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  1. Theivey

    Sals Poll

    Actually, it's been up since April. It should be updated every week.
  2. Theivey

    An Untitled Story

    Nice. What's it look like?
  3. Theivey

    I've Quit Runescape

    .....*Adds to list of why I'm leaving.* I won't be back, at least not for a LONG time (err well at least for not a year). I just lost all interest in Runescape, I mean I don't find it that fun anymore..... Whatever, Runescape comes in waves for me. Also Way to Dawn did you even read my first post? I said I knew I wouldn't be missed.... I would appreciate it if everyone just spared me the warnings that I would be back and the "I don't cares" and just put a "bye" instead.... mostly because the forum community is on the list of reasons why I'm leaving (right up there with Way to Dawn's op-err mumbles). I'm not saying the ENTIRE community is bad but some people on the forum just make me hate everything about Runescape. I know there are a lot of nice people here (the majority of them are nice) but those certain few just made me want to (and did) leave the forum. And the forum is one of the reasons I continued playing, so..........bye. P.S Way to Dawn get your post right if you can read the Posts: 32 (aka: keep up to date). Every member of Sal's is a great addition and part to the community. You will be missed I'm the greatest of them all, though. Also, bye, someone I don't know.
  4. This topic is about all the useless things you can do in RuneScape that has no useful function what so ever. Post everything you find here. Here goes: Prospecting RUNE ESSENCE. You already know what it is...
  5. Theivey

    An Untitled Story

    There are 2 things i've learned from this game: 1, This game is hard 2, My reflexes are bad I... I... can't do it... it's... too... much... Maybe I should try easy mode. I'm going to bed...
  6. Theivey

    An Untitled Story

    Ok, I was talking about this guy: But thank you. Also, heres how far I am:
  7. Theivey

    An Untitled Story

    Ok. Any idea how to beat the rock boss in the Stone Castle?
  8. Theivey

    An Untitled Story

    Downloading it now. Sounds fun. It's pretty hard. Is the only save point the one at the beginning?
  9. Theivey

    Grand Exchange

    Its not like its easy to get hacked. You would have to download something dangerous, say your password, or get shoulder surfed, etc. to be hacked.
  10. Theivey

    Level Twenty-five.

    Was it updated? Because I am sincerely sorry for not spending 24 hours a day on Runescape waiting for every update and then laughing at people who don't do the same as me. I am sorry and I hope you forgive me! lmfao...you don't need to spend 24 hours a day waiting for updates. If it's something like the font. It'd take about 1 minute to notice a change. Other updates you can just read on the main page. anyways, yeah I see some people like that in sw. They must have a lot of patience. Maybe Light was being sarcasm? SW products suck, it requires no effort. I think in SW you have to hit a bit to get the points, like in PC. He was being sarcastic, but not in the joking way. More in the arrogant way. also, have you ever been to sw? It requires a lot of patience. I'd like to see you sit on in sw for a month or two like 5 hours a day. I can barely stay in for 1 game. Now your being arrogant by going. HEY LOOK AT ME I CAN READ LIGHTS MIND OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Also I wasn't being sarcastic. I haven't played Runescape for 2 weeks so how am I meant to know of every single graphical change ever made in every single minute of every single day... I have been inactive for a month and I know about this update. Once again, why exactly do I need to wait around 24/7 for every update so I can tell others about it and laugh at people who don't do the same? Heard of a muppet bag? If you haven't, look in a mirror. You DON'T have to log on 24/7 for every update. You can just go on and say: oh, look! an update! And,as you say, kthxbai. EDIT: QUOTE PYRAMID FTW.
  11. Theivey

    My First 80

    Conga rats! GL with 99! Your RCing lvl FAILS
  12. Theivey

    1700 Total!

    Congrats! I hope you die get more levels! Also, for future refrence, PLEASE crop your images and save them in .PNG. It makes the queality of the image soooooo much better
  13. Fishing because you don't need to compete and theres more of a variety.
  14. Theivey

    Has Anybody Ever Noticed..?

    This happened to me at Hill Giants. But take 24 hours and turn it into seven minutes

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