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  1. Dustin

    Multi-site Steel War 4 (oct 18, 2pm Edt)

    you can bring any food and any pot that you want from what i understand anchovies+swordies+str pot is the best inventory to have
  2. Dustin

    Multi-site Steel War 4 (oct 18, 2pm Edt)

    About the new location Throughout the day i have been checking out the new PVP update, and wow Jagex really did a good job on this one. So good that i am changing the location of the event to the classical fight location and changing the team meeting areas to various safe zones within the game. On top of this there will also be a new after-party that will take the place of the tourney, not sure what it will be but any ideas would be greatly appreciated Random Statistics Based on the numbers, it appears as if this will mainly be a war between Tip.it and Pure Community, however the graphs are missing a critical element and that is RSC. It is difficult to judge how many people will attend for them due to the deletion of the topic, however at least some clan support is likely. These numbers also don't include strategy topics, so really any site could prevail
  3. Dustin

    Multi-site Steel War 4 (oct 18, 2pm Edt)

    that picture made me smile hitpoints, i'll add it to the main page under a propaganda section
  4. Dustin

    Multi-site Steel War 4 (oct 18, 2pm Edt)

    no level limit, everyone can come :( all mellee weapons are allowed from a rune dagger to a rune battleaxe, however your Armour must be steel sals's cape is the blue cape, and you are supposed to meet in FFA dangerous, but you may wait outside of the portal as well if you want to avoid random pk'ers
  5. Dustin

    Multi-site Steel War 4 (oct 18, 2pm Edt)

    it is dangerous for a few reasons 1) people wont return as much 2) if it was safe then people with expensive items could constantly come back thereby allowing a few people to make a big impact 3) to make it at least feel like a tiny sacrifice has been made (if you cant afford rune then you can use addy or whatever) The after event is organized by me as well (my RSN is knife man), and yea it the same rules
  6. Dustin

    Multi-site Steel War 4 (oct 18, 2pm Edt)

    Runescape Community is what they call the forum on Zybez, so zybez will be there :(
  7. Official Signature [url="http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=239194"][img=http://dimg.biz/dynamicImages/Custom/MSSW4/Sig/MSSW4SA.png][/url] Official Banner [url="http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=239194"][img=http://dimg.biz/dynamicImages/Custom/MSSW4/MSSW4Banner.gif][/url] Propaganda By: hitpoints
  8. Dustin

    Multi-site Steel War 4 (delayed)

    I am sorry to say this (especially to you guys at sals), but MSSW4 will be delayed until the newest update to the clan wars system is released. The reason for this is because I believe that the new elements added by this update will make this war much more entertaining and for an event that happens 2 times a year that is something worth waiting another month for . Also there is a possibility that the free for all arena may be just what we are looking for. In the meantime any debates as to what settings the clan wars arena should be set to would be much enjoyed :) Personally I am leaning towards First team to 300 kills with a 45 min time limit and you keep items on death with magic, range and range disabled of cource :)
  9. Dustin

    Multi-site Steel War 4 (delayed)

    divisions would be pretty sweet, but it would make the war much too complicated IMO
  10. Dustin

    Multi-site Steel War 4 (delayed)

    yea if they could raise the cap to 1000 for just 1 day it'd be epic and i'd mail jagex like $100 lol, for sparta! as for being leader i'm not entirely sure how it will be decided but odds are it'll come down to a concensus
  11. Official Signature [url=http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=231425][img=http://dimg.biz/dynamicImages/Custom/MSSW4/Sig/MSSW4SA.png][/url] Official Banner [url=http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=231425][img=http://dimg.biz/dynamicImages/Custom/MSSW4/MSSW4Banner.gif][/url]
  12. being canadaian it is pretty much a requirement to drink, personally i dont do it alot but i have tried the stuff
  13. Dustin

    Does Sals Have A Clan?

    MSSW4 should be happening some time in may, but it may be later if Jagex doesn't create a way to allow for large scale wars.
  14. Dustin

    Metalkon's Is No Longer Muted!

    wow 1 billion...thats unreal. I'll defiantly be their *writes down on calendar*
  15. yesterday capes were 7gp, this sudden price increas will mean that many noobs will go without cabbage for weeks ^_^ lets hope the price of steel doesnt go up, since that would force lumbridge into a riot

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