prepared for the upcoming fight. Rules: Matched Opts Melee/Binds Classic Arena/Middle Bounds No Rings We started a man down because someone had to go right at the start. TS starting - 15 B starting - 16 Ending: TS - 8 B - 0 We got a couple of KOs and our tanks did well. We took control of the fight near the beginning and never let go. Well done Sabres! GF Blas!

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