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    Name of Monster: Cow Examination: Where beef comes from. Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Mammal Level: 2 Life Points: 80 Drops: Cowhide (100%), Bones (100%), Raw Beef (100%) Primary Locations: In most fields, in a field to the west of Al Kharid Description: Attacks with melee, primary source of Cowhide. Cowhide can can be tanned into leather or hard leather and sold, so it's common to see many new players around them Contributors: colinross, Matt T, Hawk, Randomness, Ambo100
  2. Matt T

    Chaos Elemental

    Name of Monster: Chaos Elemental Examination: pUre A cHaOs of crEatuRe! Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Elemental Level: 305 Life Points: 3500 Drops: Dragon 2h Sword, Mithril Darts (400), Air Runes (500), Death Runes (40), Big Bones, Iron Arrows (200-500), Strange Fruit, Baby Dragon Bones (2-3), Blood Runes (40), Rune 2h Sword, Coins (1000), Attack Potion, Weapon Poison, Bat Bones (5), Plain Pizza (3), Antipoison (4), Defence Potion (1 dose), Rune Arrows (200), Clue Scroll (level 4), Corrupt Dragon Armor, Statius's Armour, Vesta's Armor, Morrigan's Armor, Zuriel's Armor Primary Locations: West of Rogues Castle in level 53 Wilderness in a multi-combat area, near the Scorpion pit. Description: Monster attacks mainly with magic, 37 prayer is needed to last long, It can teleport you 5-10 spaces away from it. It can also remove some of your armor. Contributors: raz, Sobend, Matt T, Hawk, Breaker, Jacky, Randomness, Roy, A Charizard, Ambo100
  3. Matt T

    Black Demon

    Name of Monster: Black Demon Examination: A big scary jet-black demon. Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Demon Level: 172 Life Points: 1570 Drops: Infernal Ashes (100%), Coins (30, 44, 120, 132, 200, 460, 3000), Harralander, Marrentill, Lobster, Air rune (50), Black Sword, Steel battleaxe, Rune chainbody, Rune medium helmet,Chaos rune (10), Blood rune (7), Half of a key loop, Half of a key tooth, Uncut sapphire, Uncut emerald, Uncut ruby, Uncut diamond, Black axe, Adamantite bar,Grimy Guam, Grimy Ranarr, Nature rune (67), Fire rune (37), Tarromin, Mithril kiteshield, Law rune (3), Dragon medium helmet, Shield left half, Dragonstone (cut) Defence Potion (3 dose), Gold Charm, Crimson Charm, Blue Charm, Green Charm, Starved Ancient Effigy, Clue scroll (Hard) Primary Locations: Taverly Dungeon, Edgeville Dungeon, Brimhaven Dungeon, Chaos Tunnels Resource Dungeon, and the Chaos Tunnels. Description: Commonly fought as a Slayer task. Not many worthwhile drops to be gained from this monster. It towers over you in height. You must kill one in The Grand Tree. Contributors: Thommyboy123, Matt T, guthix worshiper, Shooter585, Hawk, Ej_, Jacky, Randomness, heb0, Jacky, Ambo100
  4. Matt T

    Christchurch Earthquake

    ASB bank here have info on how to bank transfer to the Red Cross account from overseas: http://twitter.com/#!/ASBBank/status/40331888203665408 They're waiving the usual international transaction fees.
  5. Matt T


    Name of Monster: Cuffs Examination: He looks a bit dodgy. Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Human Level: 3 Life Points: 70 Drops: Bones, Bronze Medium Helmet, Cabbage, Coins (3-5), Copper Ore, Earth Talisman, Herb, Fishing Bait, Fire Runes (6) Primary Locations: South of the Mind Altar, near the path from Falador to Barbarian Village Description: Attacks with melee, good training for lower level players Contributors: GrandTheftGamer, colinross, Matt T, Hawk, Kuraudo Sutoraifu, Roy, Randomness, As
  6. Matt T

    Christchurch Earthquake

    I'm in Christchurch and everyone I know is okay, thankfully. If anyone wants to donate, the Red Cross here are taking donations, not sure if they'll accept international credit cards etc. though.
  7. Matt T

