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  1. Sporkenstein

    Kingdom Of Loathing

    anyone got a farmer build? like what equipment, skills, and areas to use?
  2. Sporkenstein

    Kingdom Of Loathing

    If anyone could, send me drinks or food to get some more adventures in. I don't want to sound like a beggar but it'd be nice to get a main character in KoL again. My name's Sporkenstein.
  3. Sporkenstein

    Kingdom Of Loathing

    I used to pwn this game but haven't played in forever so all my accounts have been deleted. What's new?
  4. Sporkenstein

    Official Wow Thread

    At 69 you can get a Riding Crop, +10% mount speed. Well you won't get rid of it for a long long time. Carrot on a stick+mithril spurs=win. Trinkets that actually give +stats= win. :P Add-ons that replace normal trinkets with mount trinkets during mounting =win. Noobs who argue about things absolutely meaningly such as getting to a place a few seconds faster = lose. A good 1h weapon would be the warsong blades. A mix of Protection and Retribution is best for grinding/farming/leveling. At 70, everyone laughs at DPS paladins, everyone wants a holy paladin to heal.
  5. Sporkenstein

    Hide And Seek

    Thanks for the critiques guys. You can have it just give credit for the original to me, please.
  6. Sporkenstein

    Hide And Seek

    It has the purpose of every other piece of literature, to tell a story. This is a short story hence the reason it is not a novel. Length does not make a story greater or lesser. This is the whole story and there will be no more.
  7. Sporkenstein

    Neverdead's Review Archives And Bookcase

    Hello there. I was hoping you might remember me but who knows. Anyways, I'm here to suggest my short work "Hide and Seek" for review. I know you've already read it but I reposted it for easy viewing and would enjoy some critiques. I'm also a wee bit competitive when it comes to writing and noticed praise going to chaos that I hope to steal. :P
  8. Sporkenstein

    Hide And Seek

    Since this topic had 60 replies and almost 1,900 views last time I posted it I figured it could go for a repost. Hope you have a good read. Ashbury Park was quiet on this particular autumn morning. The cool breezes and falling leaves were nearly the only sounds heard throughout the park. The swing sets were empty, the seesaws had no children playing on them, and the sandbox was without the shouts of young children. Even though it seemed as if the park was bare, if you listened closely you could hear a faint voice, "Three, four, five..." It was the voice of a child, seemingly alone, whose head was against the trunk of a large willow tree. She continued to count on, "Eight, nine..." and then she paused, as if trying to listen for a sound, "Ten!" The girl jerked off of the tree and spun around and opened her eyes, "Ready or not here I come!" She ran throughout the park, searching behind each bush, checking around each tree, and crawling through all the tunnels inside the park. After what seemed hours of searching she paused and sat down, thinking of where else to look. She closed her eyes, hoping that it would help her concentrate, and continued to think about where she hadn't searched. Then she grinned suddenly, hopped off of the grass, and ran over to a chainlink fence. The girl followed the fence and found a gate; she opened it and ran through. This was the other part of the park that parents did not let their children play in. Little did the child know it was a construction sight at the time, but all she saw it as was a larger playground. After she looked around the "playground" she realized that the other boy must've left because he got bored. That was the only reason she could not find him, because she had looked everywhere, hadn't she? The girl sat down once more and closed her eyes in exhaustion. She sat there for a few minutes and then began to doze off. A whispered voice came beside her ear, "I'm the seeker now." The girl leapt up off of the ground, startled by the voice. She whipped around in a desperate attempt to see who's sore voice it was that had talked to her. As she turned, she saw nothing, only an empty playground, and that fence. She did however, realize one thing, the gate was closed and she had left it open. The little girl's eyes were starting to burn with tears of confusion and bewilderment. She ran to the fence, and as she did she heard an ominous voice call out, "One, two...You'd better hide..." The girl ran as fast as she could, passing the sandbox, "three, four, five...I can still see you..." passing, the seesaws, "six, seven...Run, run, run..." past the swing sets, "eight, nine," then the voice stopped. The girl collapsed with a sigh of relief, and she then began to breathe more steadily. She had started to cry again, crying because the voice had stopped and she was now safe. "...Ten," with that the girl gave a scream but it was muffled by a stranger's gloved hand.
  9. Sporkenstein

    Official Wow Thread

    3, except for the looks ravagers should not appeal to you in any other way and it will slow down your leveling
  10. Sporkenstein

    Official Wow Thread

    Getting the crossbow would still take farming unless I got lucky on getting the first drop which I can pretty much say I will not be. I knew where both the ranged weapons dropped but you sounded kind of like, "Well just grab this," and I was saying it's not as easy to get items from raid instances on Horde as it is on Alliance because we don't have as good as guilds or as many people.
  11. Sporkenstein

    Official Wow Thread

    It's not as easy to farm items from instances on Horde as it is on Alliance. Even the best guild on Horde has less active 70s than the 10th best on Alliance. (on my server at least, the population is really imbalanced) Umm, you're mistaken. Attumen the Huntsman and Midnight = the First boss of Karazhan, and Opera Event(if you even get Big Bad Wolf) is 4th in line. Attumen then Moroes and then Maiden of Virtue then Opera Event. How am I wrong? We are talking about completely different subjects. I believe you read what I wrote wrong.
  12. Sporkenstein

    Official Wow Thread

    It's not as easy to farm items from instances on Horde as it is on Alliance. Even the best guild on Horde has less active 70s than the 10th best on Alliance. (on my server at least, the population is really imbalanced)
  13. Sporkenstein

    Official Wow Thread

    The guild needs more DPS and they are looking for hunters. I got the Sonic Spear and slapped a Savagery enchant on it (I know it's glitched at the moment). Once that gets fixed I'll have uber RAP and some nice 24% crit chance. My gun is (not too sure, drops in the Mechanar I believe) Telescopic Sniper Rifle or something. I'm using that until I can farm Kara for the wolfslayer gun which looks amazing by the way. I'm friends with alot of the guildies of the guild I'm trying to get into and I got them to vouch for my uberness. Farming reputation sucks big time.
  14. Sporkenstein

    Official Wow Thread

    Dinged 70 about a week ago on my orc hunter. (Vek'Nilash) Applied to a raiding guild but those people won't let me know if I'm in or not. Almost done getting attuned for Karazhan and I aquired my level 70 spear and gun. Farming Sha'tar reputation now for a mail belt I want and one more Shadow Labs run for revered with Lower City. I think that catches us up.
  15. Sporkenstein

    Official Wow Thread

    It's not like mana where the skills have higher energy costs at different ranks. The energy cost will always be the same unless you have an item/talent that changes it.

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