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  1. Matt T

    Christchurch Earthquake

    ASB bank here have info on how to bank transfer to the Red Cross account from overseas: http://twitter.com/#!/ASBBank/status/40331888203665408 They're waiving the usual international transaction fees.
  2. Matt T

    Christchurch Earthquake

    I'm in Christchurch and everyone I know is okay, thankfully. If anyone wants to donate, the Red Cross here are taking donations, not sure if they'll accept international credit cards etc. though.
  3. Matt T

    Arianna's Crib

  4. Matt T

    The Helping Hand - Closed :(

    Hi, I don't have the time to update The Helping Hand anymore, so I'm going to ask for this topic to be closed. Sorry Matt
  5. Matt T

    Now It's Personal.

    Reports/mutes from pmods get read really quickly, usually well within the 48 hours the mute lasts for. If the Jmod that reviews the mute thinks it was done in error they'll remove it.
  6. Matt T

    Vera Is Banned?

    Nope. Sal could through the database but I doubt he'd ever browse through them, only check and see if a message exists.
  7. Matt T

    The Helping Hand - Closed :(

    Awesome, updated.
  8. Matt T


    I'm using Firefox and your signature has a scrollbar for me, so yeah that wouldn't really work as a rule.

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