    Arianna's Crib

  8. Matt T

    Baby Blue Dragon

    Name of Monster: Baby Blue Dragon Examination: Young but still dangerous. Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Dragon Level: 48 Life Points: 500 Drops:Baby Dragon Bones (100%), Gold Charm, Green Charm, Crimson Charm, Blue Charm Primary Locations: Heroes' Guild, Taverly Dungeon, Yanille Dungeon. Description: It is recommended that you wield an Anti-Dragon Shield as they are in the area of aggressive (level 111) Blue Dragons that could hit you with a fireball when you pass them. Contributors: Guest, Anubis, Mikey, Mrcsupertrain, Colinross, Matt T, Kuraudo Sutoraifu, Macki, heb0, TehBlackDrag, Roy, Sk8skull, Damaged500, Randomness, Ambo100
  9. Matt T

    Baby Black Dragon

    Name of Monster: Baby Black Dragon Examination: "Young But Still Dangerous." Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Dragon Level: 83 Life Points: 810 Drops: Baby Dragon Bones (100%) Primary Locations: Evil Chickens Lair and Chaos Tunnels (Far southeast room containing Green Dragons, as well as in the northeast room) Description: You need a Raw Chicken to enter the Evil Chicken's Lair and you need a Rope to access the dungeon where the Baby Black Dragon is if you wish to fight them at this location. Contributors: Evolution, Mrcsupertrain, Colinross, Matt T, Kuraudo Sutoraifu, jokerrulz, Hawk, Randomness, heb0, Jacky
  10. Matt T

    Abyssal Demon

    Name of Monster: Abyssal Demon Examination: "It's escaped from the Abyss." "A denizen of the Abyss!" Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Demon Level: 124 Life Points: 1500 Drops: Abyssal Whip (rare), Dragon Spear, Rune Battle Axe, Rune 2h Sword, Runite Bar, Rune Spear, Dragon Medium Helmet, Rune Chainbody, Rune Kiteshield, Rune Medium Helmet, Rune Square Shield, Dragonstone, Shield Left Half, Half Key, Grimy Guam, Grimy Marrentill, Grimy Tarromin, Grimy Harralander, Grimy Ranarr, Grimy Irit, Grimy Avantoe, Grimy Kwuarm, Grimy Cadantine, Grimy Lantadyme, Grimy Dwarf Weed, Steel Arrow (150), Mithril Kiteshield, Black Sword, Black Hatchet, Steel Battleaxe, Lobster, Coins (30-3000), Silver Ore (100, Noted), Pure Essence (60, noted), Defence Potion (3), Clue Scroll (Hard), Infernal Ashes (100%), Starved Ancient Effigy Primary Locations: Canifis Slayer tower, Alternate Abyss (accessed using Fairy Code ALR), Kuradal's Dungeon Description: You need 85 Slayer to kill them. If you try to run they will teleport beside you. They are also known to teleport away from you while you kill them if they are losing the battle - if you have auto-retaliate on, your character will follow and attack the demon you were attacking before (if they teleported away from you). Contributors: redhairgoku, Matt T, Roy, Kuraudo Sutoraifu, Macki, Damaged500, Traviesa, heb0, Irish of Lad, Coach Hines, Sk8skull, Jacky, Rivel, Randomness, Ambo100
  11. Matt T

    Cave Horror

    Name of Monster: Cave Horror Examination: A horrible, emaciated ape like creature with beady red eyes. Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Animal Level: 80 Life Points: 580 Drops: Big Bones (100%), Black Mask, Clue Scroll (level 3), Medium-high level Herb Seeds, Gems, Tooth Half of a Key, Loop Half of a Key, Shield Left Half, Rune Dagger, Herbs, Adamant Full Helm, Limpwurt Root, Teak Logs (4, noted), Mahogany Logs (2), Nature Runes (4, 6), Coins (44/132/632), Allotment Seeds, Dragon Spear, Gold Charms, Green Charms, Crimson Charms (Mostly Crimson), Evil Turnip Seed (3), Belladonna Seed, Poison Ivy Seed, Mithril Axe, Mithril Kiteshield, Long Bone Primary Locations: Cave Horror cave in Mos Le'Harmless Island Description: Attacks with melee and magic. Requires 58 Slayer to kill, along with a Witchwood Icon (unless you are maging, ranging or fighting with a halberd. A Lightsource is needed inside the cave, or tiny insects will swarm you, hitting 1's rapidly, and quite possibly killing you. Contributors: Kuittaa, Simple013, colinross, Matt T, Hawk, Neo Avatars, Roy, Wildman, Ambo100, heb0
  12. Matt T


