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    "The best part is always the least, and of that best part the wiser is always the lesser."

    "You were the dead; theirs was the future. But you could share in that future if you kept alive the mind as they kept alive the body, and passed on the secret doctrine that two plus two make four." -1984

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  1. Synapsi

    Post calf pics!

  2. Synapsi

    Permanent removal of Adam?

    I get this is meant to just be a goofy topic but is anyone actually concerned it’s “fair” that Adam has a nostalgic title when there are old forumers being IP banned? Seems pretty asinine to me and the creation of this thread after Adam asked about Mic is kinda eyebrow raising
  3. Exactly this. It’s got a lil of the old forum feel, except Adam is a 1%er now
  4. Currently Adam, B0b, sobend, and heb0 are mods, if that helps eta: and I know, I’d be wary of Adam inviting me too
  5. As someone with the misfortune of interacting with him on the discord for an extended period of time, until he got himself banned there, I’d press back on “matured a lot” unless you’re still keeping him in the category of still-quite-toxic. It takes a special kind of person to get banned from the same fansite community twice a decade apart.
  6. So we’re ice fishing? You could have told me so I at least had the opportunity to dress appropriate. Look at what you’re wearing
  7. Synapsi

    Charlie My Love

    Oh Adam I'm so sorry.
  8. Synapsi

    Yay life

  9. Synapsi

    Yay life

    Don't I know it. He was a rescue from the local pound as a 2 year old
  10. Synapsi

    Yay life

    Nope, but there's a dog
  11. Synapsi

    Yay life

    What better to do than mimic my 15 year old self and overshare on the internet? My last blog post was basically at the start of my self-discovery journey and so much has been going on since then. This past year I met my best friend who is about the only person I feel comfortable spilling my guts to, and is basically my rock. Which is timely because my 7 year relationship/3.5 year marriage is officially finished and she's hurt me so bad I don't know what to do most days. And now I have the pleasure of splitting our assets, including our house that I poured myself into, and eventually moving back in with my parents. So yeah, stay in school, kids, it's safer there.
  12. Synapsi

    Sal's Guestbook v2.0

    Right? It's like, I remember you! ...from 16 years ago lol
  13. Synapsi


    No worries Wilt, I had quite a bit of nostalgia seeing a lot of familiar names there. Some of them seemingly living somewhat close to me too. It was quite the blast from the past, as short as I made it. I’m often finding myself missing the sense of community I had in sal’s back in the day, within the last year uniquely even more so. It doesn’t help that on average my coworkers are 10 years minimum older than me, and in different places in their lives than me as well. Hell, that’s probably true across the industry for all I know. And for a while now the vast majority of my friends have scattered in pursuit of their own lives. It puts me at an odd place in my life with so few connections, barring family. So yeah, the good ol’ rusty sals blog it is.
  14. Synapsi


    I can appreciate the sentiment, I’m just in a weird flux IRL as you could imagine. I’m out to close friends and immediate family, and let’s just say my in-laws fall well to the right politically which made that conversation exceptionally hard. So yeah, it’s not that I’m scared of talking with any ol’ slammer because I wouldn’t be posting now if I were but I wasn’t ready to be putting out fires on a second (or third) front. Ya never know where word will travel is all. So Wilt (and the dozen or two assorted slammers), if you see this, now you know why I was so skittish with the FB group chat lol. It was literally less than 24 hours after I’d posted on here saying I’m lgbt.

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