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  1. Was just wondering what has dramaticly changed in the past 6 months that i might want to know about maby if you could just put them in dot points and i could look them all up would be a massive help, cheers
  2. Big Fella

    Kuradal's Dungeon

    From reading it, my impression was that you have to be those levels to use shortcuts, not to gain access to the monsters themselves. thanks -.- ill just run through and see what happens i guess lol
  3. Big Fella

    Kuradal's Dungeon

    im unclear do u need 86 agil to be able to acess the new slayer master?
  4. Big Fella

    Stairway To Heaven

    Agent F, Hows everything going? ahh, how u have gotten so much better and now going for 99 wcing -.- goodluck mate. p.s (jackso69 if u forgotten about me haha)
  5. Big Fella

    ~|| Danetello's Log To 1337ness ||~

    i take back this quote
  6. Real Life fudgeing RULES!! Dont play runescape waisting valuble days
  7. Big Fella

    Level 85 On All Skills!

    WOOOO!!!! RL RULZ Join it lol
  8. Big Fella

    Uncle Woody's Wonderful Log

    Amazing i LOVE POKEMON! sorry woody love u 2
  9. Big Fella

    Sms Payment Options

    Why dont they ever release any of this stuff for australia??
  10. Big Fella

    ~ Xr3d3mpt1onx And His Log Of Epic Hax ~

    Congratualations 99 summoning wow. nice work and goodluck with the rest as well 45mill slayer exp (Y)
  11. Big Fella

    Rate My Bank + Skills

    yo, stats 6/10 get 50+ bank 8.5/10 put ur random clothing in ur house and love the 99 wc lol you will neva get past my exp
  12. Big Fella

    2008 Christmas Party Announced

    i think ill go this year sounds like fun
  13. Big Fella

    Stairway To Heaven

    Nice to have anouther chat with you today ^_^ goodluck with agillity and when i get members u gotta help me with barb assult :) cheers
  14. Big Fella

    Chris' Log

    [email protected]@ IRL photo, Time to start stalking choo... *prints off and sticks on wall* Oh. and grats on 98 deff 1 more_ +)

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