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  1. ohai, been a while, thinking bout starting playing again, just stopping by to say hello <3

  2. xSmiley 420

    Skill Competition 94 - Thieving

    Sign me ups Voted Theiv, wouldve voted DG, but finally got 120 so not in the mood
  3. xSmiley 420

    I'm Back

    Welcome Back! Glad to see some of the oldies coming back ;)
  4. xSmiley 420

    My Introduction

    Umm... yeah this is just a little suspicious...
  5. xSmiley 420

    Sal's Vorago

    Was a lot of fun, I think i brought the good luck tho ;) , the one and only attempt I came for is the one where we got the kill :P Lets do it again, i need 99 more rago kills
  6. xSmiley 420

    Skill Competition 89 - Mining

    Sign me Edit: Add "a Smileyface" & "a Pokerface"
  7. xSmiley 420

    Skill Competition 88 - Ranged

    just sign, ill do it
  8. xSmiley 420

    Skill Competition 87 - Woodcutting

    Lets cut some wood Sign up
  9. xSmiley 420

    Skill Competition 86 - Thieving

    Voted Theiv Sign up me
  10. xSmiley 420

    "Skill" competition #85 - PvM Medium

    My Final Edit: to make easy for Leafius 33 Corp Kills
  11. xSmiley 420

    Skill Competition 84 - Overall

    I know its been a few days but i found a way to see who gained what xp in each skill go to: http://www.runeclan.com/user/*USERNAME*/xp-tracker then set one of the coloums to double xp weekend so for exampe, mine would be: http://www.runeclan.com/user/a+Smileyface/xp-tracker
  12. Some very interesting stats for the Double XP Weekend, check them out! Chart Key: The values are what was gained on DXP weekend and a comparable weekend before DXP announcement is highlighted. There was 1139 Billion xp gained: There were 7.2 Million Levels gained: There were over 51k 99's gained: There were over 2k 120 Capes achieved: And there were over 350 200m's achieved: What was donated to the well? More than 11,500 players donated over 50 billion wealth into the well over the weekend. Items include 5x partyhats, 35 h'ween masks, 226 million seeds, 88,500 cups of tea and 1 lone beer barrel amongst other things.
  13. xSmiley 420

    "Skill" competition #85 - PvM Medium

    sign me to this thingy, then remind me wha i have to do, thats way to much to read, i like when its jus a vote and post :)
  14. xSmiley 420

    Skill Competition 84 - Overall

    I posted my xp before i was added to the tracker so here it is after bxp is over a Smileyface a Binky

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