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    Medieval Fantasy

    Table of Contents 1] Contents/Rules/Characters (You are here) 2] Character sheet 3] Setting 4] My intro. Rules: 1] Please be literate. No chat speak. As best grammar and spelling as you can, the occasional mistake is okay, but s I said before "d0n7 74lk lyke dis". 2] No godmoding, or powerplaying. 3] Don't kill someone elses character unless you have permission. 4] Ask to join in. 5] Have fun! 6] To show you have read the rule, give me a cookie when you ask to join. Characters Involved: Kazziel - Played by Bone Daddy Ellibereth Asmodeus - Played by The Enigmatic One Zex Stormcaller - Played by Paradox Silavor Lightbringer - Played by Silavor Hexias Scarto McKnight - Played by Master Neverdead Hakin - Played by Haru Vaskeros Cornelius Cervantes - Played by Bloodomen When you ask to join, please fill out this character sheet. It is something for you too fill in, that outlines your charater. It is a fantasy rp, so you can make up your own race if you wanted! If you were to do that you'd have to have quite a good description, so we ca acuratly roleplay to your charater. Thank you for reading this. Character sheet [u]Name:[/u] [u]Race:[/u] [u]Age[/u] [u]Class:[/u] [u]Appearance:[/u] [u]Personality:[/u] [u]History (optional):[/u] [u]Weapons:[/u] [u]Unique Abilities/Powers:[/u] An example of a completed one is below. This is my character: Name: Kazziel Race: Drow Elf Age: 213 Class: Assassin/Rogue Appearance: Kazziel stands a normal 5'7" for a Drow. He hs shockinly white hair that flows a little past his shoulders like a waterfall. His eyes barely stand out in the gray skin of his face. They are as black holes in space. He has one pointed ear, the other one was cut in a previous battle. He also has a scar down his back from the same battle. His specially fitted leather armour makes no sound as he moves. Personality: Kazziel is irrational, and sometimes quick to anger. He is wise by human standards, but that is only from seeing two of their life times o by. By Drow standards he is a fool hardy youngster with a shoret fuse and a quick sword hand. History (optional): Coming from a race of Elves committed to war, Kazziel was trained in swordplay and in marksmanship with the crossbow. After his 80th birthday (cming of age) Kazziel left his city of birth for fortune and fame. He ended up in the gladitorial arena's of the humans. Being trained properly, Kazziel won all of his fights. One figt inparticular was a very close one. In the match that would win his freedom, Kazziel had retain a couple major injuries that would stay with him from then on. In a very close call with a sword, Kazziel lost the tip of his left ear. Also, as he was running for a shield, he had a dagger pulled down his back. If he had been any closer to his opponent, the dagger would havepierced is lungs and cut in spine in half. After he won his freedom, Kazziel had his fame, enough of it to get some work as an assassin. That is where he is up to this day. Weapons: A scimitar on his left hip and a crossbow on his right. Strapped to his right thigh is a small quiver for his poison tipped bolts. He has specially made this quiver, it has a top that can be fastened shut. This is because in his line of work, you find yourself in all sorts of positions. Unique Abilities/Powers: Dark sight (ability to see n the dark). Here is the setting: The world is in turmoil. It is on the brink of war. Every country is setting spies and assassins on the others. Trying to get a foothold, a head above everyone else. In this time the Elves are mobilizing in their woodlands, the Humans are foolishly locking up their castles and forts. Accepting no aid. The Dwarves, whom have long been sealed away in their mountain kingdoms, are fortifying every known path through, and around the mountains. These mountains are in the center of the continent, the roads around them are vital for troop mobilization and attacks on anyone other than your neighbor. You can place your chacter in any part of this wide world, but please don't leave him away from everyone. If he is on the other side of the continent, then make him ride with a troop of knights to deliver a message, or go on a campaigne and end up meeting another character. My intro: A cloaked figure walked up to the great gates of Hellea, asked the guard for passage, and followed a secondguard through a small door to the left of the gates. This door brought the figure through a series of tunnels under the walls, dimly lit by touches in brackets, every ten or twenty feet. These tunnels were quite wide, wide enough to lead a troop of men through, and every once in a while there was a ladder. They lead up to the top of the walls. After a good while of walking, th figure ws led into a small room, brightly lit by candles littered about as if the shadows were a disease to be warded away. There was a slightly pudgy man behind a desk, the guard motioned to him. "Hallo," the pudgy man cheerfully, it sounded quite forced, "I am Brother Harold. I'll just need your name, and your business in Hellea." "I'm," the figure paused, wondering if he should give his real name or not. He decided against it, "I'm Phillus, my business? I'm delivering a message to an old friend." "Alright then, sign here," Brother Harold pointed his quill to a small line in his gigantic book. Handing over the quill, the monk shoved what looked like a small pastrey into his mouth. The figured signed, and followed the guard through another door behind the desk and found himself in a small courtyard. The guard told him where to go to find the nearest inn, and left him. The figure followed the guards instructions and found a seedy run-down old building. Instead of going inside, the figure decided to go looking for a decent tavern.
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    Road To 80 Woodcutting!

