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  1. speedemon37

    The Official Circus And Shooting Star

    You don't really need anyone to tell you where the circus is every week if you know how to use the world map and look for icons though.
  2. speedemon37

    What Was Your First Quest You Ever Did

    Goblin Diplomacy for me.
  3. speedemon37

    The Next Diary And Rewards

    The Karamja diary wasn't entirely lame though if you manage to complete the hard tasks. Getting a free fast teleport to Shillo village can be quite useful to many people (mostly slayer who don't use lunar magic but still)
  4. speedemon37

    I Predict This Be An Exciting Year For Runescape

    Shutting down RWT and finally balancing the economy is considered damage?
  5. speedemon37

    Trapping Monsters Inside Houses

    ^^ If someone ever managed to do that I'd so laugh my cabbage off. It would be a Varrock massacre.
  6. speedemon37

    What Was The Last Thing That Killed You..?

    My last death would be against the KBD. I wanted to get the music so I went in there completely naked. I still managed to kick him out of 10hp before he killed me though.
  7. speedemon37

    Hardest Skillcape To Get?

    While most of your analysis was kinda ok for the other ones, I'd have to disagree heartily with you here. No one in their RIGHT mind would be planting such low level seeds so that it's cheaper. I used to to blow through 2.4m in magic seeds in 4 days. Planting an oak instead just because its cheaper is a waste of training if you're doing farming for real. Like someone else said, it's like training wc only on regular trees, or training fish only by catching shrimp. It'd take forever, and be most inefficient. I'd plant low level seeds as a last resort if I ran out and didn't want to go searching for seed sellers, since GE wasn't out yet, and forums was the biggest ripoff, but never if I had a choice to plant a higher level one. If you're planning on doing farming like that, the game would most likely be shut down by then before you got 99. In terms of time, In a year and a half I only went up 3 cb levels from 107 to 110, because so much of my game time was checking crops, harvesting, etc. First hour of game play was just doing the first round of harvesting. By the time I was done with that, I could pretty much start to harvest again. It would have taken even longer if I only planted low-levels the whole time, and it already was 2 and a half years for me, with vacations , PC, and training everything else along the way. Lol I'm quite positive I won't be doing that myself to hit 99 farming as I know how much time that would take. It was merely just an observation. I will follow through this method of mine until 75 faring because they're only 300 or so seeds. If I wanted to go for 99 that would be 5107 seeds of this particular tree which I doubt I could buy all from the GE any time soon. Not to mention even if I did plant them all and never missed a second between them it would still take me 637 and a half days. That's nearly 2 years which I won't be wasting. I already plan on going with magic seeds from 75 onwards. I like to think about all the possible methods and see how much each one would cost and the amount of time i'd have to spend just out of interest. I'm still sane enough to realize that I'll end up in a mental hospital if I did follow thorugh with that particular method up to 99 farming.
  8. speedemon37

    Runescape Account..

    Correction. It's always been pretty much impossible to get hacked. Last time I checked nobody ever managed to break into Jagex database, or found some java exploit allowing them to get into any persons account. At best people were stupid enough to get cookie grabbed or keylogged.
  9. speedemon37

    Hardest Skillcape To Get?

