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  1. Evor

    Something For 99's In F2p

    Unfortunately, that's true, which is why this entire topic is going nowhere. I just though it worth at least debating, especially after removing F2P from the Hiscores. I agree that this will probably never eventuate but where's the fun in realism all the time? Can't we have a discussion on something completely hypothetical? :D :P
  2. Evor

    Future of dungeoneering

    Same here. I struggle to be logged online for the amount of time it takes to do a large - other skills are okay since I don't have a team of other players relying on me. The keyer role has become pretty much obsolete now that any team member can open the door once the team finds the keys. It'll be interesting to see what they do about the rushes. I, for one, wouldn't complain if they decided to upgrade the amount of XP you get from a solo floor.
  3. I did a dungeon today and turns out they did change it so an icon appears telling you which keys you have collected. Isn't that great? :) To top it off, they also made the text appear in a more readable colour.
  4. Evor

    Jagex Radio Silence

    No doubt that post was hidden on the RSOF :o but good job for getting your hands on it. Indeed a lot of players are standing up against it and refusing to pay membership. Jagex will most likely be counting the profit to losses and seeing where they will go from there.
  5. Evor

    Gf Servers down.

    LOL. Indeed they were!
  6. Evor

    The Elder Scrolls

    Nice thread. :) I was just wondering if anyone could tell me about the Master Thieves Guild armour? I've been wanting to get it but it seems like I've gone through a tonne of jobs in each of the five cities to no avail. You see I play the PC version and when I speak to Vex and Delvin, I no longer get text options that are bright white (I take that to mean I've done all jobs in the five cities that relate to shill, heist, burgulary jobs etc).
  7. Evor

    Jagex Radio Silence

    Lol, maybe that's their plan after all. *players give up hope and leave for Stellar Dawn*
  8. Evor

    More bots? D:

    Though Jagex did hype up the bot nuke, it's a bit unrealistic to think that bot companies would back down completely when they have so much to gain. Hopefully the next one will keep the bots away a bit longer than the last.
  9. Evor

    Jagex Radio Silence

    We all know the broader context of this update, right? The company was taken over by some US investors and now that they own over half of the stock, they are the decision makers of where the game is headed. That means that while the JMods (even MMG) may not agree with the microtransation-like SoF update, they can't really do anything about it. It's in their best interests to not speak up for public relation purposes and if they want to keep their job (which I'm sure they do, especially since some of the recent European economic concerns). Like any company, the staff aren't always going to agree on the same things so I urge you to consider this: - It seems like very few of the playerbase actually like this update. Given what I said above about staff members having varied opinions, some of them might not actually believe it is the best thing for the game. (It's the least bit sustainable as you already know and violates the fair play aspect of the game that some of us admired) At the same time, they need to keep a united front and stick by the 'company line'. So as you can see, it would be tough to be in this situation. The US investors clearly are focused on the profit they can overturn. Given that microtransactions is a good way to make fast money, I can see why the investors chose this direction but I do not agree with it. Clearly they do not know the game well enough. Regarding forum mods on the RSOF (RS Official Forums), There probably isn't as much censorship on these forums compared to RSOF, but the Fmods operate under the guidelines set by Jagex, censorship included. As you know, they are players too and I'm sure that if you ask any one of them in-game, how they feel about it, they would probably say it is rubbish and a bad move on Jagex's part. If it's incredibly controversial and negatively-skewed topic like some of have been, it may be censored. I don't agree with censorship on controversial topics. I think it can really destroy the trust between player and the company and I also consider it akin to dictatorship. An Fmod could turn in their crown because they didn't agree with the censorship part but then again that wouldn't do anything since Jagex could always find a replacement.
  10. Evor

    Something For 99's In F2p

    The "no pay, no say" mentality. Like I mentioned before, members do have the right to the bonus features that they pay for. What I do not understand is the flagrant disrespect that some members or free players show towards one another. We both essentially play RuneScape, we both know that the thousands of features that members have, will never be fully released into free worlds (and rightly so) - so why the hostility? The only difference is the membership cost, five pounds or the equivalent that you pay for membership in your country's currency.
  11. I'm glad about the dungeoneering updates. Shop interface improvements look okay, will take some getting used to.
  12. Evor

    Able to buy spins?

    Lol at MFI, the sarcasm was just oozing. They recently changed their stance on RWT to support their cause:
  13. Evor

    Something For 99's In F2p

    I guess it could be considered a recognition of some sorts. Fair enough that members pay for a lot of other bonus features but in my opinion, I don't see how membership or lack or membership status should detract from that achievement or be any less recognised. I know at one point F2P was advocating for a reward for reaching a 99 that was not necessarily a skill cape, maybe something smaller and less desirable than a member skill cape (for example a 'badge' of some sort could be automatically given to a player when they subscribe. Similarly, when a F2Per achieves a 99 they may receive it). Realistically, I don't see this happening or on the agenda of Jagex since it doesn't seem to be the way the game is going.
  14. Seems like the game is moving in an unsustainable direction. "Milking a dying cow"

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