    Gratz on 73 wc! How's it coming? Bored yet? haha :)
  3. Bone Daddy

    Road To 80 Woodcutting!

    Good luck man! I'll come wc with you when I get my members back P.S. I love the pics at the top. XD
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    99 Thieving

    Good luck! Add me to supprters. How good is Pyramid Plunder for training thieving?
  5. Bone Daddy

    Magically Growing

    Gratz man! I don't have the patience for farming. >_<
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    Green Dawn- Hilarius, Fun, And Exiting!

    Your RuneScape character name: Obajh FreePlay or Member: Freeplay for now. Your combat level [below level 50's can't join]: 82 Your RuneScape combat profession [including mixed profession or no combat]: Melee mostly Your email [recomended]: [email protected] Why you want to join, and a description about you: I love minigames.
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    Fremmy Trials Completed!

    Sweet! I can't remember my fremmy name. >_< Although I think it started with an 'R', so you know it's cool. Haha
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    To Get A Prized Armor And Other Goals.

    Good luck man, if you get bored I'll come train with you.
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    My Biggest Achievement

    Gratz on teh 70 Range! Mines still lvl 1.
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    Medieval Fantasy

    ||Ooc|| Yes, everyone can join. Sorry, I couldn't get on here for a while then when I could I forgot about this! Really sorry. I'll start now. @Master Neverdead: Yes, a map would be amazing! I don't have a map or a too detailed history of the world yet. You can help if you want. Pm me about it. ||Bic|| Walking around this strange, and surprisingly busy town, the figur looked right and left. Trying to find a tavern of some kind. He bumped into a couple beggars, and some rather shifty looking peple pushed their way passed him quite forcefully. Afte passing the stall selling maps 6 times, the figure decided he could use one. He reached for the pouch at his belt the held his last few coins, a saphire, and one ring. It wasn't very valueable, but the sentimental value was enough to curl even a dwarf's beard, not that it needed it. Feeling around, all around his belt, the figure froze. "Those little ba-" he spun on his heel and took off. Scanning the crowd for each and every person that touched him since he came through the gate house. Spotting one, the figure crouched down, then realized that this was a crowded street. If he stayed low, he would lose the thief, and stand out. Standing back up, the figure followed the thief at a fast pace, waiting until he went into an ally, or a.. "Tavern! Finally!" forgetting about his money problem for a minute, the figure started walking towards the bar. Then he rememberd and quickly took a seat two tables away from the thief, and his accomplice.
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    Ellie's Sig Shop - Please Close

    Size (default 400x130) Render: Click here Colors: Whatever goes best with it. Style (i.e. abstract, grunge, etc.): abstract Text: Bone Daddy
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    Goodbye, D Scimmy!

    Congratz man!
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    There Once Was A Story Of A Man And Serpent...

    Gratz man! I'm just a new skiller, and I was wondering if you needed combat for Hunting or not. This answers it. Thanks!
  14. Good luck Teh Spooner! How far'd you get in your goal to 105 combat? Add me ingame, maybe we can train together. RSN: Kazziel [Cartoon Hero]
  15. Bone Daddy

    [cartoon Hero's Skill Pure Log]

    Thanks! Yeah, I'm training fishing/cooking, and woodcutting/firemaking at the same time. Right now it's woodcutting/firemaking. I'm not a member yet, but I plan onn making this account a member. As soon as I get some of my skills higher, and get some money. I'm going to start posting every two or three levels in stead of every one, because at these levels I gain them too quickly. [Cartoon Hero]
  16. Bone Daddy

    [cartoon Hero's Skill Pure Log]

    I have just decided to lod my progress on my pure Kazziel. There won't be many pictures at first, just my starting stats, outfit, and current stats after I level once or twice. I haven't been taking pictures of my levels so far, because the thought of a log just came to me a little while ago. :D Starting Stats: My Outfit: My goals are: Runecrafting 1/30 Crafting 1/60 Mining 15/60 Smithing 6/60 Fishing 32/60 Cooking 34/60 Firemaking 34/60 Woodcutting 30/60 Total 176/450 Latest Level:
  17. Bone Daddy