    The only actual skill that requires a fair bit of effort to get to 99 is slayer, mainly because of how the skill was designed it really is impossible to always get good tasks and kill them fast. Apart from that all other skills can be bought, are easy or just require more time clicking. General combat skills such as attack, strength, defence, prayer, magic and hit points are easy to get up. After all anybody who plans on getting high combat levels will train their attack, strength and defence one way or the other. You can buy all your arrows for range, stock up on runes for mage and even buy all your dragon bones for prayer. And as far as hit points are concerned, the exp just goes up by itself when you're training combat anyway. Next in line is cooking. That skill is by far the easiest skill to train and just about every single person you see with a cooking cape bought their way up. Nothing special about it unless you actually fished all your raw fish and cooked them. Woodcutting is just plain dead easy. Might take a little while to get but it's far from ever being considered hard to just click once in a while to get the character to go cut another tree and then bank when inventory is full. Fletching is just is right there next to cooking in terms of difficulty. Dead easy to get it raised and hit 99 in a couple weeks if you have the cash. Even if you cut the logs yourself and then fletched them it still wouldn't take too long to hit 99 if you're truly determined and have the time to spare. Fishing is just time consuming. very similar to woodcutting it just takes some time but it's not exactly hard. The most challenging thing is watching out for random events if you're fishing monks. Fire making is just easy. You either cut willows for your woodcutting exp and burn them or you just buy them in massive amounts from the GE. It's only a matter of money. Crafting is a bit trickier. You can still buy your way up there and you have many ways of doing so. Personally I prefer to raise it slowly alongside construction. By the time I manage to waste 1mil and get close to 81 construction( I'm 53 in case you're wondering) I'll have 74 crafting. But most people go with dragon hides and I won't dabble too much on this skill. It's too widespread and well each person to their own methods.:) Now smithing can be quite the skill to train. Unless you raise alongside your mining it's going to cost quite a bit to get it to 99, whether you just smelt gold, make steel bars, cannon balls or you just smith whatever your level allows you to one way or the other you can be expected to waste quite a lot of cash if you're buying you ores and quite a lot of time regardless of how you raise it. Oh yes I almost forgot about the blast furnace. I suppose that would save you quite a lot of money but even then it still is expensive. Mining as stated previously here is going to take you a long time no matter how you train it. Even power mining iron takes a considerable amount of time and there's no magic trick to raise it(such as a minigame for instance). Herblore is just a matter of money. If you have the money you can buy yourself up to 99 quite easily with minimal amounts of effort and time. You have to be loaded to start with and you'll probably make back still a fair sum of the money spent but you have to be prepared to spend a lot to begin with. Agility is a bit tedious to train I'll admit it ut it's not exactly the hardest to raise. The wilderness agility course is quite rewarding and with pking being dead and only the occasional revenant you can easily take your chances. Besides once you hit 75 agility you can just run around the ape atoll agility arena and never fall so it just becomes a question of patience and a bit of time to get it to 99.:/ Thieving is another quite easy to train skill. Either by using the gardens of the pyramid plunder mini game it really takes very little time to get it up to 99. Slayer as mentioned at the top of this post is by far the hardest and most time consuming skill to train efficiently because of all the reasons I've already stated above. This is of course not forgetting that you can get that extra 2.5k exp(I think thats the correct value at least) from killing the jade vine. Every bit of exp helps in Slayer:P. Farming only requires time and a minimal bit of cash if you pay attention yo market prices. I'm 64 farming at the moment, I spent a little bit under 150k in a particular seed and once all planted and grown I will hit 75 farming. I also did the maths and I could hit 99 farming with just under 2.4mil. Sure it will take some time for them to grow but that is inevitable in farming and I never said I was in a rush to get the skill high so:P. Oh yes not to mention the new farming minigame that was released. Doing that comes with no charge once the quest is done and it's bound to be a decent means of getting farming exp up Runecrafting is still simple to raise. Expensive in the several millions I'm sure but still fairly simple if you pay your runners or hire a company. Besides using the abyss is quite fast and not that dangerous any more so you could opt to just get by whatever means all the pure essence and use the abyss. Possibly not as fast as having an entire company running for you but anyone who is really willing to get runecrafting to 99 can do it with a fair share of money. Hunter is no longer really that hard to train. Red/carnivorous chinchompas were and still are good exp, imps around Yanille do pretty well too and if that wasn't enough now these new creatures in the elf provinces give insane exp. The level 66 creature gives you like 400 exp and it only requires 66 hunter and the 77 one gives you 1.1k O_o. How hard can it be to train hunter with that kind of exp rewards? Hunter was always a question of time and now the time taken has been seriously reduced so all you need is the will to raise it. Nothing else really. Just catch 10509 of those 77 things and voila you'll have 99 hunter. About construction: Raising the skill to 99 can cost of you a very large sum of money if you want to raise it fast or it can cost you as little as 8 million (from lvl 54 which is where I stand at the moment). It's just a question of finding the cheapest way to go about it. The method I use takes quite a fair bit of time and involves a lot of running back and forth between shop and bank but as I mentioned above I will get close to 81 construction with just 1 million gold. If I wanted to raise to 99 I'd be looking at another 7 million. All of this does not include making my house look even half decent. Planning out the house and adding all the rooms and stuff I want would cost me another good few millions I'm sure of it. But I will only worry about making my house presentable once the skill is at 99 so:P. And lastly summoning: We've all seen how long it took for people to reach 99. It took like what? 35 days or so? And most of the skill can be bought up. I mean sure you can't buy the charms but nothing stops you from buying all the secondary items that go into training the skill. I won't deny that it costs a lot to have all the items bought and ready and the only thing I've done so far was do the quest and let tears raise the skill for me but I'm pretty sure that with a bit of searching there will be at least 2 methods of getting most of your money back if not actually profiting from the skill itself. You just have to camp out at some place where the npcs have a good charm drop rate, collect them, and once you have enough make the pouches. Very time consuming I'm sure but not even close to being something hard to do. In short most of your skills in runescape can either be bought, will go up by themselves or just take larger amounts of time. Just 1 or 2 can actually be considered hard because there are no efficient methods of training them consistently.
  10. speedemon37

    Item Lending?

    21 February 2008 - The State of Play.
  11. speedemon37

    300k An Hour

    I was wondering the same actually. But that's besides the point. Well if you want some guesses i can tell you a couple of meaningless, highly boring and some might consider suicidal means of getting that sort of money. The most common involves picking flax at such a place like Leyetta or however you spell it since the flax is literally outside the bank. The other method involves buying eyes of newt from the shop in Taverley and selling them to the GE. both require 1 skill commonly known as patience.
  12. speedemon37

    Fishing Help Guide

    http://runescape.salmoneus.net/fishing_help.html#money i see no need to wait until 75 cooking since you stop burning them at 74.(look under the 68-85 levels part of the guide) and for more proof since last time someone cliamed they still burned lobs at 74 cooking without gaunts(yes some people are that dumb): and now a pic of his stats notice the 74 cooking? notice how in all the ss he's not using any thing that could even remotely resemble white gloves?
  13. speedemon37

    Fishing Guide Correction

    i'll gladly provide it once i find someone who hasn't yet passed 74 cooking. and for the record that user is full of you can guess what
  14. speedemon37

    Fishing Guide Correction

    in the fishing guide its stated that you stop burning lobbies without gaunts at 75 when in fact you stop burning them without gaunts at 74 http://runescape.salmoneus.net/fishing_help.html#money
  15. speedemon37

    Magic Guide Correction

    Clothing & Armor It has missed everyones eye but whoever wrote the final version messed up. Both wizard hats, black and blue, give the exact same bonus on both parts. Both give 2 points to attack and defense. Yet on the guide it states that the black version of the hat gives only 1 attack bonus instead of 2 Wizards Hat magic attack bonus 1<---should be 2 magic defense bonus 2 Dark Wizards; Bought in Port Sarim Magic Shop.

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