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  1. Zetser

    Admiral And Maximus

    Do I make you randy, baby? :faponyou:
  2. Zetser

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows

    is it better than the first? and by that, i mean realistic and not involving the supernatural..
  3. Zetser

    Guinea Pigs Needed For Hiscores Excel Sheet Please!

    Everything seems to be fine for me, except for the Levels in the Total row. Where you have '2277', i am supposed to have '1960' however only '19' appears. Everything else is great though. Thanks for this :)
  4. Zetser

    Slammers, I Need Your Help!

    new website now, old design website email. twas what tipped me off first.
  5. Zetser

    Halw Gnun

    if they ever did become members again they're spot at #1 would be secure. Jagex said they kept track of all that important stuff.
  6. Yes, but the thing is that Jagex never wanted players who did that in the first place. They want people to feel that if they want that sort of gameplay, they should get members rather than hanging on in f2p because it's more of an acheivement. Excellent point. Well in this case, Jagex are newbs at life.
  7. One thing I see as a potential serious problem which should be addressed is, I can't seem to remember her name, but there is one core F2P player who has all 99 F2P skills, and probably a hefty amount of experience past 99 as well. I feel players like this deserve that recognition, because, as far as I am aware, she was never once a member, so it's not like she could have only trained F2P on a member world for faster xp. I see a lot of flack by the community with this upcoming update. Should be interesting to see.
  8. Zetser


    howdy doo
  9. Zetser

    Note To Self

    were handcuffs involved?
  10. Zetser

    Slayer: Level 89 Is Pwnt

    tbh, quest cape is the best as it requires more xp than a 99! and time put into it! not to mention the bamf emote
  11. Zetser

    Aw Yeah

    but... but... but... loyalty rewards?!
  12. Zetser

    Attn: Canting Members

    Fine, I'll be off getting some wood............................................... chyeahh ;)
  13. Zetser


    you didnt switch the button to mining so its only showing how many logs the clan cut, which is 0. i think.
  14. Male 1. no 2. no 3. no 4. no 5. no 6. no 7. o 8. mo 9. no 10. no 11. no 12. no 13. no 14. no 15. no 16. no 17. no 18. mo 19. no 20. no
  15. Zetser

    Hiscores July 2011 And Back From Glastonbury

    @Merch my runescape name is 'New Sean'.

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