    At the beginning of all and nothing, there were three gods. They created the world, and added their own races to the world. Ryhgar, the forger that created the frame of the world, added Dwarves to the mountains. Glehmar, the god of infinite light, put the elves in the vast forests, and humans on the plains. Fyrou the god of complete darkness put Ogres and Orcs to do her bidding. Ryhgar gave the dwarves chisles and hameers. Pick axes and furnaces. Soon the were tunneling into the moutains they loved, and perfecting their stone and metal work. They have closed their gates to the outside world, but a new king is thinking of starting new trade routes, aquiring various goods to show his wealth. Glehmar gave the elves an everlating life span, and an everlasting love of nature. In return, they give thanks and worship to only him. The elves recieved the ability to sing the trees into any shape they wish. That is where they chose to make their new home. They live in the vast forests in a southern climate. Recent events in the world have brought up the question whether the elves should close their lands off or not. Glehmar made the humans imperfect. He made them to be the balance keepers. If the balance ever tipped, a human would be born with a complete and utter desire for either good or evil. The humans had recieved little, they were taught how to hunt. Taught the ways of Glehmar, and secretly, Fyrou. Soon enough small hunting villages cropped up on the plains in central Draenok. Above all else, the humans recieved the gift of hope. All Fyrou gave her followers was the all powerful fear of her. They would do nearly anything she told them to, just out of fear. Any failure and you recieved the penalty of death. The evil godess told her followers they are better than everyone. Therefore they deserve the world. She plans to take the world, all for herself. Now it is 200 years later. Every race has a foothold in this world. They all have captols and clerics to their respective deities. There are a couple parts that are open, or you can make up your own. For the parts I have, you get to make up most of the character, just a few details are already filled in. [Parts] 1] Dwarven King Name- Race- Dwarf Age- 215 Class- Warrior Appearance- Personality- Biography- Weapons- Giant axe 2] Elven Council Member Name- Race- Elf Age- 432 Class- Cleric Appearance- Personality- Biography- Weapons- Mace [Character sheet] Name- Race- Age- Class- Appearance- Personality- Biography- Weapon(s)- [Rules] 1- Please be literate. 2- Follow Sal's rules 3- No gm-ing or pp-ing 4- Wait until I say it's alright before you join.
  18. Bone Daddy


    [[ You both can join, I forgot to put my character sheet on there. I'll put it here with an intro paragraph. Then we'll start. If anyone wants to join, just post here with your character sheet. I will also update the first post in a minute.]] Forum name- [Cartoon Hero] Name- Kazz Race- Human Age- 21 Class- Assassin Appearance- About average height, Kazz has shoulder length brown wavy hair, and blue eyes. He wears no armour, prefering black cloth for stealth. Personality- Kazz is laid back about everything, except his work. He was brought up a peasent and has never been taught how to appropriatly talk to the upper class. Kazz was taught to be tolerent of other races, but he still has his discriminate beliefs about every other race. Biography- Coming from a small farm outside a small town, Kazz had a hard childhood. He had heard of the gods as clerics passed on the road, but they never answered his prayers. The clerics said he was asking too much of them, but Kazz knew that they had turned a deaf ear to him. Thinking about this, Kazz thought he could do pretty much anything with out the gods caring. This is what started his career in contract killing. Weapon(s)- He has a dagger in his right leather boot, a small crossbow on his right hip, and a scimitar on his left hip. There is a small quiver of bolts strapped to his right thigh. He invented a way to seal the quiver and keep the bolts in as he usually ends up, upside down. [intro] "Yeah, I'll have another rum, Marty," a slender man in a travelling cloak told the bartender hovering over him. "Right away!" Marty, the bartender said, shuffling off. Removing the hood from his head, Kazz sat there. It was a late night, he had just finished a job and was waiting for his employer to come and pay. Looking around the room, Kazz noted several escaoe routes. "Here you are sir," the bartender said placing the rum on the table. Kazz flipped a coin at the bartender, and put his hood back up. Kazz sat there waiting. Occasionally sipping his rum. After what seemed like hours, a short man walked in. He looked very out of place in his bright coloured clothes and obvious nobility. This tavern was in the slums, the rough part of town. Thenobal man looked around nervously, then walked over to the table Kazz said he would be sittung at. "Drop the gold and leave," Kazz said in a deep voice. He never let his employers know his real voice or see his face. The nobal man dropped the money and hurried out. Kazz opened the pouch and counted the coins under the table.
  19. Bone Daddy

    Suicide Log! To 105 Combat!

    How's it going? What's your combat now? Need any lobbies or anything? I'd be glad to help!
  20. Bone Daddy

    The Road To 1000 Total

    Good luck on 1k total! Your not too far from it!
  21. Bone Daddy

    ~!~barr's Whopping Log~!~

    Nice man! You should post this at our forum =p Gratz on all your levels, and good luck on all of your goals!
  22. Bone Daddy

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    I just made a new E/W. What should I put the points in for Elementalist? Earth, Air, Water, or Fire? Or just in warrior and have the Ele for back up?
  23. Bone Daddy

    Suicide Log! To 105 Combat!

    I hope you make it! That wouold be awesome! I'm adding you in runescape!
  24. Bone Daddy

    Close Pweeeez

    Good luck! I'll be training slayer soon too, it's an annoyingly long skill to train. Hope you get you levels soon!
  25. Bone Daddy

    The Lawg Of Oober Poneig

    Sweet skill pure! How close ar you to your money goals on it? Good luck with it all.

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