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  1. I do enjoy not being blinded when I go on here every so often.
  2. Here's the problem: why would anybody go to this site? (that's not a dig against Sal's, that's a question). Clans left at some point and besides the fact that pking isn't exactly the most alive thing they ain't coming back. Guides are nice but the problem is that guides are quicker and more numerous on the rs wiki. I think it's super admirable that people here still write guides but it's a losing (if not lost battle). I don't know what the current stats are and maybe I'm wrong, but I suspect anybody coming to Sal's for guides doesn't know about the RS wiki. And that's not down to quality of guides or whatever necessarily, the RS wiki just has way more people and so way more information about everything. Why would I go to the RS wiki to look up info on an item but then switch back to Sal's for a guide? And Phoenix Rider is 100% right: many people moved on and never looked back. I know a bunch through other means that never come here anymore because they lost the interest. I personally also frankly don't have much reason to come here, because there's not that many threads I'm interested in. The debate subforum, alive though it was when Gnostic Christian Bishop still stalked these halls, is dead. I don't have enough energy or interest to make it alive again personally, as cool as it would be to see it liven up again. I don't want to crap all over your ambitions, I just don't think it can be done - not when Runescape itself is just not very active and reddit exists. If a new skill comes out I'll check the Runescape subreddit to see what the best skill is, not Sal's - it's just too slow.
  3. Are you enjoying that DLC? I was wondering whether it was worth picking up or not.
  4. Wait, what's the difference between Zybez and Zybez forums?
  5. I confess I've not played it much but from what I've seen the combat is entirely uninteresting. I also don't have any particular desire to keep the game open that much but that's not really a knock against the game per se. If I had the data bundle I might try and catch some pokemans. I confess I've not played it much but from what I've seen the combat is entirely uninteresting. I also don't have any particular desire to keep the game open that much but that's not really a knock against the game per se. If I had the data bundle I might try and catch some pokemans.
  6. Bought Hyper Light Drifter (though not from Steam), it's really cool. It's sort of like a top down Zelda except the fighting has a sort of Dark Souls-y vibe to it. I'm really enjoying it so far. It's also really beautiful I think. Also got Firewatch for my birthday and damn that's a good one of those games.
  7. ENLARGE YOUR WINDOWS PARTITION WITH THIS SIMPLE TRICK Also, oh, bloody hell, ETS2 Scandinavia for six euros and Gat Out of Hell for four. And EU4: the Cossacks for 7, but that's still a bit too high. :( Yuan and/or reepi: is The Stanley Parable worth it? (I see you both in the "dudes who have this game" box) It's pretty cool, I still need to play through it more. I wouldn't call it mindblowing though.
  8. skip pillars of eternity, not good enough there are enough great isometric rpg's, you don't have to play the mediocre ones play divinity OS, shadowrun dragonfall and hongkong to name a few I'll keep that in mind. I might just ignore it until it's super cheap then.
  9. I've got an entire list of games on isthereanydeal.com (great website) but I suspect most of them won't fall low enough. I'm mostly curious about games that aren't currently on my radar I guess. And potentially Elder Scrolls Online and Pillars of Eternity. I don't anticipate spending too much though.
  10. I started playing Divinity: Original Sin because the enhanced edition came out and I never finished the original, and hot damn that's still a good game. I hope I actually get to the end this time because I am genuinely interested in the story. I also bought and started X: Rebirth and I don't think I'm into it. It seems so cool in concept but I just get sorta overwhelmed and give up. Anybody else familiar with the X games? That's really too bad, because it's such a fantastic game otherwise. I can get not wanting to take that risk though. You could always wait for it to inevitably become dirt cheap!
  11. Perhaps, if you have the income to sustain such a strategy (colonies cost exponentially more if you have more colonies than colonists, found it the hard way when seizing colonies from Spain and Portugal at the same time, and found myself with a bottom line of -110 ducats per month WHAT Once I've established beachheads in varied places (centres of trade, river estuaries, hell yeah trading income), I tend to colonise one cluster at a time so that one 3-infantry unit will cover more than one colony in case natives go berserk, along with 3 boats to take them wherever I want to colonise :D Iirc, one of the latest expansions deals with native uprisings, in a tradeoff between faster colonisation and calmer natives. I don't have it. :P I have no expansions because they seem not to do much beyond rearranging the game, at least compared to their price. -.- I recall in a Ming playthrough long ago that I eventually amassed so much money that I couldn't possibly think of what to do with all of it, so I believe this strategy can work in moderation. I've noticed that my main concern when establishing colonies isn't exactly increasing the span and profitability of my empire, but screwing everyone else over by blocking them off, so I suppose I'll concern myself only with establishing colonies in such a manner as to trap inland provinces for the long term, albeit doing so may be difficult in southeast Asia. The only issue, I suppose, is preventing Westerners like Portugal from getting good land, because it'll take a while before I could reasonably compete with them for it―of course, I'll leave at least one province open for the sake of westernization. The one issue with establishing colonies like that as well is that colonies without a colonist grow extremely slowly, further burdening your economy.