    Name of Monster: Bunny Examination: Hoppity, hoppity. Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Animal Level: 2 Life Points: 50 Drops: Bones (100%), Raw Rabbit Meat Primary Locations: East of Rellekka, under the Swaying Tree, Isafdar, inside the Air Altar. Description: The Bunny can be killed, cooked, and eaten for quick and easy healing during the Regicide Quest. Contributors: Ambo100, Matt T, Hawk, Shooter585, iPie, Damaged500, Randomness
  13. Matt T

    Big Snake

    Name of Monster: Big Snake Examination: "A big Snake" Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Snake Level: 84 Life Points: 1240 Drops: Bones (100%), Snake Corpse (100%)* Primary Locations: Crash Island Cave Description: Attacks with melee, can poison, *Only drops Snake Corpse when doing Recipe For Disaster Contributors: Colinross, Matt T, Randomness
  14. Matt T


    Name of Monster: Bat Examination: "Annoying flappy thing." Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Animal Level: 5 Life Points: 80 Drops: Bat Bones (100%) Primary Locations: Paterdomus/River Salve Dungeon, Karajama Volcano, Keep Le Faye, the Coal Carts west of Camelot, In front of the Slayer Tower. Description: Bat are very weak to ranged attacks. Contributors: scary monkey, Matt T, Roy, guthix worshiper, Kuraudo Sutoraifu, Lord Earth13, Hawk, Desireful, Damaged500, Randomness, Jacky, Ambo100
  15. Matt T

    Dire Wolf

    Name of Monster: Dire wolf Examination: "What big teeth you have." Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Animal Level: 88 Life Points: 860 Drops: Wolf Bones (100%), Gold Charms Primary Locations: Arandar, outside the Lletya Gates Description: Bigger version of a wolf, it is often killed as a Slayer task because of its higher Hitpoints than other wolves and because it is easy to get to. Contributors: Sir Sibannac, Matt T, Hawk, Roy, Randomness
  16. Matt T

    Dark Beast

    Name of Monster: Dark Beast Examination: "From A Darker Dimension." Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Demon Level: 182 Life Points: 2200 Drops: Bones, 65-3000 Coins, Black Battleaxe, Black Axe, Black 2H, Adamant Javelin (20), Rune Battleaxe, Rune Spear, Rune 2H Sword, Dragon Spear, Dark Bow, Adamant Square Shield, Rune Square Shield, Rune Kiteshield, Rune Chain Body, Rune Full Helmet, Dragon Medium Helmet, Steel Arrows (150), Rune Arrows (42), Blood Runes (7), Nature Runes (67), Air Runes (47), Chaos Runes (10), Death Runes (3-45), Law Runes (45), Silver Ore (100), Adamant Bar, Rune Bar, Shark (1-2), Assorted Uncut Gems, Cut Dragonstone, Herbs (1-2), 3 Dose Super Attack Potion, Half Key, Shield Left Half, Nature Talisman, Death Talisman Primary Locations: On the path to the Light Temple from West Ardougne, Kuradel's Dungeon Description: 90 Slayer is required to fight this monster. Its Max Hit is 18 and it attacks with magic if you are out of its melee range, which can hit up to 8, or melee if you are in its melee range. This monster is always aggressive Contributors: Sirsamuel24, Matt T, Hawk, Mephistopheles, Kuraudo Sutoraifu, Holl, Don Florty, kugel, Diabba, Jacky
  17. Matt T

