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  1. Chukz15

    I Done Won Some Stuff

    I forgot I had so much more time to play when I was 16 :(.
  2. Chukz15


    Looks like f2p is back, guess who is making a comeback? :)
  3. Chukz15

    Does anyone still play/pk in 07?

    I have been playing and enjoying EOC.
  4. Chukz15

    07 vs EOC

    I Love pking eoc isn't that bad. Plus I was a free player without a job and entering college. Now I'm p2p player who is experiencing the full game. I don't understand magic note paper, I have 150 of them. I can't wait to train summoning and slayer.
  5. Chukz15

    07 vs EOC

    Isn't farming expensive to train? The reason why I'm trying to make 100m quickly is so that I can train the skills that cost money. So far, prayer,herblore,summoning, construction,fletching, etc all require me to buy supplies for a decent amount to train prayer.
  6. Chukz15

    07 vs EOC

    I set some goals. So far I'm going for 10k yews, and 10k lobs fished, I do 500 a day, I also want to spin 10k flax, and get 10k dragon bones/hides.
  7. Chukz15

    07 vs EOC

    I don't really know much about making money in EoC, but with those stats I'd have to guess that mining would be your best option. However with the way PvP works now rune rocks are probably pretty painful to mine. They sucked in f2p people stunning me, and its not like I could tank the hits and run away, so w.e Anyway, I'm probably going to skill a bit before doing training combat(slayer) I will be doing Woodcutting and fishing, and then I'll probably use that money to spin flax or w.e and get some crafting up. Is it better to train one skill, or multiple skills at once?
  8. Chukz15

    07 vs EOC

    I decided to play in eoc, I have I plan to get high combat levels, and I want a bunch of money, so how would I go about getting this. I have 61 attack, 71 str, 48 def, 43 range, 43 pray, 29 magic, 85 mining, 30 smithing(lol) , 54 fishing, 77 wc
  9. Chukz15

    Active People

    Runescape is like crack, I'm here daily.
  10. Chukz15

    07 vs EOC

    I'm struggling on deciding which version I want to play, it seems that pking(what I enjoyed doing) Is only on 2007 runescape servers. I have an account that has 86 mining so it wouldn't be a problem to make money and to get myself started. However, Making a Range tank in 07 really appeals to me, but I do not know if starting all over again for a wildy that "might" have a players I can fight is worth the hassle Another thing that ahys me away from 07 is the lack of a g.e. I like the convince of it, I don't have to waste time spamming things I want to sell. I need some pros and cons, because 07 sounds like more work than it is worth.
  11. Chukz15

    Does anyone still play/pk in 07?

    I have the same question, how active is 07 community?
  12. Chukz15


    R.I.P. pking... Was the only fun thing I did on this game.
  13. Pking is dead? Wow RS really stabbed themselves this time.
  14. Chukz15

    F2P Pking Help?

    Get 80 str, too many people safe.
  15. Chukz15

    Why am I so bad at Range 2h?

    Ah this reminds me of me lol. I did the exact same thing, and used to post on sals. Best tip I could give you is to get higher stats.

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