  12. You named your character "The People", did you not? :P Fallout 4 aside, I am 93% done with Metal Gear Solid 5, just needing some mission tasks and such since I got all missions done on S-rank. It was a long (155 hours and counting game), and it had damn fun gameplay. I wish there was more storytelling at places, but I get why they went with that style. Apart from one absolutely unresolved thing that was not broached at the end, I found the ending great and it made me go a bit holy hell. Fun game. Now to finish up the last percentages, and then I continue Witcher 3 for the first time on Deathmarch. I have just been too distracted with Overwatch. So. Damn. Fun. You screwed up your spoiler tag!
  13. To me the base building mechanics felt like a mod that wasn't fully integrated. That thing needed a way better system to organise workers and stuff. Then again, it's an entirely skippable part of the game so I can't complain too much.
  14. An update on this. It is rumored to be on the 23rd of June. Forgive me for my approach, but deciding the best game in the series is what makes the Final Fantasy fanbase so utterly divided. Final Fantasy fans get rabid in defence of their favourite game. That said, that is because there are a lot of gems out there. I will stick to the ones I would suggest to you on Steam. There are a few other games that has not been ported yet, but the Steam versions are great. Anyway, here is a selection of games that I think might fit you, with a description to follow. I will do it in Chronological order. Final Fantasy VI: This was the last game on the pre-Playstation consoles, which means it is a 2D RPG with pixel graphics in 8-bit. The setting takes place in a world that is part magic, part steampunk, part classic high-fantasy. It has a lot of content to explore, and a pretty good storyline, with quite a lot of exploration and secrets to find when the world opens up to you (standard Final Fantasy concept). It has a set of various protagonists and you do not follow a single protagonist through-out the story, making party compositions and such fairly much up to the player. Final Fantasy VII: First game on Playstation. Has dated visuals, a fantastic story, and massive plethora of content to go through. If you can stomach the 1997 graphics and gameplay (almost identical to FF VI), this is a great one. Story is centred around a singular protagonist named Cloud Strife, and also the characters he encounters. The story takes place in a part industrial world, part futuristic world, with hints of magic. Final Fantasy IX: Last game on Playstation: It is the second-last re-released game on Steam, with updated and far better visuals than its Playstation 1 predecessor. The game system is very similar to VI and VII, but its fantastic story is set in a purely medieval world touched by magic. You will follow the protagonist Zidane Tribal, a thief starting the game trying to kidnap the princess of a kingdom, disguised as an actor. The game is centred around him. Final Fantasy X: This is the latest re-release that was ported to Steam, and also the first Final Fantasy game on the Playstation 2. Visually it looks good, and its story is easily on par with the other 3. It has a massive amount of content, but it is a bit more linear than the other three games since you follow Lady Yuna, a summoner on a pilgrimage to vanquish the great evil that threatens the world. The game is centred around her travel, but told through the point of view of one of her travel members; Tidus. The place is part fantasy, part industrial, part magical. All of these are great entries and totally unrelated to each other, so you can start with any of these without an issue. The story is great in all, they are massive games with a ton of content and secrets to find. I think Final Fantasy IX and X might be the easier ones to like, simply because VI can feel a bit retro, and Final Fantasy VII is more of a modernisation of VI's retro concepts with modern 3D graphics (back then) . That is not to say that VI and VII are bad games, they are in fact easily on par with (and perhaps arguably better than) IX and X. I would be hard pressed to rank these 4, because these are the 4 best ones released on Steam that I know of. There are some other outstanding FF games on Steam apart from these, but these are the 4 I think you might like, and I find to be the best. :P Thanks, now I'd know where to start if I ever want to try this. HOW DARE YOU PARADOX IS PERFECT THEY ARE NEVER WRONG ( :P ) Nooooooooo, I have failed our Paradox overlords. The only honorable thing at this point I can do is commit sudoku :(
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