    Aberrant Spectre

    Name of Monster: Aberrant Spectre Examination: "A very smelly ghost." Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Undead Level: 96 Life Points: 900 Drops: Clue Scroll (level 3), Mystic Robe Bottom (red), Coins (460), Nature Talisman, Loop Half of a Key, Tooth Half of a Key, Rune Full Helm, Shield Left Half, Assorted Uncut Gems, Lava Battlestaff, Blue Charm, Gold Charm, Green Charm, Crimson Charm, Adamant Plateleg, Champion Scroll. Primary Locations: Canifis Slayer Tower Desert Slayer Dungeon Description: Uses Magic attacks. It is recommended to use Dragonhide Armour against it. You also need a Nosepeg when you are around it, otherwise your stats will drop to 1 and it will deal constant damage. Requires level 60 Slayer to kill. A Macaw is good to increase the Herb drops sine they are already common. Good prayer boosting armour such as Proselyte and Protect from Magic is a popular way to kill them since you normally get enough Ranarrs to cover Pots as well as other Herbs to increase profit. You can also kill them in the Desert Slayer Dungeon, which is multi combat, allowing the use of Combat Familiars and Cannons. Contributors: redhairgoku, Matt T, Roy, Hawk, Neo Avatars, Randomness, Jacky, heb0
  18. Matt T

    Cow Calf

    Name of Monster: Cow Calf Examination: "Prelude to steak!" Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Mammal Level: 2 Life Points: 60 Drops: Cowhide (100%), Bones (100%), Raw Beef (100%) Primary Locations: In most fields, in a field to the west of Al Kharid. Description: Attacks with melee, primary source of Cowhide which can be tanned into Leather or Hard Leather. Contributors: colinross, Matt T, Hawk, As, Randomness
  19. Matt T


    Name of Monster: Dad Examination: An unusually large troll. Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Troll Level: 101 Life Points: 1500 Drops: Big Bones Primary Locations: Death Plateau Description: Dad can hit pretty hard until you fly. Melee protect is needed or a massive amount of food. Notes: Dad is part of the Troll Stronghold quest. There is one safespot in the place where Dad is though. You don't actually kill Dad, he asks you to stop after you get him low enough in HP. He then turns unagressive to you. Contributors: Evolution, Matt T, Kuraudo Sutoraifu, Mikey, mwolfe, Hawk, Randomness
  20. Matt T


    Name of Monster: Crab Examination: "Nice claw!" Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Animal Level: 21, 23 Life Points:: 180, 190 Drops: Crab Meat (100%), Fresh Crab Shell, Fresh Crab Claw Primary Locations: Underwater at Port Khazard Description: Attacks with melee, Small Crabs drop the shell, Larger Crabs drop the claw Contributors: colinross, Matt T, Hawk, Randomness
  21. Matt T

    Copper Longtail

    Name of Monster: Copper Longtail Examination: "Nothing much to get in a flap about." Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Animal Level: N/A Life Points: N/A Drops: Brown Feathers, Bones, Raw Bird Meat Primary Locations: Piscatoris Hunter area (Woodland) Description: Hunted using a Bird Snare, Requires 9 Hunter and gives 61 experience Contributors: salaman, Nick, Matt T, Randomness
  22. Matt T

    Black Unicorn Foal

    Name of Monster: Black Unicorn Foal Examination: "Cute but evil." Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Animal Level: 22 Life Points: 250 Drops: Bones (100%), Unicorn Horn (100%) Primary Locations: Forest east of Rellekka, Level 20 Wilderness near Bounty Hunter. Description: Will drop a Unicorn Bone, if you've started the Rag and Bone Man quest. Contributors: Sir Sibannac, Matt T, Hawk, Roy, iFree, Randomness
  23. Matt T

    Desert Wolf

    Name of Monster: Desert Wolf Examination: "A vicious desert wolf." Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Animal Level: 27 Life Points: 340 Drops: Wolf Bones Primary Locations: The Kharidian Desert Description: Very similar to wolves and dogs. Contributors: Woignar, colinross, Matt T, Randomness
  24. Matt T

    Bear Cub

    Name of Monster: Bear Cub Examination: "Cute. But deadly" Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Mammal Level: 15 Life Points: 200 Drops: Bones (100%) Primary Locations: South East of Rellekka Description: Not aggressive and does not retreat, attacks with melee Contributors: Colinross, Matt T, Randomness
  25. Matt T

    Evil Chicken

    Name of Monster: Evil Chicken Examination: "A fowl beast." Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Random Event/Animal, Nonexistent monster Level: 19-159 (depends on your combat level) Life Points: Various, depends on the monsters' level. Drops: Bones (100%), Raw Chicken (100%), Feathers (50-150, 100%), Egg Primary Locations: N/A Description: Uses magic to attack. Will always be above your own level. Contributors: Colinross, Matt T, Kuraudo Sutoraifu, Damged500 Please note that this monster no longer exists and is kept only for remembrance.

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