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  1. the warrior

    Runescape Hd Wont Work With Opengl Anymore

    my java is up-to-date. i rerun graphic already but it's still remains the same. im not the only one who's having this problems. direct x just too laggy and software is laggy and sucks at the same time. meanwhile jagex still havet done shizzle to fix it.
  2. ok i used to play runescape in hd with opengl just fine. it used to run smoothly without any lags unlike direct x. but after 2 months without playing runescape, i try to play it with opengl and this is the type of screen i get: can anyone told me what's went wrong? it used to work just fine with opengl back in the days. EDIT: shizzle i cant post images on this board for some reason. but anyways the screen looked chopped up and it's impossible to play under that type of graphic.
  3. the warrior

    Runescape Has Ruined My Life

    with all these updates since beginning of 2010 (started from nomad's requiem) and this silly article from mod mark about grandmaster quest i doubt anyone other than extreme hardcore nerds will still be addicted to this game.
  4. the warrior

    To Get Members Or Not To Get Members?

    as an ex-member (yes i kinda quit on rs now and im not sure when i gonna go back), i would say dont get member and quit runescape if u can. have u read the article about grandmaster quest by mod mark? i personally think that mod mark's a good gamer but he doesnt know how to run a game, look at all these updates since beginning of 2010. and i think jagex is on some kind of nerd trip (and many obssessive runescape nerds who has no life are going along with it) and trynna turn runescape into call of duty type of game which is just ridiculous. now it aint a good time to get member maybe u should wait till they realize wtf they're doing is hurting the game.
  5. the warrior

    Too Many Hardcore Combat Quests

    Grown men know how to spell check and not whine. This might be one of the most poorly defended threads I have ever seen on this forum. Most everyone who has responded has done so with logical points, while your posts have been abysmal to say the least, with little thought or effort given to them. This last post does not even address the topic except to rant about your RS playing time, which was your final response in your other thread too, which none of us could care about in the least. You tell us about your stats in your other thread asking about this quest while you don't even bother to put that account's name as your RS name, but 2 accounts with no ranked stats, which just makes you look like the troll, especially when you have the nerve to put in your other thread title "no trolling" in caps, which is the majority of your posts thus far. Really, flaming others by calling people "nerds" just because you might not like their opinion? Real mature and "grown" dude... The worst part is I kinda agree with you in that I don't really like the combat stuff myself, since it doesn'tt really do it for me either, and my cb is relatively high (128 atm). If I wanted to fight huge boss monsters, I'd do GWD, DKs, stuff like that. I actually have to train my range and pray up now, 2 skills I really don't like to train. It's been a long time since I've had to train for ANY quest, but that's fine. If Jagex is deciding that they want to make quests tougher, that's their prerogative. If that's what I have to do to dust off my quest cape, so be it. Its not a big deal, it's pixels, mouse clicks and time. It's actually nice to see so fm not even with the worst spells?ew quest capes out there for a change. imo. But whining about it isn't going to help. 1. i changed name. didnt u know u can change ur name? 2. btw why the fudge am i the only one got picked on while i dont even got the worst spells? why i always attract trolls whereever i go? 3. nerds? im stating the facts here ok? i call em for what they are. do i have to be political correct about everything? do u even know what grown really mean? 4. the worst part is that u kinda agree with me? well...i take it as someone frustrated with spelling and the term "nerd". if that's the case then u should know that ppl dont always have to be formal all the time to get their ideas straight. as long as it's literated then it's good. 5. whinning? well im just speaking for what itt really is. matter fact if its not for trolls on rs board (10 times worser than here) i would post it there and have jagex mods read it.
  6. the warrior

    Can I Do The New Quest

    it's aight man. i guess jagex are finally sick n tired of those nerds who complains about shizzles been too easy on runescape. lol if its that easy then try other games then u pathetic dorks. i done arguing with those nerds on rs official forum. i guess ill still play, but not as much. just do a slayer task or penguin hide and seek here and there. perhaps i can get to the required level to do the quest as well as combat lv to actually beat the quest after one or two years if im still interest in rs which i really think i shouldnt since im a grown man now. i play this game since i was 17 and i guess that's where it get me too. it also released one day before my birthday, i guess it's a birthday present from jagex to tell me to grow the fudge up. good job on finally completely unnerd me jagex.
  7. the warrior

    Too Many Hardcore Combat Quests

    "I beet all boses 'cus I has overpowered weaponz, Jagex so dum, evrythin so eazy liek omg I pwn all". lol i wasnt the one who said it obviously. overpowered? lol. i guess jagex has finally sick n tired of all these nerds and done something extreme that even effect those moderate players like me. i done arguing with em on jagex forum, they seems dont even realize that they're acting nerdy. it's even funnier that they try to talk gangsta but failed miserably. perhaps that's what u get for a liberal, over-technologied society. well guess what. i guess ill still play from time to time, do a slayer task here slayer task there, penguin hide and seek here and there. eventhough i might play less than before. perhaps ill get to that lv in one or two years if i still interested in rs by that time which i shouldnt since im a grown man and i need to act like a gorwn man who puts money on the table and knows how to keep a woman longer than 3 months. responsibility and maturity is a virtual.
  8. the warrior

