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  1. A Hero In Orbit

    How Will You Raise Your Children?

    With an iron fist. I will beat my daughter until CPS takes her from me
  2. A Hero In Orbit

    My Whole Town Knows I Am Autistic....

    Just be yourself and take thar approach to interact. I'm not going to say that nobody will judge you, because that's a lie. I judge everyone I see and meet myself. But, you shouldn't be worried or concerned about what thy think. The only time you fail, is when you don't try.
  3. A Hero In Orbit

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    ROFL thought i could surf the web...then i realized only searches on the Xbox360 itself :( though,fudge microsoft,the nintendo wii has browsing,and ps3,why not the computer software giant have it too? Because it's a waste of time. this browsing on consoles just sucks cause of lack of keyboard Even though you can plug in a keyboard through the xbox's USB port :D
  4. A Hero In Orbit

    The Elder Scrolls

    My Conjured creatures will rule the battlefield.
  5. A Hero In Orbit

    Name Some Games You Love But No One Else Does.

    Two Worlds (Xbox360) FF: DoC (PS2) Doritos Dino Dash (XBLA) Yugioh 5D's (XBLA) Buck Bumble (N64) Judge Dread (Sega Genesis)
  6. A Hero In Orbit

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

  7. A Hero In Orbit

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Depends if the multiplayer aspect of shooters can hold you. I know I can dump more time playing MW3 online than playing Skyrim. I do expect to get a good 110-130 hours of gameplay off Skyrim though.
  8. A Hero In Orbit

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Ugh, can't wait until Skyrim tonight. Been hooked on MW3. Had a blast playing through campaign. Only thing left on my checklist after tonight is My Collector's Edition of Mass Effect 3 <3
  9. A Hero In Orbit

    Zombie Story.

    Meftah was startled by the body plummeting towards him. He made a dive just in time fore the body to hit the stairs instead of him. The body began to roll down towards the foot. Diving onto stairs caused pain to shoot through Meftah's lower body. He could stand though, so he assumed that he hit his knee on a step or some sort. Meftah threw a glance down to see the body already getting back on it's feet. He couldn't believe his eyes. When the body started lurching clumsily up the steps, meftah's instincts kicked in, and he found his body moving him up the steps, towards his floor. Adrenaline was coursing through his system. Meftah kicked the door to his floor open, with his weapon at the ready.
  10. A Hero In Orbit

    Zombie Story.

    Meftah snatched the rifle and checked it. Only a few shots off a full 30-round magazine. He already had a riybd in the chamber and his safety was off. After satisfying himself with his pre-checks, Meftah entered the building with his weapon at the low-ready. His first agenda was to get to his apartment and snag a couple more magazines of ammunition. "Better safe than sorry.. ' Meftah mumbled to himself. He made it to the bottom of the stairway without encountering any hostiles. He knew if it's easy now, then it's going to be hell later. He began ascending the stairs with his weapon trained above him.
  11. A Hero In Orbit

    Story (ooc).

    Synopsis pl0x
  12. A Hero In Orbit

    Zombie Story.

    Meftah was relieved to be out of cuffs. He knew it would be too much to ask the officer for a gun. He faced the opened doorway. "...... Hey, I'm going in, I have to save Cassie, she's everything to me. If I may request, please radio in for backup. I don't think this is mere gangsters we're facing here." With that, Meftah turned around and headed through the doorway.
  13. A Hero In Orbit

    Zombie Story.

    Sorry sorry, I'll get something up today. Things came up that I hadn't expected. ~John It's Kay, I remember my first beer o.O
  14. A Hero In Orbit

    Zombie Story.

    John stop giving your Story RP your attention and share the love with this rp as well :(
  15. A Hero In Orbit

    Zombie Story.

    Meftah needed a second to get everything in perspective. The man didn't bother to open the unlocked door, but try to come crashing through? And the blood arouns the man's mouth?!? Meftah has seen many zombie movies before and wanted to come upon that conclusion, but he knew that zombies weren't real. He turned to the officer. "Look, I understand you have guidelines, but something is not right here. Please uncuff me, I promise I'll be more of a help than nuisance. It's not like I'm going to try to make a run for it. You have all my ID." Meftah urged as he heard other sounds of wooden doors splintering. Some sounding too close for comfort.

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