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  1. Em Jay

    Void Knights' Outpost City Gude

    That map was taken directly from Runescape.com. You need to make your own map for it to be "Mapped by Magic*Star95" I'll remove it, but don't even think about putting it back. That'll be a warn.
  2. If by "a lot of money.", you mean maybe 2k if they're lucky? This guide is pointless, but apparently, Sal approved it (?) So it thrives. Also, zachary, no one word posts. And it's spelt "knowen" not "nowen"
  3. Em Jay

    Ancient Magicks!

    don't do a one word post. Especially if it's and abbreviation. Verbal
  4. Em Jay

    Jure's Drop Log

    WoaH! That's intense! I'll call you "Mr. Whippy" from now on, k? -.- Hehe..I remember that pm i sent you in the last pic. I had no idea yuo had just got a whip :0
  5. Em Jay

    ~!~ Lakerkobe's Lovely Log ~!~

    Woah. All i can say is: l33t. And God luck with more, if you are doing any trips soon, give me a hoot, i'll be doing them too :)
  6. Em Jay

    Famous People! Post Them All Here!

    You asked me to say that! So i said hi, and kinda twisted your words a little :) Anyway, now for my picture. I saw H A 12 D in edgy bank, burying bones a few weeks ago :0
  7. Em Jay

    Random Levels

    This is a Sticky for your random levels, that some people just HAVE to post. Go on, and no spamming, like posting and saying "Congratulations.." Add something on to that, make it a full sentance..

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