    Too Many Hardcore Combat Quests

    well i've done blood runs deep finished dagannoth mother execution stlye and i still said pretty similar things about that quest after i finished it. i was about to do the quest i can train the official requirement but not after i see combat stat all 99 players got their ass whooped, that's when i actually gave a second thought about this quest. u trolls dont try to distract ppl. shizzle it seems like trolls pretty much follow me around all the time. I WANNA KNOW WHY I AM SO EASY TO ATTRACT TROLLS?
  9. the warrior

    Too Many Hardcore Combat Quests

    The difference is, this topic is about the frequency of combat quests, we have had 3 quests which are heavily oriented towards combat and less to the puzzle and combat way. I think this is jagex's response to high level content requests, it means that there is a large range in challenges to complete all the quests, and provides for all people. I have noticed that recent quests seem to be shorter with larger rewards, I prefer these - but I do miss nice long storylines. the only smart response so far. and we're supposed to be whinners when it's em who whined about players with lower level than em getting quest cape when quest cape was never really a skill cape to begin with. to me it's just to show how clever the player is not how rich or high stats the player is. stop telling ppl stop whining when u probably whine more than anyone about low-level players having quest cape. wgs is truly a classic. see it has everything a good grandmaster quest supposed to have: high but reasonable requirements, clever puzzle, tough but not the nearly-unbeatable boss, great rewards, great plot and a deep meaning. and this one just a true disappointment. let's just wait it out jagex probably either gonna lower nomad's level to a reasonable one or simply delete this quest for all good.
  10. the warrior

    Too Many Hardcore Combat Quests

    People complain about everything these days, nothing is ever easy enough. Fixed well u dont see me complain about while guthix sleeps didnt u? it's not even about hard, it's about a word called "overdose".
  11. the warrior

    Can I Do The New Quest

    man i just done checking the official runescape forum. it seems that many all combat stats 99 have died multiple times (dunno if i should call em dumb since i do see some lv above 100 died while doing desert treasure...one word, dumb ass). ok it seems that ppl have mixed opinions about this quest, some says good, some says too far (i also watched video and i would say jagex does go too far this time), i would say to ppl with similar stat with me, just wait, trust me if enough ppl complaining and enough all-combats-99ers dying they will reduce nomad's lvl and max hit a bit to a playable to majority of high lv players level. just think outside of box u dont need to play hardballs with a runescape quest. i'mma just chill for now and do a couple slayer tasks if i want to and wait for the complaints to be built up.
  12. the warrior

    Can I Do The New Quest

    dont u get it.i knew it already. im not even planning on safespot him becuz i know it's pretty much useless. i'll just range in close distance, what i called shotgun style. i killed balance elemental of while guthix sleeps that way in like my 3rd attempts. ill bring ectophial but i gotta make sure i can actually teleport in case if i screw up on something and i dont have to start all over if i teleport. btw anyone with a tactic of how to kill the avatar thing?
  13. the warrior

    Can I Do The New Quest

    my tactics is pretty much use ruby e bolts while wearing helm of neitiznot as well as glory ammy and black d hide since i heard his attacks are mostly magic based melee. bring a bottle or 2 sara brew for nomad's special attack (hits to one below maximum xp), and since i aint gonna melee much so ill just bring my rune c bow as well as a melee weap in case like ddp++. i aint gonna safespot him since he's gonna teleport and set up traps anyways. other than that ill just use plenty of rocktails. i dont need a beast of burden i beat dagannoth mother and balance elemental without beast of burden so i dont think nomad or the avatar thing aint gonna be much harder than dagannoth mother or balanced elemental.
  14. i mean take a look at the 2 newest quests out there: blood runs deep and nomad requiem. they both have boss fights that's wayyyyyyyyyyy too hard. while guthix sleeps is hard and with a strong boss (balance elemental) too but at least it has a pretty good plot and i like that quest. i think jagex is trying too hard to make quests into classic combat quests like desert treasure but they overdone it and these new quests are pretty much all about fight and nothing else just like a bottle of steroid. plus jagex needs to realize that they dont necessesarily need large amounts of combat to make quests into classic. take a look at quests like lunar diplomacy, regicide...etc. like c'mon let me ask u, who on runescape doing quests only for combat?
  15. the warrior

    Can I Do The New Quest

    i lost my quest cape becuz of this quest. i done the blood runs deep and successfully beat the dagonnoth mother in my 5th attempts. so i wanna see how hard this boss fight gonna be (so many hardcore combat quests...). ok here's my stat: combat lv 104, attack 76, strgth 83, defence 76, magic 77, hp 81, summoning 45 (im not big into it), prayer 70 (im not prayer 70 yet but if i am). i have d plate, d leg, d med helm, d boots, legend cape, d scimmy, whip, ancient staff, barrow golves from recipe for disaster, barrelchest anchor, rune c obw, able to afford plenty of ruby and diamond bolts, able to cast ancient magic. am i gonna survive the avatar fight and the boss fight? plz no trolling.

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